I know choosing to elope far away from home can be a tough decision, so to begin with, congratulations for being pretty awesome!

As introverts, choosing the right place to elope can quickly become hellish. So many options, so many that are not a right fit, and nowhere to really find informations about travelling as an introvert! But don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

Now, the world is huge and there are beautiful places all over it. From deserts to mountain tops and beautiful beaches, there is something for everyone on this amazing earth! And choosing can be overwhelming sometimes, this is why I compiled a comprehensive list of the most beautiful, amazing, epic and adventurous places to elope in the world, FOR INTROVERTS.

Let’s dive in!

The most beautiful cities to elope as introverts

I know when we think about adventure elopements, the word “city” doesn’t really come to mind. But bear with me, as there are adventures to be had in some beautiful cities all over the world. Since culture can be absolutely unique in different places on earth, why not start with the cultural hubs you will encouter when travelling? Here is my top pick of beautiful cities to elope in (in no particular order):

elopement photographer on the eiffel tower in paris

1) Paris, France

Considered to be the most romantic city on earth, Paris has some very beautiful things to see and experience, even as introverts. Exchange your vows in the baclony of your suite overlooking the Seine and the Eiffel tower, and go celebrate with a delicious meal in a Michelin starred restaurant.

elope in europe guide - venice

2) Venice, Italy

Venice is known worldwide for its beautiful canals that go around the city, plus the food and the wines are also delicious. Consider visitng the little Burano island for a tour of some of the most beautiful glass factories, and consider exchanging your vows in the intimacy of your luxurious room overlooking the canals at sunset.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - bruges

3) Bruges, Belgium

With its beautiful little narrow streets and its coloured homes, Bruges is generally overlooked by couples, but this city really boasts with culture, delicious food and lots of attractions – and plenty of places to explore at your own rythm. Consider exchanging your vows overlooking the canals and the Hôpital Saint Jean, then celebrate with a delicious meal.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - carmel by the sea

4) Carmel-by-the-Sea, USA

Like a little deja-vu spirit of an old European town, Carmel by the sea has it all: beautiful little streets with ancient houses, the beach and a magnificent view with rocks and cliffs. Consider exchanging your vows in one little secluded location by the sea at sunset, and end your day with a delicious meal in one of the reknowed restaurants.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - rome

5) Rome, Italy

The capital of Italy has more to see than you can imagine. Theater of the most iconic moments of the Roman Empire, Rome boasts with ruins from the Empire, as well as beautiful medieval churches and houses (and more recent ones as well). Consider exchanging your vows on the balcony of your suite, and enjoy a delicious Italian meal afterwards!

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - florence

6) Firenze, Italy

The famous Duomo with the magnificent paintings is in the Cathedral of Firenze. This city is pretty touristic but you can easily go off the beaten paths and avoid the hords of tourists if you want to. Once again, choose a beautiful hotel with a private balcony is the best option to enjoy a view while exchanging your vows!

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - las vegas

7) Las Vegas, USA

Yes, Las Vegas is in the list because, well, this is a great city, even for introverts. As an introvert myself, I really enjoyed being in my own little bubble and watchin the life go by me as I walked in the crazy streets. The shows are great as well! Consider exchanging your vows a little outside the city, in the desert at sunset, and indulge a meal at Le Cirque in the Bellagio Hotel!

best places to elope in the us - new orleans

8) New Orleans, USA

Once again, not the most quiet place on earth, especially during carnival season. But just like Las Vegas, wandering the streets of this absolutely stunning city truly is a pleasure for the eyes. Consider exchanging your vows in your hotel (you can privatise some hotels in the city) or in the beautiful Audubon Park, and indulge in a restaurant overlooking the Mississippi.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - new york city

9) New York City, USA

Once again, one of the biggest and most alive cities on earth. But here is the thing: big cities are perfect if you want to feel invisible. And feeling invisible is the best way to explore a city freely without feeling overwhelmed. In general, if you are sensitive to noise, you should avoid big cities, but New York City has an amazing vibe, so try some noise-cancelling headphones and plan for many little bubbles of quiet time during the day. Consider exchanging your vows on a rooftop at night!

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - chicago

10) Chicago, USA

This city is very lively, yet offers a lot of quiet places to recharge. Enjoy some of its parks, and consider exchanging your vows at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool for a secluded feeling. End the day with a delicious meal!

best places to elope in the us - savannah

11) Savannah, USA

Maybe one of the most romantic cities I have ever been to. Loose yourself in the winding streets filled with flowers and moss-hanging trees, enjoy some of the most cozy vibe you’ll ever feel from a city, and consider exchanging your vows in your hotel or in a park for a plantation feeling.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - udaipur

12) Udaipur, Rajasthan

In general, India truly is a life-changing destination. And Udaipur doesn’t fail to fall in this category: this city boasts with life and colors, and you will soon find yourself lost in a nearby market, walking down some beautiful street or meeting with a local elephant.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - kyoto

13) Kyoto, Japan

When we think about Japan, we generally think about Tokyo. However, Kyoto is as eclectic, life-boasting and exotic as the capital – minus the tourists. Explore this beautiful city and all the specificites Japan has to offer! Consider exchanging your vows in nature outside the city (or in one of the many secluded parks of the city) as train rides are very common in Japan, and finish the day with a delicious local meal in a restaurant!

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - quebec city

14) Quebec City, Canada

Quebec city has a very little European town vibe and it’s absolutely great to wander in its streets. Discover how the European heritage has left its mark through the city and consider exchanging your vows overlooking the Saint Laurent River. Indulge with some Poutine afterwards (Ashton’s are the best!).

When the mountains are calling

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Mountains can be pretty epic when it comes to elopements, since you can decide to hike a few miles (or sometimes even not that far) and be on a mountaintop with a magnificent view, all alone to exchange your vows and live something truly magical. Here is my selection when it comes to mountains to elope to (in no particular order):

best elopement place in the world - patagonia

1) Patagonia (Chile and Argentina)

To be honest, Patagonia is maybe the most adventurous and beautiful place on earth. And on the plus side, it’s still a not very touristic area, so going there as an introvert is a great idea. You can consider a little hike up one of the mountains there to exchange your vows and feel like you’re on top of the world!

2) Atlas Mountains (Morocco)

Dry and silent, the Atlas Mountains sure are a one-of-a-kind view for travelers! You can try to rent a riad in one of the mountain’s little oasis, and wander at sunset to exchange your vows with a view.

3) Canary Islands

Canary Islands are breathtaking. These islands offer both beautiful and peaceful beaches, and roaring mountain ranges dropping dramatically into the ocean. You can have the best of both worlds: exchanging your vows on a beach overlooking the mountains, or exchanging your vows on a mountain peak overlooking the ocean.

4) Picos de Europa (Spain)

This small mountain range is very dramatic and stunning to visit. The grey rocks seem to truly have pierced the surface of earth to get to the sky. You can exchange your vows in the garden of a beautiful Airbnb, overlooking the mountains.

5) Peru

Well knowed for its ancient ruins (like the Cusco UNESCO site), Peru has a lot to offer when it comes to mountains. You can exchange your vows on top of a peak after a beautiful hike, and overlook some ancient and less-known ruins!

6) Dolomites, Italy

Dolomites are just like Picos de Europa: huge needles scraping the sky, in what seems to be an innaccessible landscape. But there are tons or hikes and beautiful places to exchange your vows in a quiet, not busy place.

7) Alps (France, Switzerland and Italy)

Alps are widely known for the Mont Blanc, but this mountain range truly is huge. They go wide from France to Italy and Switzerland, and you can truly find any remote place to exchange your vows in a secluded, peaceful manner while enjoying a true natural masterpiece!

8) Scotland (UK)

The mountains in Scotland are less high altitude than some other in this article, but they still are worth the detour. Scotland in general is a very moody and beautiful place with warm and welcoming people, and you’ll be sure to find a very quiet place if you go off the beaten paths of Loch Lomond, Loch Ness and Skye Island. The Highlands truly offer some amazing sights, and I have found myself more alone than ever in my life when I visited Scotland.

elope in europe guide - lake district

9) Lake district (UK)

Like a little Scotland, Lake District offers some beautiful and enchanted views. Like the name suggests, Lake District is full of lakes, and it’s not a very touristic place of the UK, especially during the less warm months (try going in March-May to avoid the crowd). Once again, find your place overlooking a beautiful landscape to exchange your vows!

10) New Zealand

New Zealand is a very mountaineous country and offers some of the most beautiful panoramas on earth. You can exchange your vows pretty much on any mountain and enjoy some delicious meal afterwards. Plus, it’s the land of Lord of the Rings, if that helps you choose!

11) Alberta (Canada)

Alberta is known for its lakes and mountains, especially in the Banff National Park, which boasts with out-of-this-world blue lakes and astonishing mountains. Find your place to exchange your vows, and it can be as simple as the garden of your airbnb if you choose it wisely!

12) Alaska (USA)

What I love about Alaska is that it’s filled with diverse fauna and flora. You can observe wild orcas, hike on top of a mountain, enjoy some ski holidays, and exchange your vows in a beautiful, deep forest, all at the same time!

13) Colorado (USA)

The mountain range of Colorado is also very diverse and offers different types of landscapes, from deep woods to bald peaks overlooking the nearby valley. You can hike 12 miles to get to a certain point, or simply stop by the side of the road and still pretty much enjoy a beautiful view to exchange your vows.

Most beautiful forests to elope for introverts

Elopements in the woods or deep forests can be mystical, intimate and tender. Being one with nature and letting the trees be the witnesses of your love is something truly magical, and earth provides just the perfect forests for your vows exchange:

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - japan

1) Japan

I guess you didn’t expect that, but hear me out. Japan IS a very busy country, with lots of people living on a pretty tiny island. However, Japan also has some of the less known places and islands on earth. For example, the Hokkaido region is widely overlooked, but it boasts with beautiful forests and amazing views alltogether (and bears, be careful!).

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - costa rica

2) Costa Rica

In Colorado, Maroon Lake is a favorite place for couples. Tropical place by excellence, Costa Rica is known for many things, the main one being its nature. So you bet the forests there are nothing short of amazingly beautiful. Find a peaceful lodge or a retreat center in the middle of the woods and enjoy some beautiful hikes to exchange your vows surrounded by ancient trees.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - quebec

3) Quebec, Canada

The forests of Quebec are wild and beautiful at the same time. Try the Parc National de la Jacques Cartier during autumn to enjoy some of the most beautiful, reddist trees you will ever see. You can even exchange your vows surrounded by them, with the sound of a nearby waterfall.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - thailand

4) Thailand

Thailand is widely known for its pristine (and very touristic) beaches, but there is way more to see in this country. There are tons of amazing lodges and hotels nested in the lush forests of Thailand and you can definitely find on even dedicated to introverts, or yoga retreats.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - finland

5) Finland

During winter, Finland is a very majestuous country (and even during summer, but the snow truly makes it special). You can have a dog sled ride to get to your elopement site and exchange your vows in the beautiful morning fog and sunrise in the middle of ancient, snow-coevered trees. During the night, you can also exchange your vows under the northern lights. Talk about something truly special!

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - guadeloupe

6) Guadeloupe island

Guadeloupe is a French island in the Carribean, and offers sutnning locations for elopements. Beautiful mountains, deep forests with huge waterfalls you can swim in, tropical beaches…Guadeloupe has it all. It even has dramatic cliffs overlooking the Carribean sea. Exchanging your vows in a deep forest won’t be a problem there.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - black forest

7) Black Forest, Germany

With some of the most beautiful castles you will find in the country, Bavaria and the Black Forest are is truly is astunning piece of art. Enjoy the German culture at its best while enjoying the food and beers, and exchange your vows in a secluded and peaceful spot that will feel like a Romantic painting from the 17th century.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - new caledonia

8) New Caledonia

Just like any other tropical location, New Caledonia has some lush, green and beautiful forests. Go back in time all the way back to the Jurassic era with the ancient trees species you will find there, some of which date back from the dinosaurs. Once again, it’s easy to find a peaceful and secluded spot to exchange your vows surrounded by nature.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - indonesia

9) Indonesia

Centennial trees are common in Indonesia, and the selva is one natural masterpiece you will truly enjoy if you like trees. Exchange your vows in the morning fog and feel in peace and one with your surroundings like never before.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - colorado

10) Colorado, USA

The forests of Colorado are humid pine forests with a mountain background (for the most part). You can hike several miles without encountering a single soul, and enjoy some peaceful camping trip in the forests there. Try to find the oldest tree around and exchange your vows with a centennial witness at your side.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - michigan

11) Michigan, USA

I love Michigan forests because they change every season you visit them. But to be honest, just like Quebec, they are even most beautiful at the end of autumn, when they show their most amazing colors. Find your spot to exchange your vows in this vivid painting and don’t forget to take pictures!

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - redwood national park

12) Redwood National Park, USA

Less touristic than its friend Sequoia National Park, Redwood National Park is a mystic and mysterious place to visit. The trees truly are huge and amazingly beautiful, and make great witnesses when you exchange your vows.

Most beautiful beaches to elope for introverts

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If you’re dreaming of a wedding on the beach, then this little list is for you. I know some beaches can be other than tropical, so this list features beaches from all over the world, regardless of the weather of the country. I just hand-picked them for their beauty.

where to elope on the beach - costa rica

1) Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very diverse country, and one of the best for introverts. Culture, forests, mountains and beaches are all equally wonderful, and you will find beautiful secluded beaches there to exchange your vows.

where to elope on the beach - forida keys

2) Florida Keys (USA)

If you like the color blue, then you should definitely considr eloping to the Florida Keys. The views are amazing anywhere you look at, and this place has some of the most beautiful sandy beaches you can find to exchange your vows!

where to elope on the beach - new brunswick

3) New Brunswick, Canada

Have you ever heard of the Fundy National Park? Located in New Brunswick, Canada, this park has some beautiful rock formations sticking out of the water. You can also find sandy beaches on the whole coast of the Province!

where to elope on the beach - brittany

4) Brittany, France

Quaint little countryside situated in the north-west part of France, Brittany is the land of a thousand lighthouses. You can definitely go there at any season and exchange your vows on the beach, then go to a local restaurant and celebrate with a delicious meal of crêpes!

where to elope on the beach - normandy

5) Normandy, France

Located in the northern part of France, Normandy is another beautiful little countryside region with beautiful beaches. This is where the WWII debarkment took place, and you will find some heritage remnants on the beaches there. Also, if you like sand, you will be served: there is as much sandy beaches as the eye can see, sometimes even being as long as 10km straight.

most beautiful beaches to elope in the world

6) Scotland, UK

Ah I love Scotland, but especially because it’s a land filled with surprises. For instance, I never thought I would see some of the most beautiful beaches I was given to see in my entire life, in a place that had snowy peaks right by. And yet, the Hebrides, the Shetlands and the whole Northern coast has some beautiul, sandy, secluded beaches you can definitely use to exchange your vows.

where to elope on the beach - ireland

7) Ireland

The west coast of Ireland is made of fairy dreams, I swear. Picture huge mountains falling abuptly into the ocean, leaving little sandy beaches behind with quaint fisherman’s villages. This is Ireland, and I cannot recommend it enough to exchange your vows.

where to elope on the beach - faroe islands

8) Faroe Islands (Denmark)

Another beautiful place on earth are the Faroe Islands. Sadly known for their dolphin massacres every years (the grinds), these islands still have some absolutely amazing landscapes to enjoy and secluded beaches to discover. It’s a true adventurer’s paradise.

where to elope on the beach - iceland

9) Iceland

Iceland is yet another beautiful northern country filled with oh so amazing and surprising beautiful landscapes. You can, for instance, encounter some of the world’s most beautiful black sand beaches! Talk about a very special place to exchange your vows!

where to elope on the beach - lofoten

10) Lofoten Islands (Norway)

Lofoten Islands are small but very quaint. You will find the little town of Reine, showcasing little red houses all over the bay, surrounded by mountains and envelopped in a soft northern light most days of the year. Exchange your vows on the top of the nearby mountains overlooking the ocean and feel the sound of silence.

where to elope on the beach - vietnam

11) Vietnam

Back to the tropics with vietman and its beautiful, sandy beaches. Vietnam is still not a very touristic place, and has some truly beautiful places you can explore. One of the perks of Vietnam is that you can have a several days experience mixing adventure, culture and peaceful wanderlust.

where to elope on the beach - fiji

12) Fiji

Fiji is another amazing place with fairly few to no tourists, yet an amazing and jaw-dropping landscape. If you’d like to exchange your vows on the beach, you will be served thanks to the thousands of beautiful sandy beaches you will find there.

where to elope on the beach - greece

13) Greece

Greece is great because you can mix cultural heritage, discovering the backcountry, eating delicious Greek food and having some quiet time on the beach. Exchange your vows at sunset overlooking one of the many quaint villages you will find there!

where to elope on the beach - corsica

14) Corsica (France)

Another example of culture VS nature. Corsica truly is a land of cultural heritage, craftmanship, farmers and you will sometimes feel like you went back in time while visiting the little villages lost in the mountains. But you will also find secluded, hard-to-reach beaches perfect to exchange your vows with a view!

where to elope on the beach - australia

15) Australia

Don’t forget Australia is a huge island. So to be pretty straightforward, the whole country’s border is a beach. Well, technically this isn’t true since there are cliffs, rocks and other landscape factors that keep beaches from appearing, but if you’re dreaming of exchanging your vows on a beach, youu will have plenty of choice by going to Australia.

where to elope on the beach - french polynesia

16) French Polynesia

Basically, French Polynesia is famous for its beaches. But after you have visited the island, you will come back with memories going way further than its beautiful sandy beaches. You can definitely choose to exchange your vows at sunset on a private beach, and you can then taste the delicious Polynesia food and trek around in the mountains as well!

where to elope on the beach - thailand

17) Thailand

It was difficult to not include Thailand in this list, because tourists go into hordes to visit the country every year. Even if finding a secluded beach might be a challenge, know that some private lodges/accomodations have private beaches they can rent for elopements, which is a great option if this country is on your bucket list.

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Most beautiful tropical places to elope for introverts

Tropical places to elope are also great because…well you will never be cold. For some people, this sounds like hell, but for others, the cold can be an ennemy quickly. This is why I created this little list of earth paradises where organizing a tropical elopement will be a breeze.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - louisiana

1) Louisiana

If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, you have experienced a very hot and humid climate. And this is what I love about Louisiana, plus of course the amazing ambiance you will find in NOLA. The bayous are wild and beautiful, especially when the sun rises early morning. You can exchange your vows by the Mississippi river during sunrise or sunset!

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - sahara desert

2) Sahara desert (Morocco)

Sand dunes as far as the eye can see…the Sahara Desert has been a dream come true for hot climate amateurs, and travelers at heart. However, the night is not the same: it can be freezing cold as soon as the sun sets, so don’t forget to plan ahead and rent a luxurious riad or glamping in the desert with heat (plus a delicious local meal of course). You can exchange your vows on top of a dune after a camel ride to a remote location (with a local guide) and come back afterwards.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - hawaii

3) Hawaii (USA)

I didn’t know where to include Hawaii because this island has it all (really): mountains, beaches, forests, tropical climate and to be honest, I consider it one of the wildest elopement location there is. Because even if Hawaii is easily accessible with a commercial airline, once you’re there, the adventure is beginning. You can hike as long as your heart content, and experience some very amazing and wild things like volcanoes! The choice is yours when it comes to choosing your elopement location!

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - samoa

4) Samoa Islands

The Samoa Islands are one of these well hidden gems that are very overlooked by travel agencies, so they are fairly less touristic than their neighbors Fiji and French Polynesia, but like them, the Samoa Islands are amazingly beautiful. You can find a luxurious lodge and exchange your vows at sunset on the beach or on top of one of the little volcanic mountains you will find there.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - azores

5) Azores

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, you will find the Azores archipelago, with endless possibilities when it comes to exchanging your vows in a beautiful, amazing place. On top of a mountain? You bet. Overlooking the ocean? Yes! In a forest? Why not!

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - indonesia

7) Philippines / Indonesia / Malaysia

Like an adventurer’s heaven, these three countries are like a little gem waiting to be discovered. You will not only find an incredibly warm weather there, but also amazing landscapes in the form of little islands scattered in lagoons of teal waters, amazing scuba diving possibilities, and hikes you could only dream of.

Most adventurous and off-the-beaten-path places to elope for introverts

Sometimes, the less-travelled path is the best one. I know some secret, amazing places in different countries on earth that will make your adventurer’s heart sing. Wether they offer beautiful mountains to climb to our heart’s content, wild and untouched places where you will be all alone, or beautiful sceneries just for you, those countries have all you can dream of and some more. Here is a little list:

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - antactica

1) Antartica

Let’s go to the other side of the world and discover why Antartica is actually one of the best places for you to elope. To be honest, getting there is a very hard thing to do, but once you are, you just have to enjoy the view so many people on earth had the chance to enjoy.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - aleutian islands

2) Aleutian Islands

Have you even seen these little islands that stretch from Alaska all the way to Russia? They are the aleutian islands, and to be honest I didn’t think anyone was living there until pretty recently. But even if they are not a lot of persons living on the islands, you can still find one hotel and enjoy wilderness discoveries in the snow!

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - norway

3) Norway

Another northern country, Norway is way more populated than the precedent options, but you still can find very remote locations to exchange your vows. If you go to the northern point of the country for example, I can guarantee you will feel pretty alone! The southern parts of Norway are also very beautiful, especially the fjords which are some of the best views you can have in the entire world to be honest!

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - easter island

4) Easter Island

Once again, getting there won’t be a piece of cake, but the Easter Island is such a mystery, it has to be discovered. You can exchange your vows at sunset right by the idols!

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - newfoundland and labrador

5) Newfoundland and Labrador

What I love about Newfoundland and Labrador is that they are very fes people living there, and the nature is absolutely amazing. You will have like a scottish-alaskan-icelandic-norwegian feeling wherever you will set foot, and finding a remote place to exchange your vows while enjoying an amazing landscape won’t be difficult at all!

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - falkland

6) Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands are surprisingly accessible, given the fact they are remotely located in the northern part of North America. You will find countless birds and amazing looking beaches to exchange your vows (but don’t think about dipping your toes in the freezing water!).

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - galapagos

7) Galapagos Islands

Let’s change climate for a second while we talk about the Galapagos Islands. These mysterious islands hide some of the most beautiful endemic species you will find in the world, and you will find countless places to exchange your vows while being in the middle of a beautiful nature.

the best and most beautiful places to elope in the world - greenland

8) Greenland

You know what is amazing about Greenland: everything! As soon as you set foot on the world’s largest island, you will feel an urge to never go back home. You will discover what the word “wild” means as you discover scattered fisherman’s houses with an iceberg in the background, and as you will walk into the wilderness. Try exchanging your vows under the northern lights!


This destination list is based on my own bucket list and places I already traveled to and loved as an introvert, and totally wouldn’t mind going back to in order to elope. Don’t forget the best destination is always based on what YOU love as a couple!

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