Santorini elopement packages

All inclusive Santorini elopement packages

Elopement Packages In Santorini

If you’re looking for somewhere beautiful and exotic to get eloped, look no further than Santorini.

This gorgeous Greek getaway is full of stunning cliffside views, rugged desert settings, and countless tiny islands dotting the coast.

It’s hard to find a more romantic locale for your elopement than Santorini. You’ll be able to hear waves crashing against the cliffs as you explore old ruins that are like taking a portal to ancient times. Or you can perform your ceremony on the water itself, sailing safely in a catamaran as the bluffs of the island tower above you. You could even share your vows at a beautiful, timeworn temple. These don’t have to be out-of-grasp dreams; you can make them into a reality!

I can help you prepare for the perfect Santorini elopement. Don’t settle; we’ll help you find the ideal locale, plan every step of the way, and even take pictures and video so that you can focus on what matters: your love and the new life you’re about to begin together.

Meet Your Elopement Photographer

Hi, my name is Amber!
Your photographer and Guide

A self-confessed introvert, nature-lover, and adventurer.

amber, elopement photographer

I love nothing more than spending time out in the beautiful nature of the Greece’s islands, going on fun adventures, and of course, taking gorgeous pictures.

Taking elopement pictures is my true calling, and I would love to do so for you. Eloping with my guidance gives you the freedom to focus on the love you and your partner share, instead of spending hours planning a massive wedding with hundreds of guests.

Beyond photography, I have spent years doing travel planning, with a particular focus on adventurous couples who want to elope in stunning locations. I have planned elopements in over 40 countries – from the sweeping grasslands of Sweden to the dazzling vistas of New Zealand – but Santorini has remained one of my absolute favorite spots.

Why is Santorini such a perfect elopement destination? Part of it just comes down to the sheer variety on offer: from beaches to solitary islands to deserts. Whatever your dream, there’s a good chance that we can find somewhere in Santorini that is the perfect fit.

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Elopement Packages in Santorini

Plan | Travel | Stay | Capture every moment

To kick things off, you can schedule a phone call with me. During that call, you’ll get to know me, and we’ll figure out exactly what you’re looking for with your elopement. Once we’ve talked, you’ll receive a list of some of the best locations and ideas for an elopement tailored to your specific desires and personality traits. We’ll work with you whittle down that list and turn it into the perfect day for you and your special someone.

3 day elopement package in Santorini

Dragon – The ultimate 3-day package

This one is the best choice for a couple looking to tie the knot somewhere special.

Perfect for…

As one of my biggest packages, it gives you a taste of all the different parts of Santorini. With three incredible, adventure-filled days planned for you, this package provides the happy couple with plenty of alone time before getting to the elopement ceremony itself. You’ll get to escape from the humdrum realities of everyday life, and we’ll even make sure to snap tons of pictures so you’ll always remember those special moments.

$15 900 (includes food and accommodation)

12 hour elopement package in Santorini

Griffin – 12 hours

This package is centered around a lengthy hiking trip in addition to getting eloped. It begins with a morning meeting and transportation to a outdoor trail of your choice. Enjoy a fun, adventurous, and spectacular hike, and once you’ve reached the specified spot, we do the elopement right then and there. After you’ve spoken your vows to each other, we’ll provide travel back to where you’re staying.

$8 000

8 hour elopement package in Santorini

Minotaur – 8 hours

This is a slightly faster setup, but still provides some breathing room. We’ll get together early in the a.m. and head to whatever dream setting you’ve picked out for your elopement. You’ll have time to chill out and enjoy the beautiful scenery before the ceremony, and we’ll be snapping photos as the elopement happens.

$7 300

What You Get With Every All-Inclusive Package:

Planning the Entire Day

When we have our first phone call meeting, we’ll take special note of everything you want to make your day perfect. Together with you, we’ll plan your fantasy elopement based around any number of eye-popping Santorini locales. You’ll be able to choose from an extensive list of possible locations, as well as a large number of different vendors that we work with.


Shortly after your elopement day, we’ll send you a link to a full digital collection of every photo we took during your elopement. You’ll be able to download the full folder and have your pictures to share forevermore.

Upfront Pricing

When we give you your final quote during the planning stage, we mean final. Everything we offer is included in the quote, and we won’t hit you with stealth charges that send the price of your elopement skyrocketing.

Looking for an all-inclusive elopement package in Santorini?

Santorini ultimate all included elopement package

Discover the Dracaena package – 7 days of pure bliss

The only package that includes it all:
– your personal photographer and guide for 3 days + 4 days of self-discovery – includes the car rental!
– planning + custom itinerary
– officiant (symbolic OR legal ceremony)
– hair and makeup
– bridal bouquet
– 4-days auto-tour to discover the most amazing places in Greece – includes the car rental!
– accommodation in 3* hotels for 6 nights
– food for 7 days in selected restaurants
– airport transfers
Only add your plane tickets and relax!

$22 800 – sit back and relax

Common questions about the elopement packages in Santorini

Don’t worry, I can help! Take a look at my list of some of my personal favorite choices for elopement locations within Santorini.

Even with a smaller elopement ceremony, it’s normal to want some family members to come along and enjoy the special day with you. However, we only offer our services for the lucky couple themselves. You’ll be provided with a full itinerary, which you can share with any family members or friends who want to come along. They’ll need to book hotels and travel for themselves, though. This also frees things up so that you can plan things for yourselves, and your friends or families can take care of their own trips and not worry about staying in Santorini any longer than they want.

Yes! I will also serve as your driver during the elopement experience. That way, we can guarantee that you’re always headed to the right place.

This is a choice that we leave up to you. We don’t want to get in the way of you enjoying your elopement. You may choose to stay at a smaller AirBnB or a higher-priced Santorini luxury hotel. Our planner will always stay somewhere relatively close, but it may not be in the exact same hotel as you. Our goal is to always make ourselves readily available should you need help, but to give you the space you need to enjoy your company during this special time.

We help plan all of your meals for this itinerary. In some instances, such as when we’re traveling or going on a big hike, our planner will join you for meals. Depending on where you’re staying, we may purchase breakfast and other ingredients for cooking as desired for you. The planned meals will include some extremely delicious and highly recommended restaurant meals, as well. That said, our planner will not hover around any more than is necessary. Enjoy your evenings together, get dinner one-on-one, and be in love. We’re here to make your elopement dreams into a reality, and that’s it!

Absolutely! Our packages include planning out meals in their entirety, as well as some really fantastic day trips to memorable places. We do not book activities during the elopement timeframe. Many couples end up staying in Santorini a few days extra, either before or after their elopement, in order to take in any other sights or activities they may not have had a chance for during the busy days.

One of the joys of this process is capturing your love not only in professionally staged pictures, but in special candid moments. Unless otherwise planned, our photographer will join you throughout your excursions, snapping pics of shared times of love, whether those are during a fun hike or just relaxing in the pool. We can plan days off as desired, but our goal is to make sure you have plenty of memories on camera.

Ideally, we like doing both! Some of the best pictures we’ve ever taken have been of couples embracing under a brilliant, starry night sky. Santorini provides some utterly beautiful spots, and many of them only look better in the evening.

If you can dream it, we’ll work to make it happen. Flying, boating, and yes, even hot air ballooning are all methods we’ve used to get couples to their special spots before. We’ve even done elopements underwater! Whatever you want, we’ll work with you to make it a reality.

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