All Inclusive gatlinburg elopement packages

When to go

May, October, November

Price from

$4 300 per person excluding flights

Ideal lenght

5 nights

Ceremony location

Mountains, forest



Gatlinburg elopement packages + prices

All Inclusive Gatlinburg Elopement Packages

Welcome to your unique Gatlinburg elopement!

Whether it’s the rugged cliff faces, the smoky mountains, or the Gatlinburg ski resort that’s calling out for you…

The mountains of East Tennessee are the perfect place for your elopement destination. Imagine you and your beloved taking a scenic chairlift ride at the Gatlinburg SkyLift Park as you take in the mountain vistas. You can decide to say your I do’s at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. You can say your vows at the tropical rainforest and other exciting locations without having to leave the mountains!

It would be an honor if I were to assist bring your elopement dreams to fruition! Get that perfect, bucket list spot, capture those special and candid moments of the elopement, and plan your whole Gatlinburg adventure, so that it’s the best and most magical day of your life.

This is where your adventure starts…

Meet Your Elopement Photographer

Hello there, I’m Amber!

Your Photographer, Travel Planner + Guide

amber, elopement photographer

Nature-lover, adventurer, and a self-proclaimed introvert.
Being able to capture elopements for souls such as yours is what I live for in this world – It’s my favorite thing to do. It’s an all-inclusive package and will help alleviate the pressure of renting a large ballroom, entertain and feed 100+ wedding guests and being meticulous when it comes to elaborate decorations – instead, the focus shifts back to the people who really matter which is the love between you and your soul mate.

I am a certified travel planner and have assisted gentle souls like yours to organize their adventure elopements across 43 countries. And even though I have traversed across Sweden’s meadows, hiked to the very top of the Swiss Alps, and wandered New Zealand’s crystal clear lakes, from my point-of-view… Gatlinburg is among the most pristine destinations I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.

From the ski resort, hiking the over 600 miles of Gatlinburg’s trails, rafting the mountain rapids, and the picturesque symphony of colors in fall when the Smoky Mountains change hues, you can be sure that we will locate a suitable spot for your elopement ceremony.

I can assist you in planning the ceremony, accommodation, travel – and just about everything!

My only purpose is to help you come up with big ideas and envision your ideal itinerary! Then… Turn your dream into reality.

Relish this stress-free Gatlinburg elopement escape with every detail tailor-made just for you.
As you enjoy the sweet moments, I’ll document everything along the way to ensure you have cherished memories forever.

Have you discovered my Ultimate Guide to elope in Gatlinburg yet?

How elopement packages in Gatlinburg work

The Process: Gatlinburg Elopement Packages

How your Gatlinburg elopement can come to life

1Book your free of charge non-obligatory call
2Set a date
3We organize the itinerary
4Enjoy your adventure
5Cherish every moment forever with our captures

All Inclusive Gatlinburg Elopement Packages

As your committed elopement photographer and travel planner, these Gatlinburg packages cover just about everything.
If you and your partner come from overseas, I will utilize my exclusive contacts to get you the best flight possible. Upon landing at the airport, we will have your transportation ready to pick you up and take you to where we have prepared your accommodation (all at competitive rates). You may find that the location you have chosen in Gatlinburg is only a few minutes’ drive away… I’ll meet up with you, take over the chauffeuring job, and that where the adventure starts!

… Driving on the roads slowly, making pit-stops at special locations to enjoy traditional Gatlinburg eateries and every experienced moment captured right up to when we arrive at the destination for saying the I do’s. Your whole itinerary for the next coming days will already be planned out earlier for you – just waiting to be experienced. Where you’ll eat, stay, dream, dance, explore –the ultimate adventure elopement waiting to be experienced in Gatlinburg will all be sorted out for you!

All Inclusive Gatlinburg Elopement Packages

Plan | Travel | Stay | Capture every moment

All packages include accommodation, photography, planning, and guiding, for a more relaxed and complete elopement experience.

The first step is getting in touch with us, and we get to know more about one another. You tell us exactly what you have envisioned as your dream elopement, and we begin dreaming together! I will present you with an exclusive list of vendors and bucket list locations that are sure to suit your taste… We will go back and forth on this as often as you want until we create the perfect days you have always imagined. A full itinerary that includes accommodation, travel, and so much more.

14-Day Gatlinburg Elopement + Honeymoon

from $13 000 per person
flights excluded

Is the idea of a fortnight elopement package making your heart gets filled with excitement? Well, mine too.

Perfect for…

This package is suitable for visiting a variety of destinations (and not feeling like you have been rushed!). Perhaps you’re thinking about relaxing with your partner in a beautiful luxury resort for a couple of days to commemorate the conclusion of your engagement period, from where you’ll travel to the wedding destination when you’re rejuvenated. Maybe you want to invite a group of around 20 people to witness the ceremony as you say your vows to each other in an amazing location…Then head to your honeymoon! I’ll document the entire story within the 14 days.

10-Day Gatlinburg Elopement + Honeymoon

from $10 000 per person
flights excluded

A gradual, peaceful elopement that celebrates the unification of your two souls.

Perfect for…

This package is ideal for exploring the expansive Gatlinburg landscapes at a speed that best suits you. Sleep off the jetlag, familiarize yourself with the local culture, and make a stopover at the venue ahead of D-day. The majority of clients who have gone with this elopement package usually invite a select group of friends and family to the function, then after the ceremony, spend their time on their adventure honeymoon. You can choose any narrative you want.

7-Day Gatlinburg Elopement + Honeymoon

from $7 500 per person
flights excluded

Feel the loved up high for an entire week!

Perfect for…

It’s one thing eloping to Gatlinburg – documenting a whole week for your celebration is an entirely different scenario! If you want to get straight from the airport, go and freshen up, and start exploring until you arrive at your chosen wedding venue, or want a couple of days of adventuring before saying your vows and having an intimate honeymoon in the most ethereal destinations you’ve ever been to… The decision is all yours.

3-Day Gatlinburg Elopement + Honeymoon

from $4 300 per person
flights excluded

Get hitched in a natural paradise!

Perfect for…

This is among the best elopement packages on offer in Gatlinburg. I believe that many of the couples I have heard the pleasure of serving select this package either because they want to spend quality time together before embarking on the official adventure elopement. Or maybe they are coming from nearby USA and don’t feel any jet lag they have to recuperate. You can spend time alone, away from the city’s bustles, while I capture every special moment.

Included with every all-inclusive package:

A Complete Library of Photos

You’ll get a comprehensive library of your whole adventure enclosed in a professional folder that you can download, share, and reminisce on.


Rest your head in style and comfort, either at the holiday rentals (included in the pricing) or at a luxury rental. When we eventually meet, we will discuss all the available options and find the one that aligns with your elopement dream.

Upfront Pricing

Your final quote will be inclusive of everything, so you are guaranteed that they will be no surprise fees imposed after you have the final itinerary.

Single Day Gatlinburg Elopement Packages

Are you yearning to experience a single day of elopement in Gatlinburg’s beautiful nature? I don’t blame you! We will plan the greatest adventure elopement together at the destination of your dreams.

As a proven travel planner, I will help you get the best flights, book your desired location, and scout celebrants who fit your style. By working together, we are sure to make this day truly magical and a day to remember!

5 hours

$7 000
(photography and planning only)

In this package, we will meet during the afternoon of the wedding and head to your dream destination. I will capture everything leading up to the wedding until the I do’s are said.

8 hours

$7 600
(photography and planning only)

In this package, we will meet up in the morning hours, go to your dream location, take some time to survey the premises, and chill before the commencement of the ceremony; then, I capture all the moments after tying the knot.

12 hours

$8 200
(photography and planning only)

This is ideal for much longer hikes. We meet up in the morning and then head to the chosen Gatlinburg location, then hike if the spot is accessible via foot. We will be on-site at sunrise or up until dusk… Then head back to your wedding night location to get some perfect and romantic captures.

Every single day elopement package comes included with:

Entire Planning of the Day

The first thing you need to do is call us, from where we’ll get to know a little more about each other. Tell us more about everything you envision for your dream elopement in Gatlinburg, and we start dreaming together as a team. I will present you with an exclusive list of vendors and bucket list locations that are sure to suit your taste… We will go back and forth on this as much often as you want until we create the perfect days you have always imagined. This will encapsulate your vendors and travel.

Every Photo in Your Hands

You’ll get a comprehensive library of your whole adventure enclosed in a professional folder that you can download, share, and reminisce on over and over.

Upfront Pricing

Your final quote will be inclusive of everything, so you are guaranteed that they will be no surprise fees imposed after you have the final itinerary.

Some common questions about the Gatlinburg elopement packages

If you browse this list, you’ll find plenty of locations that are perfect for your wedding ceremony in Gatlinburg.

Your family and friends are more than welcome to join your adventure elopement! I also recommend that you share your portfolio with them, so they know where you’re situated. Part of my service is only organizing the soon-to-be newly-weds accommodation, so guests will have to make reservations for themselves. That way, your guest can come and leave at his or her pleasure, depending on the schedule each loved may have… All the while, you will be free to travel the lands at your discretion.

Yes, I will. I’m your personal driver and guide!

This depends entirely on you. The elopement is yours, and you’re the boss! If you’re residing in an Airbnb or hotel, I will be in a separate location nearby. This will provide you with a safe haven for unwinding after a rigorous day of exploration. If you go for a holiday rental, I may be in the same hotel, but obviously not the same or even the next room as you guys!

As part of an all-inclusive itinerary, all meals have already been accounted for. While traveling, chances are that we will end up eating together. The same case applies if we are hiking the Smoky Mountains to your dream spot. What’s more, I will buy breakfast from grocers to eat or cook if the place you’re staying in doesn’t include one. But it’s entirely up to you.

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