15 Best Places to Get Married When Eloping in Italy


From the jagged peaks of the Dolomites to the picturesque beaches of the Amalfi Coast, eloping in Italy means you have no shortage of incredible scenery. Choosing just one spot for your ceremony might be the hardest thing about planning your elopement!

Here are some incredible destinations, and the 15 best places to get married when you elope in Italy.


1) Lake Como

Lake Como, located in Northern Italy, is nestled at the foot of the Alps. The lake, formed by melting glaciers, is dotted with resorts and villages all around its perimeter. If you’re eloping in Italy, this is the perfect place to get married if you want to combine a luxury experience with the natural beauty and outdoor adventures that Lake Como has to offer.

best places when eloping in italy - Lake Como
best places when eloping in Italy - The Dolomites

2) The Dolomites

The Dolomite mountains are part of the Italian Alps, and offer some of the most dramatic views in the country. The granite peaks tower over you, beckoning with miles of hiking trails and countless alpine lakes. This is a great place for eloping in Italy year round, as the colder months turn this into a skier’s paradise!

3) Amalfi Coast

This is one of the most iconic destinations in Italy, and it’s easy to see why! Along the coast are picture perfect white sand beaches, with clear blue water that begs you to go for a swim. The beaches are adorned by pastel colored villages, where you can stay when you’re eloping in Italy, enjoying views of the beach!

best places when eloping in Italy - Amalfi Coast
best places when eloping in Italy - Scala dei Turchi

4) Scala dei Turchi

This part of Sicily is lesser known, but very underrated! The limestone rock has been eroded by the ocean, creating unique “stairs” and natural terraces. You can walk along the limestone with views of the sea all around you, and the views are unlike anything you’ve seen before!

5) Castelluccio di Norcia

This small village is nestled in the mountains of central Italy, and it’s best known for the “fioritia” that happens every spring. Fioritia translates to flowering – and when it happens, the valley erupts in a rainbow of wildflowers! This is one of the best places to get married if you’re eloping in Italy in the springtime.

best places when eloping in Italy - Castelluccio di Norcia
best places when eloping in Italy - Blue Grotto

6) Blue Grotto

You’ll need to plan carefully if you want to explore this sea cave! A small boat is required to enter the Blue Grotto, and you can only access the mouth of the cave when the tide is low. Sunlight passes through the sea cave, illuminating the water in a vibrant blue, making this an incredibly unique experience!

7) Val d’Orcia

This rural countryside location in Tuscany features vineyards, rolling hills, and rustic farmhouses, creating an idyllic landscape. The shades of green and yellow make a great backdrop for any couple eloping in Italy, and wine connoisseurs can enjoy the locally made wine!

best places when eloping in Italy - Val d'Orcia
best places when eloping in Italy - Giardino di Ninfa

8) Giardino di Ninfa

The medieval ruins and charming orchards make the Garden of Ninfa look like it came right out of a fairy tale. It’s been dubbed the most romantic garden in the world, and with the fresh river and exotic collection of plants and trees, it’s easy to see why!

9) Maddalena Archipelago

This collection of islands can be explored by boat, and whether you island hop or choose one place to settle, the views will blow you away! The rugged, rocky coastline is shaped by turquoise blue water, where you can relax on the beach or hop in to watch some of the marine life swim by.

best places when eloping in Italy - Maddalena Archipelago
best places when eloping in Italy - Cinque Terre

10) Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre translates to Five Villages, and this collection of fishing towns is an incredible place to elope in Italy. Each one features something a little different, but the harbors, picturesque villages, and ocean views offer countless adventures!

11) Lago di Braies

This is one of the best places to get married for anyone eloping in Italy! The scenery is diverse, with the clear blue lake surrounded by mountains, beaches along the lake’s shoreline, and hiking trails featuring dense pine forests. You can take an easy stroll around the lake, or a more challenging hike in the mountains!

best places when eloping in Italy - Lago di Braies
best places when eloping in Italy - Gran Paradiso National Park

12) Gran Paradiso National Park

Some of Italy’s most rugged natural wonders can be found at Gran Paradiso. The jagged mountain peaks and alpine lakes make this a jaw dropping landscape, and you’ll likely get the chance to spot some wildlife! The longhorn Alpine Ibex makes its home here, and Gran Paradiso also offers a great opportunity to see the impact of the park’s conservation efforts.

13) Lake Garda

Lake Garda is Italy’s biggest freshwater lake. The expansive blue water is surrounded by mountains, with villages and beaches all around the shoreline! Any couple who enjoys spending time on or in the water will love this lake, and all the scenery and adventures it has to offer.

best places when eloping in Italy - Lake Garda
best places when eloping in Italy - Cascate del Mulino

14) Cascate del Mulino

This rustic getaway in Saturnia features a cluster of natural hot springs, with spring water trickling down to the pools. If you want to spend some time relaxing during your elopement, but prefer an outdoor hot spring to splurging on a spa treatment, check out Cascate del Mulino!

15) Mount Etna

Sicily is home to Mount Etna – Italy’s most active volcano. You can take a gondola ride to the top, or explore by jeep – getting up close to the live volcano, which always sends smoke clouds over its peak, is a once in a lifetime experience!

best places when eloping in Italy - Mount Etna


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