All Inclusive elopement packages in Florida

All inclusive Florida elopement packages

All Inclusive Elopement Packages in Florida

Welcome to your once in a lifetime Florida elopement!

Whether it’s the Everglades, pristine beaches or a secret lush garden that’s calling your name…

This magical land has some of the most scenic and intimate locations to say your vows… From secluded beaches, forests to bustling cities with scenic views, Florida has something for everyone. Picture tying the knot to the love of your life with lush green flora and the musical notes from the ocean in the background… Committing to your partner surrounded by the awe-inspiring Everglades National Park… Or, perhaps you have always wanted to say ‘I do’ on a beautiful beach? Well, it can all happen in Florida.

It would be my pleasure to help you get the elopement of your dreams. From helping you choose the perfect spot to say your vows, capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments to planning your entire elopement, it will be my honor to make your elopement enchanting and magical… An experience that will be indelibly etched in your mind.

Wondering how your magical Florida experience starts? Here goes…

Meet Your Elopement Photographer

Hi, I’m Amber!

Your Photographer + Guide

amber, elopement photographer

I love nature, adventuring and I am also a self-confessed introvert.

There is nothing I love more than helping capture the intimate moments as two gentle souls like you and your partner commit to each other. I help you plan for an elopement that is stress-free, relaxing and fun.

I am a trained and highly skilled travel planner who has helped many couples like you to plan for the perfect elopement in over 43 countries all across the world. In my work, I have traveled to many locations… I have hiked across the Swiss Alps, travelled through the meadows in Sweden and even sailed across the crystal clear lakes in New Zealand…

With all my experiences to date, I can attest that Florida still remains one of the most interesting, captivating and beautiful wedding locations.

Have you discovered my Ultimate Guide to elope in Florida yet?

Florida Elopement Packages

Plan | Travel | Stay | Capture every moment

It all starts with you giving me a call so that we can get to know each other better. On this no-obligation call, we will discuss your dream elopement, your expectations and what you envision your stay will be like. Based on your needs, I will then send you a comprehensive list of great must-visit locations and a list of vendors who we will engage to make your elopement dream come true. We will continuously consult until we craft the perfect Florida elopement experience for you.

Florida elopement package - 3 days

Dragon – The ultimate 3-day package

The ultimate elopement getaway!

Perfect for…

If you are looking to just relax a little before getting hitched to the love of your life, this package is the perfect choice. You get to get rid of the jetlag and then tie the knot in an enchanting location while I capture those all-important moments in a time capsule with my lenses.

$15 900

Florida elopement package - 12 hours

Griffin – 12 hours

This package is ideal if you are thinking of spending a few hours hiking through the beautiful Florida countryside before taking your vows. I will be at your beck and call throughout the day from dusk to dawn. I will capture those alluring shots that the scenic backdrop of the sunrise and sunset provides as you have the time of your life with your loved one.

$7 900

Florida elopement package - 8 hours

Minotaur – 8 hours

For this package, we will meet up early on the morning of your special day and then travel to the venue of the nuptials celebration. In the hours before the start of the ceremony, we will inspect the spot and relax. When the time finally comes to say your vows, I will be there snapping away to capture every special moment.

$7 300

Florida elopement package - 5 hours

Salamander – 5 hours

On choosing this package, I will meet up with you on the afternoon you are getting hitched and then proceed to your Florida elopement venue of choice. Rest assured I will be capturing all the moments leading up to the ceremony and the moments you eventually commit to your partner in a unique style.

$6 800

Included with every single day elopement package:

Entire Planning of the Day

To get started, you simply need to get in touch so that we can discuss how you envision the perfect engagement to your partner. You do not have to worry or stress about anything on contacting me. I will provide you with a list containing the best elopement spots, make and confirm your travel and accommodation plans and then set you up with vendors who can help make your nuptials unique and alluring.

Every Photo in Your Hands

At all stages of your elopement adventure, I will be behind the lens capturing all the moments on your special day. Later, I will send you a comprehensive album containing all the cherished moments you shared with your loved one while eloping in Florida.

No Bill Shock

On crafting your unique elopement plans, I will send you a detailed estimate showing how your money will be spent. The estimates are fixed meaning that there will be no surprise bills later on.

Some common questions about eloping in Florida

Take a wander over to this list of the best places to inspire your Florida elopement.

It’s always great to have family and close friends at a momentous occasion such as your elopement in Florida. However, as part of the elopement package, I only cater for the travel needs of the couple getting married. Your guests will have to cater make their own travel and accommodation plans. This will give them the freedom to explore the island at their own pleasure and also stay at their place of choice. However, I can always share your elopement itinerary with your guests so that they are privy to the details of the ceremony.

YeYes. I will be your personal chauffeur helping you navigate across different locations.

It all depends on what you want and the plans that you have in place. For example, if you are staying in a luxury resort or an AirBnB rental, I will live in a different location but I will always be close in case you need me. If you are staying in a holiday rental for the duration of the elopement, I may stay in the same hotel. However, I will never be in the same room as you! It’s your elopement and you will have the privacy you need to celebrate your blossoming love.

All meals are included in the elopement package itinerary. When we are on the road exploring the Floridian paradise, we will most likely eat together (Kind of a picnic). We will also likely eat together when hiking to your favorite Floridian destinations. If you are residing in an AirBnB rental or are residing in a hotel that does not offer guests breakfast, I will purchase all the fresh groceries you need to make your own meals (Remember, I am a skilled travel planner and thus know the best places to shop for high-quality and fresh supplies). However, if we finish our travels late in the evenings, I will leave you and your partner to enjoy an intimate dinner together. Some couples tend to insist that I eat all meals with them so that we can continue chatting and enjoying each other’s company… Keep in mind that for the duration of your elopement, I am at your beck and call so, it’s all up to you!

Yes, the elopement packages usually include meals and day trips for sight seeing and taking photos. However, the packages do not usually cover other extra activities. Many couples who book the elopement packages tend to spend some time on their own having fun and exploring the leisurely activities that Florida has to offer. However, the packages cover all sight-seeing activities.

It’s my priority and absolute pleasure to capture all photos of your elopement no matter where they are to be taken. Whether you want poolside photos, pictures at the beach or with the mountain ranges as your backdrop, I will be there! The only moment when I may not be around is if you choose to explore Florida on your own or choose to take a day off to unwind and rejuvenate. Otherwise, you can rest assured that I will capture all those special moments on your elopement with a view of helping you preserve cherished memories.

I am available during the day at night! If you choose an elopement spot where the stars in the night sky make the perfect backdrop for photos, I will be there to capture the exquisite pictures. Spoiler Alert… Nights in Florida are perfect for taking photos!

Yes! In fact, I highly encourage you and your partner to dream big when we are crafting your elopement plans. For your Florida elopement, nothing is off-limits… Thinking of taking your vows next to volcano or getting hitched underwater in an area with coral reefs? We will do it!

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