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All-Inclusive elopement packages

Welcome to a world of bespoke elopement experiences that embody the art of slow living and celebrate the beauty of our planet.

With my 100% custom elopement packages, we’ll immerse ourselves in the breathtaking sights, capturing candid moments that tell your unique love story.

Hello, my name is Amber!

Amber, elopement photographer

As a former wedding photographer and travel enthusiast turned elopement planner, I embarked on a transformative journey in 2019. Driven by a deep passion for crafting unique experiences, I pioneered all-inclusive adventure elopement and honeymoon packages in untouched destinations. Tailored for introverted and adventurous couples, my vision was to create truly personalized experiences. These exceptional packages, 100% customized to each couple, eliminate the need for expensive venues, allowing you to focus solely on purchasing your wedding attire and flying in. With this groundbreaking approach, I’ve redefined the elopement industry, empowering couples to embrace their individuality and create unforgettable memories amidst awe-inspiring landscapes.


Location-specific elopement packages: Where in the world will this adventure take you?

Click on the destination and the link to the packages page for that destination will appear. You can consult all my packages freely online, there are no hidden fees or services!

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Anywhere in the world

Destination Adventure Elopements in Untouched Locations

Planning over 150 elopements around the world since 2013 means I’ve discovered many uniquely beautiful places not many people know exist.

From snowy mountain ranges and ancient castles to pristine lakes and dense forests… Let’s discover your dream place to share your hearts through exchanged vows.

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What’s included in every elopement package

What exactly is included in EVERY elopement package I offer?

  • My travel fees to your destination, WHEREVER that may be!
  • A beautiful 12×12″ wooden photography album
  • 4-5 beautiful, natural and raw ceremony location options to choose from (based on what kind of scenery you envision for your day!)
  • Access to my concierge service to help you find the best vendors around
  • A custom timeline of the day
  • My epic “how to elope” printed guide
  • 5 trees planted in a forest thanks to the Tree Nation program
  • 1% of the total of your package donated to a non-profit organization acting for the environment
All-inclusive option for an adventure elopement package

Frequently asked questions

You can start by asking yourself what kind of environment you would like to exchange your vows in, what kind of weather, and if you would like your ceremony to be official or not. All those things will come into account when choosing your elopement location, and I can of course help you find the best place possible in the world if you don’t know where to start! Check out the free resources and get inspired! Or contact me now to explore the possibilities.

Yes! Let’s plan something that truly fits YOUR couple and your dreams. Want to spend all day in a hammock and only go out at sunset to enjoy the view? Let’s do it! Want to drive around and enjoy the beauty of the landscapes from the car? Let’s do that too (and listen to brain-food music while we’re at it!). Want to hike for 4 hours straight to get to the mountain peak where you’ll exchange your vows at sunrise? I’m totally down for that. Everything you’re dreaming of doing is right here waiting for you.

The main difference is the number of guests at your ceremony and reception. Under 20 would be considered an elopement, and between 20 and 40 would be considered an intimate wedding. In both cases, the couple organizes something that really feels like them and generally stays away from classic wedding ideas.

Planning an elopement is easier than planning a wedding, so you’re in luck if time isn’t on your side! But there are some things to keep in mind when eloping too. Some vendors need to be booked (photographer, florist, wedding attire, sometimes a wedding venue/hotel, travel, wedding licence), so in order to organize things with less stress possible, allowing at least 3 months before your elopement date is great.

That’s really up to you. In some countries (like France for instance) you can’t get legally married outside of the town hall. So in that case, having a celebrant would be optional but not necessary. You can exchange vows by yourself if you feel like it! However, if you plan on having a legal wedding on the day of your elopement, the technicalities change across locations. This is something we will discuss once I know your location!

I always plan 2 extra days (before and after the date we choose) for that very reason. Sometimes a storm is raging outside and going on a hike wouldn’t be possible. So if the weather is really bad and dangerous, we will go a day before or a day after the planned date. If it’s not that bad and there is only rain, we will make the best of it, because rain looks beautiful in pictures and we’ll all bring cozy jackets!

Yes, definitely! While I live in France, I organize and shoot elopements all over the world. My travel is factored into your price so your dream destination can be captured lovingly, no matter where it’s located.

Of course! When we start planning, you’ll receive tons of tips, tricks, advice and recommendations to plan the best day possible – and local vendors are always recommended!

Yes! The gallery you will receive is fully shareable online with friends and family, and they can even order prints directly from the gallery, so you won’t have to manage anything! You’ll receive unlimited downloads so send away!

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