HI! I’M Amber.

Amber, photographer at Zephyr & Luna

I like poems,
real conversation,
genuine people,
text messages,
friday nights,
I like stories,
I like soul.

I’m an eternal wanderer.

I live life as an adventure, always on the go, ready for another challenge. I have a beautiful and wild child called Rune, and she is my everything. I can’t believe I get to call “work” what I love doing the most: photographing people on one of the most vulnerable and amazing day of their lifes, in beautiful places I’m happy to call home for 24 hours (or a bit more sometimes!).

Just like some of you, I have known love, and love has hurt me in many ways. But I’m a true romantic at heart, and I believe love has no limits, and when you find “the one”, you’ll know. You’ll know deep into your heart, into your bones, into your soul. And this is why I’m constantly looking for it. In the way you look at each other. Hold hands. Smile. In the way you push her hair from her face, or the way she caress your beard sometimes. I like the way you look at each other, with love, patience, passion, and all the story that had brought you here together today. On top of this mountain, or by the shores or that lake, or in the beauty of the sunset on that beach.
Love has no limit, and I’m so passionated about it. I’m passionated about you, and what brought you here today.

Being an elopement photographer has always be a dream come true, and I can’t wait to chat with you about your vision, and help you imagine your most wildest dreams for this day that should celebrate you, and only you, as a couple.

Your love matters. Your story matters. And your love deserves to be celebrated.

Because this is what our world needs: LOVE.

Moments that gave me chills

I adore nature and believe in giving back

The songs of the forest. Wave dancers and mountain-top roamers.

Most of the time, your elopement destination’s also home to many animals, woodland creatures and seal life. 

To say thank you for sharing their special place with us, a percentage of every Zephyr et Luna elopement package goes straight to local ONG to help protect the lives of these sweet creatures. 

Let’s plan your dream elopement!

Then once the ceremony’s finished… You’ll be nestled together on a mountain top, lakeside or by the sea. They’ll look at you and whisper “I can’t believe we thought it could be any other way… This is perfect!”

It’d be my honour to be your elopement photographer and guide! Let’s do this! I welcome all in front of my camera, so don’t be shy and contact me!

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