Meet your guide and photographer

An eternal wanderer, lover of
real conversation, genuine people,
and intimate stories.


Because this is what our world needs: LOVE.

When you find “the one”, you’ll know.
You’ll know deep into your heart, into
your bones, into your soul.

I’m a true romantic at heart, and I believe love has no limits. This is why I’m constantly looking for it. In the way you look at each other. Hold hands. Smile. In the way you push her hair from her face, or the way she caress your beard sometimes. I like the way you look at each other, with love, patience, passion, and all the story that had brought you here together today. On top of this mountain, or by the shores or that lake, or in the beauty of the sunset on that beach. Love has no limit, and I’m so passionated about it. I’m passionated about you, and what brought you here today.

Being an elopement photographer has always be a dream come true, and I can’t wait to chat with you about your vision, and help you imagine your most wildest dreams for this day that should celebrate you, and only you, as a couple.

I live life as an adventure, always on the go, ready for another challenge

I have a beautiful and wild child called Rune, and she is my everything. I can’t believe I get to call “work” what I love doing the most: photographing people on one of the most vulnerable and amazing day of their lives, in beautiful places I’m happy to call home for 24 hours (or a bit more sometimes!)


Zephyr & Luna has always been helping in any way it could so the
world we live in would be more peaceful, welcoming and warm.

I believe travel can have a positive influence on not only people who experience it, but also on the
communities and landscapes who welcome them.

People, Earth and nature are all part of a unique ecosystem, and it is our duty to protect its
equilibrium, by giving back anytime we can. I have grown to be more and more active in protecting
the earth while travelling, sharing human right values as well as feminist values, as well as
encouraging the LGBTQ+ community to feel save and heard anywhere they travel.

This is not only “the world”. This is OUR world. And it’s up to us to make it beautiful.



Giving back to the planet

Being part of the 1% for the Planet movement is crucial as it unites individuals and businesses in donating 1% of their revenue to environmental causes. This collective action is vital in addressing climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution, amplifying the impact of our efforts and safeguarding the Earth for future generations.

I am proud to be part of the 1% for the planet engagement.



Protection of the sea

Founded in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson, SEA SHEPHERD is the most combative ocean advocacy NGO in the world.

Sea Shepherd works on three major axes: go beyond protest alone and intervene actively and non-violently in cases of unlawful attacks on marine life and marine ecosystems, exposing abuses and unsustainable or unethical practices affecting marine life, and rise public awareness of the essential link that connects us to the ocean

I am proud to donate one part of my annual revenues to this NGO.



Reforesting Earth

Planting trees for every elopement contract signed is vital to promote sustainability, combat deforestation, and mitigate climate change. Having a CO2 neutral website through tree planting for each visit is crucial for environmental sustainability, as it offsets emissions, restores ecosystems, and inspires eco-friendly practices.

I am proud to plan 5 trees for each elopement contract signed since 2022.

Check out my forest!



Feminism and women rights

Osez le féminisme ! is a feminist, universalist, secular, progressive and abolitionist association
created in 2009. Osez le féminisme ! aims to denounce gender inequalities in all areas and help eradicate them. OLF publishes a newspaper and
regularly campaigns for the general public

I am proud to donate one part of my annual revenues to this association.



Respect and awareness of nature

Leave no trace is a US based organization dedicated to educating people who wish to venture outside about their impact on nature and the ecosystems.

They fight against damages trails and natural areas, polluted water, worldlife at risk, destructive fires and crowded parks, and they also connect youth to nature.

I am proud to be one of the first fully trained Leave No Trace photographer.



LGBTQ+ rights

All Out is a global movement for love and equality. They are mobilizing thousands of people to create a world where no one will have to sacrifice their family, their freedom, their security or their dignity because of their identity or that of the person of
their heart

Their campaigns are proof that love always wins.

I am proud to donate one part of my annual revenues to this movement.

Your elopement supports these causes