The delicacy of the invisible

      About Amber

      About Ambre

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      Enchanted photography, poetically capturing your wedding's magic

      Hi, I’m Amber! A teller of tales, art lover, world traveler and thoughtful photographer in France, with an insatiable nostalgia for a time before my own.

      Discovering new artists, visiting local fairs and losing myself in beautiful landscapes are amongst my favourite things to do.

      And I’ve been known to climb mountains and hike atop volcanoes – whispering “run with me” to my couples, as we dance towards a cliff face at sunset. All in the name of beautiful, wild and raw memories frozen in time, forever.

      My dad was a forest ranger, so my love for nature stems from growing up in the depths of France’s dense woodlands, helping cut the firewood and growing vegetables in our little garden. As a self-confessed introvert, I spent my childhood buried in books – getting lost in stories, legends and fairytales… To be honest, I still do.



      When I'm not working, you can find me

      My journey

      Before I became Zephyr & Luna

      When I seconded a classic photographer in 2012, it shook me. The man I worked behind flashed his camera in guests’ faces, his voice boomed “cheese!!!” over the atmospheric hum that comes from families gathered after much time has passed. And not once did he pay attention to stolen moments – every rushed snapshot was staged, static and forced by him.

      I vowed that day, to never be that type of photographer.

      Instead, I like to think of my ‘introvertedness’ as a special magic. It allows me to capture your quiet moments quietly… To blend in while your enchanted twinklings stand out. And it means I’ll largely go unnoticed while your day unfolds in all its melodic, natural beauty.

      wedding in a french chatau

      What I stand for

      Nature and wildlife

      Nature, pollution fighting, leaving no trace and the whole animal kingdom are things I have a lot of passion for. This is why I'm part of the 1% for the planet association, as I give back to ONGs fighting for the animals.

      Equality and kindness

      I am a true feminist at heart, and I peacefully fight for a better world for women, where equality will be normality. I believe we all carry our own story, and in a world where we can be anything, it is essential to be kind.

      LGBTQ rights

      Where there is love, there is hope. I believe LGBTQ communities should be able to live in world where there is no discrimination regarding who they love. Love is love.


      And you...


      Historic wedding locations speak to your soul

      To you, chateaux, plantations and castles have stories woven into their very walls.


      You adore exploring the globe

      Whether it’s spending a year abroad or wandering Eurpoean art galleries for the weekend


      An intimate, relaxed wedding is your style

      You envisage an earthly ceremony, filled with poems, a brilliant celebrant and bountiful, meaningful moments


      Let’s create magic.


      Brides come to me for mystic wedding photography inspired by art, literature and the beauty of times passed.

      To me, memories are as valuable as the present.
      Because we forget, details, smiles, touches, and all the in-betweens.
      So I take pictures, for me, for others, for memory, to never forget.