All-inclusive elopement packages in the UK

All inclusive United Kingdom elopement packages

The Ultimate Complete Elopement Packages in the UK

You have found your exclusive United Kingdom elopement!

Imagine the lush green valleys and scenic mountains of the UK island beckoning to you…
Eloping to the United Kingdom is your once-in-a-lifetime adventure. You can exchange your vows by the coastline with the mountains and ocean celebrating with you. What better way to profess your love to each other than to say your vows against this dramatic landscape, with wild sheep to boot! Anything is possible!

My favorite part of the job is to turn your dream of the perfect elopement into reality. It brings me joy to be able to help you discover the hidden treasures in the UK that will make your UK elopement the absolutely magical experience that you have dreamed about. I will help you capture those precious memories and plan out your whole adventure.

Your adventure beings here…

Greetings! I’m Amber!

amber, elopement photographer

I am your photographer and guide for your unique adventure.
I love everything about nature. I’m a life-long devotee to outdoor adventures.
Nothing brings me more satisfaction that to help couples like you capture your elopement memories. I know you are tired of the thought of needing to rent a large banquet hall and catering to a hundred or more guests. Who wants to fuss over fancy decorations? Wouldn’t it be much more meaningful if the day is totally focused on the two of you and the love that you share with each other? No fancy weddings – just the promise between two souls. I have extensive experience in travel planning in over 43 countries for couples like you who want an elopement adventure. I have climbed to the peak of the Swiss Alps, trekked across the lovely meadows in Sweden, and swam in the pristine waters of New Zealand. Out of all of these, I still feel the UK is one of the most beautiful elopement destinations.
No matter if you like beaches or deserts, I will find pristine and beautiful locations that will be perfect for your elopement.

Have you discovered my list of the top places to elope in England yet?

Elopement Packages For The UK

Plan | Travel | Stay | Capture every moment

We start with a discussion over the phone so we can learn more about each other. You tell me all about how you picture your elopement in the UK to look like. Let your imagination loose! I will prepare for you a custom list of locations and service vendors that will fit your needs. We will exchange ideas, work through the possibilities, talk as often as you like until we come up with an absolutely perfect elopement package for your special day.

United Kingdom elopement packages - 3 day

Dragon – The ultimate 3-day package

This is your ultimate opportunity to get married in paradise!

Perfect for…

This package is one of our most popular UK elopement packages. Couples who select this option like the flexibility of having extra time by themselves before the official elopement. You can spend romantic times together, just the two of you and with me capturing all of the tender moments that are irreplaceable.

$12 600 (includes food and accommodation)

United Kingdom elopement packages - 12 hours

Griffin – 12 hours

This is great if you like long hikes. We meet up in the morning before we go to your location of elopement. We take our time hiking to the location where your vows are exchanged, then we return to your hotel.

$6 900

United Kingdom elopement packages - 8 hours

Minotaur – 8 hours

We meet up in the morning and drive to your beautiful elopement location. We have extra time to spend in the area where you can do some exploring and relaxing before the ceremony begins. I take photos of all the beautiful memories of the ceremony and afterwards.

$6 200

Every package will include the following:

Customized Plan Of Your Special Day

It starts with our initial phone call where we will find out more about each other. You tell me about your dreams and visions of your perfect UK elopement. I will give you a list of locations and service providers whom I think will be perfect for your needs. We toss around ideas until we create a plan for your perfect elopement day.

A Complete Collection Of Your Photos

You will get a complete set of photos that document your entire adventure. The set is delivered to you in a customized folder. You can download your pictures, share them, print them, and relive the magical moments all over again.

Upfront Pricing

Your final quote includes everything. There are no hidden fees or charges that we tack on at the last minute. The quote you get is what it costs. No surprises.

Looking for an all-inclusive elopement package in the United Kingdom?

United Kingdom ultimate all included elopement package

Discover the Feydragon package – 7 days of pure bliss

The only package that includes it all:
– your personal photographer and guide for 3 days + 4 days of self-discovery – includes the car rental!
– planning + custom itinerary
– officiant (symbolic OR legal ceremony)
– hair and makeup
– bridal bouquet
– 4-days auto-tour to discover the most amazing places in the UK – includes the car rental!
– accommodation in 3* hotels for 6 nights
– food for 7 days in selected restaurants
– airport transfers
Only add your plane tickets and relax!

$19 800 – sit back and relax

Common questions about the elopement packages in the UK

We’d love to have your family and friends participate in your elopement. We only book travel and lodgings for the couple, so your family will have to make their own arrangements. We encourage you to share your schedule with your family so they’ll know where to find you. They will have the freedom to plan out their own schedules. You will have more flexibility to be on your own if you choose. And you can meet up with your family whenever you want.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I will be your driver!

That depends on what you want! If your accommodations is an AirBnB or a high-end hotel, I may stay in another hotel close by. This allows you a private place to relax after a long travel day. If you booked a holiday rental, I may book a room in the same hotel.

Your complete package includes all meals! When we are on the road or on a long hike, we will eat together along the way. If your lodgings does not include breakfast, I will take care of your breakfast by shopping at a local restaurant or get groceries for you if your accommodations includes a kitchen. The package includes some meals from the best local restaurants. Dinner is usually independent unless you want me to dine with you during dinner as well. I am flexible both ways, and it depends on what you feel like doing for dinner that day.

I will make all reservations for your meals and day trips for your photo ops. However, activities will be on your own. Many couples like to spend a few extra days before and after the elopement just relaxing and enjoying the location. I will take care of sight-seeing.

My number one goal is to capture all of those irreplaceable moments that make up such special memories. I am usually with you during the day unless you choose to have a day just to relax without any picture-taking. You can freely go off and explore the area on your own without thinking about pictures. Besides that, I am usually around capturing those one-of-a-kind moments through photos.

We do day and night photography. We have done evening weddings where the sky was studded with glittering stars. The night sky in the UK countryside can bring its own magic to your special elopement.

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