All Inclusive elopement packages in Japan

When to go

All year

Price from

$4 750 per person excluding flights

Ideal lenght

14 nights

Ceremony location

Forest, beach, mountain, city



Elopement Packages in Japan

All-Inclusive Elopement Packages In Japan

Here is your opportunity for a once in a lifetime Japanese elopement!

Whether you want to tie the knot in the midst of lush green rice terraces or on the beaches of Okinawa, the Japanese islands are calling you and ready to offer give you a memorable elopement experience.

The land of the rising sun is one of the best, if not the best elopement destination in the world. Picture this… a traditional Japanese wedding staged in a picturesque shrine with a crystal clear lake and mountains as the background. How about exchanging vows with the famous Mount Fuji as your background scenery? You must admit, a Japanese Elopement makes for a experience and ceremony worth remembering. I can help you bring your elopement in Japan to light.

In fact, it will be my pleasure and honor to bring your elopement dreams to life. My goal is to help you discover your ideal bucket list location to tie the knot at, immortalize your candid loved-up moments, and, crucially, plan your entire adventure in Japan to give a magical experience you will always have fond memories of.

For couples interested in an elopement in Japan, your adventure begins here.

Your Elopement Photographer

Hi there, I’m Amber!

Your Travel Planner, Guide, and Photographer

amber, elopement photographer

A nature-lover, adventure enthusiast, and a self-confessed introvert.

Taking elopement pictures for lovely souls like you is my life’s mission and passion. I believe that rather than spending countless hours planning and worrying about venues for you and your guests, the decorations, and the entertainment over 100 guests will experience, you should focus on making the entire experience about you two. In what I call a complete and total experience, I help you focus on enjoying each other’s company and celebrating your love for one another.

As a qualified and experienced planner, I have helped countless couples like you looking for a unique elopement adventure and a once in a lifetime experience. I’ve planned and guided gentle souls to elope in over 43 countries. From the picturesque Swiss Alps, the tropical island of Hawaii, to Sweden’s meadows and New Zealand’s crystal clear lakes, Japan holds a special place in my heart… it is one of the most beautiful destinations for elopement in the entire world.

Hot springs, unique culture, and stunning scenery all-round! You will not run short of options. I am certain you will find your dream location to stage your elopement.

Couples looking to elope in Japan can rely on me to cater to their accommodation, travel, and the ceremony. I’m at your disposal to help you dream up big ideas and bring the ideas to life.

I’m dedicated to giving you a stress-free Japanese escape by planning and handling everything to the last detail.

Crucially, I will be there to immortalize your adventure and capture the joys of every moment in your Japanese elopement.

Have you discovered my Ultimate Guide to elope in Japan yet?

The process -elopement packages in Japan

The Process: Japan Elopement Packages

The steps that bring your elopement in Japan to life:

1Schedule your free no-obligation consultation call
2Secure your date
3We develop and plan your itinerary
4Live your adventure
5Relive your adventure forever using our captures

All-Inclusive Japanese Elopement Packages

The first element of our packages to note is that we are your dedicated planner and elopement photographer. Additionally, our all-inclusive Japanese elopement packages cover everything.

We also arrange for your travel. Since you will jet in from abroad, I’ll leverage my contacts to find you the best flights to your destination in Japan. After landing in Japan, I’ll organize your airport transfer. Your accommodation will be ready and waiting for your arrival. All these at a pocket-friendly price.

You may have chosen a location that is a short drive away from the airport. In such cases, I’ll meet at the airport and take you to your destination… I’ll be your personal chauffeur throughout your adventure.

Driving safely on the roads, and making stops along the route in special spots to allow you to enjoy some of the renowned traditional Japanese cuisines, I’ll make the entire journey a memorable experience.

All Inclusive Japan Elopement Packages

Plan | Travel | Stay | Capture every moment

By the time you get to Japan, we will have planned your entire itinerary to the last detail. Where you spend your nights out, where you eat, where you dance, where you visit and explore, where you sleep – everything is curated to make your elopement in Japan the ultimate experience.

The first thing to do is to book your free call to know each other. During the consultation call, we encourage you to share your dreams and visions for your elopement in Japan. Let your dreams run wild. And to help you expand your creativity, I’ll send you an exclusive bucket list of top/best locations and the best vendors to work with.

As is customary, we will bounce ideas back and forth until we create the perfect expedition that suits your needs. In the end, we will end with a complete itinerary that covers your accommodation, travel, etc.

14-Day Japan Elopement + Honeymoon

from $15 250 per person
flights excluded

Do you fancy a 2-week elopement adventure and celebration? You are in the right place!

Perfect for…

The 24-day elopement package is perfect for couples interested in visiting and exploring numerous destinations whilst never feeling rushed. The package will afford you ample time to take a break to celebrate your love for each other and the end of your engagement. Thereafter, you can journey to your elopement destination while taking in everything Japan has to offer. If you have invited a small group of your 20 closest family and friends to witness your elopement, they will join at the destination. After the ceremony, time to enjoy your honeymoon.

All the while, I’ll be with you capturing every lovely moment of your adventure.

10-Day Japan Elopement + Honeymoon

from $11 250 per person
flights excluded

An elopement package crafted for you to celebrate your love intimately.

Perfect for…

This package provides the perfect opportunity for enjoying the vast landscape that is Japan and everything it has to offer. You can rest and recover from the jetlag in readiness to immerse yourself into Japanese culture. The package also provides you with ample time to visit your ceremony venue ahead of time. On the day of the ceremony, most couples are accompanied by their closest friends and loved ones to the ceremony. Thereafter, they set out to explore and enjoy as much of Japan as possible.

7-Day Japan Elopement + Honeymoon

from $8 900 per person
flights excluded

A week of adventure and celebration of your love.

Perfect for…

Eloping in Japan is an exciting adventure. Immortalizing the entire experience in photos will elevate the experience a notch higher. This package allows you to do all of this. You can land in Japan, freshen up and begin your adventure to your elopement venue. Alternatively, you could opt to rest, then head to the location, followed up by an intimate honeymoon. The possibilities are limitless!

3-Day Japan Elopement + Honeymoon

from $4 750 per person
flights excluded

The get-hitched in Japan package.

Perfect for…

Designed as a simple yet complete elopement package, it allows a couple to elope in a paradise and the staging of a ceremony of their dreams. This package is popular among couples who simply want a few days alone before they begin their official elopement adventure. It is also popular among couples traveling from the nearby Asian-Pacific countries including Australia where jetlag is not such an issue.

Included with every all-inclusive package:

A Library Of Professional Photo

At the end of your adventure, I’ll create a complete professional library of photos documenting your adventure. You will receive a downloadable folder of photos that you can share or relive your experience for years to come.

Luxury Or Holiday Rentals

Whether you want to enjoy the pomp of luxury resorts or a homely experience offered by Japanese holiday homes, I’ll arrange for ideal accommodation. I’ll ensure you enjoy your elopement experience.

Upfront Pricing

Our all-inclusive packages will not leave you with a shocking bill. Everything will be included in your final quote and you will be surprised by the fees after the adventure. You will not incur additional charges beyond the final itinerary you create.

Single Day Elopement Packages In Japan

Has eloping in Japan been your dream? Well, this is your chance to make your dreams come true!

As an experienced travel planner, I’ll help you find the best flights to Japan. Additionally, I’ll secure your dream location and find you the most suitable celebrants. I’ll make the experience magical and help you make sweet memories of this special day.

5 hours

$7 500
(photography and planning only)

For this package, we will meet in the afternoon of your elopement and travel to your elopement destination together. I’ll take pictures of the lead up to your ceremony, right until you exchange your vows.

8 hours

$8 100
(photography and planning only)

We’ll meet in the morning and head out to the ceremony venue. Since we’ll have the time, we’ll take some time to relax and explore the location before the ceremony. After the ceremony, I’ll stick around to capture the moments after tying the knot.

12 hours

$8 700
(photography and planning only)

This is the perfect package for ceremonies that incorporate a hike into the adventure, especially for remote locations. The package covers sunrise to dusk photography. We can also travel to your accommodation for evening pictures.

What You Get With Every All-Inclusive Package:

Event Planning For Your Special Day

For these packages, you get a free consultation call where we get to know each other. During the call, you will share your dreams and vision for an elopement ceremony in Japan. To aid you in bringing your dreams to light, I’ll send you an exclusive list of locations, from which you choose your most suitable one. We will bounce back and forth until you are satisfied with the plans for the venue, travel, and vendors.

A Library Of Professional Photo

I’ll create a complete library of your entire wedding day adventure via a professional folder that you can download and share.

Upfront Pricing

Everything is included in your final quote amount so there’ll be no surprise charges outside of the final itinerary you receive!

Common questions about the elopement packages in Japan

If you browse this list, you’ll find plenty of locations that are perfect for your wedding ceremony in Japan.

Naturally, you will want to celebrate such a special occasion with your close family and friends and they are most welcome. If you plan to invite guests to your elopement, we encourage you to share your itinerary with them so that they learn where you are staying and what you will be doing.

That said, I only organize the couple’s itinerary. Your guest will have to book their accommodation and travel for themselves. I use this approach to ensure your loved ones and friends have the freedom to come and go as they please. As such, they can explore what Japan has to offer while you celebrate the end of your engagement and the start of life as a married couple.

Yes. I’ll drive you around and ensure you enjoy everything Japan has to offer without getting lost.

Given that this is your adventure, whether I stay in the same accommodation facilities as you will depend on what you want. However, generally, when you use an AirBnB or a luxury hotel, I will stay in a separate location nearby. Such a setup ensures you have a place to unwind in privacy after spending the entire exploring. When you use a holiday rental, I might use the same hotel, but stay in a different room.

As part of the all-inclusive package, all of your meals are planned. When out and about while exploring Japan, it’s most likely that we will eat meals together – for instance, picnics. The same goes for hiking.

If you use AirBnB or stay in a hotel that does not include breakfast, I’ll purchase all the items you need to cook your breakfast. The itinerary will also include some meals. Being a travel planner, I know all the best places to explore Japanese cuisine landscape. When we finish the day together by 6 pm, I can leave you two to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

However, all the couples have insisted that I join them for every meal as they find it more enjoyable. Either way, the decision is yours.

Yes, all adventurous day trips and meals are included in the package. While our packages cover sightseeing, they do not include activities. For the most part, most couples opt to spend a few more days on either side of the package period to enjoy leisure activities alone.

Aside from being your personal planner and guide, I’m also your personal photographer. My priority is to capture all your candid moments. Whether you are exploring the rice terraces or enjoying what Tokyo has to offer, I’ll be around to take your photos. As a professional photographer, I’ll capture your most candid moments. However, we can plan for a day that you spend alone to unwind and relax.

Yes! Dream big when planning your elopement adventure. Nothing is off-limits. Whatever you envision as part of your elopement adventure, we will make it happen.

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