Wedding photographer in Dordogne and available all over France. Bordeaux, Provence, Paris, Alps.

“Your soul hums a melody.
One you always knew
But was forgotten.
Do you hear it?”
R. Mia


Melodic wedding photography inspired by ancient aesthetics and legends.

The delicate petals of your engagement...

…dance in the breeze. Soon they will scatter… Soft and blush to the floor, awaiting your next exciting step – planning your enchanting wedding day.

Your mind swirls, ripples circling a single stone’s drop in the ocean. You hope for smooth, calmness and beauty in the process… Right up until that final twinkling where you and your lover tie the knot.

But we both know it’s the winding journey leading up until then…Every touch, smile and excited glimpse in the mirror that makes this day one you’ll cherish forever.


To keep for an eternity…


From this day forward…


Multi-award winning Wedding Photographer in Dordogne
Explorer. Legend and folktale lover. Romantic

I capture the ambient, magic, real and fleeting moments of enchanted weddings… In a style that looks like you just stepped out of an oil painting.

We both know your wedding isn’t just a ceremony… It’s a day to drink in the view of your most beloved people, to dance and cheers… To celebrate love. To celebrate your love.

I take your lead, quietly following you – taking pictures of the big and small moments. Smiles. Touches. Hugs and the in-betweens.

It’d be my honour to thoughtfully capture the depth of your wedding.

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