I’m a tale-teller.

It doesn’t matter the style or the location. I wander around in Europe and the whole wild world, photographing weddings at +40°C and in the snow. I photographed lovers under the pouring rain and in the last rays of sun of a midsummer day, in family-owned farms and misty forests.

Then I follow them to the other and of the world, during their honeymoon, and I photograph their discoveries, adventures, laughters and invisible moments. I photograph their true selves, so they come back to their home with a heart filled with love and a book full of adventures and epic photography.

So if you’d like someone different, because you are different, if you want someone who will fall in love with you, and follow you to the end of the world to photograph the connection between you two…
Send me a message, I’d love to hear from you.

[email protected]

photographe de mariages intimes et d’aventures