Adventure elopement photographer
for quiet love stories


Adventure elopement photographer
for quiet love stories


Let’s meet on the first page of your happily ever after and craft a magical elopement that feels true to you two.

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Elopements inspired by fairytale lovers and landscapes


Wander through my enchanting library of destination guides and resources to decide where your tale will take place.



Meet your adventure elopement photographer + guide…

As an adventure elopement photographer, I photograph couples who crave an intimate elopement experience as peaceful as their life together.

Time. Space. Serenity. As an introvert myself, I understand how much you want your special day to truly resonate with who you are.

Whether you’re blinking back tears together as you watch a magnificent crimson sunset spill over the rim of a volcano, or nuzzling your love’s cheek tenderly as you nestle in a lush green hollow overlooking the sea — as your guide and travel companion, I’m here to smooth a path towards these cinematic and breathless moments of intimacy.

As your adventure elopement photographer, I’ll capture each quiet thrill as you whisper “I do” in a breathtaking location you thought only existed in your dreams. Surrounded by your closest friends and family members…or perhaps by no one at all.

Adventure elopement photographer in Europe



Your adventure elopement tale begins here…

A loud, crowded ballroom wedding just isn’t who you are.

Your love story is too precious to be overshadowed by the pressure of a million different ‘shoulds’ on your wedding day. What if you could choose a more tranquil, wonder-filled experience that’s true to the rare essence of who you are as a couple?

An elopement places you at the center of your uncommon love story, against the backdrop of a wildly untouched landscape. It’s just you two slowly exploring your love in breathtakingly pristine nature, as I gently guide and document each step of your beautiful escape.


Savor the adventure elopement at your own pace.

No stress, no seating plans, no social anxiety about getting emotional in front of a packed room with all eyes on you. 

Imagine starting your wedding day with a sumptuously slow drive along a winding coastal road at dawn. Sipping a thermos of hot chocolate perched shoulder to shoulder on a serene mountain top, as the sun rises to kiss your upturned faces with a warm glow. 

After a beautiful day spent picking your way unhurriedly through an enchanted landscape together, perhaps one last pocket of wilderness calls to you. Following each other deep into a fragrant forest, you exchange your vows as dusk falls. These hushed, sacred moments are the ones you’ll remember forever. 

These are the stories my couples want to write for themselves.
And how I help them as their adventure elopement photographer.

They truly celebrate and experience starting this new chapter together.

Driving slowly on winding roads, instead of racing between
restaurants, hotels and back to life. Front row seats to the
world waking up, from a serene mountain-top. Or exploring
untouched wilderness at dusk, deep within dense forests
where the breeze smells sweet.

Experience the adventure elopements and stories already written

An elopement on the south coast of Iceland - photos by a waterfall in the moss

Under the northern sky: Jaclyn and Brandon’s Icelandic elopement – shot by Amber

Under the northern sky: Jaclyn and Brandon’s Icelandic elopement In the ethereal land of fire and ice, Jaclyn and Brandon’s hearts converged, weaving a tale spun from the threads of adventure, whispered vows, and the ephemeral dance of the Northern Lights. Their seven-day journey through Iceland was not just an elopement but an odyssey of…
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We have taken on a hell of a dose of emotion! Your photos are timeless, but are also so deeply rooted in the present! This whole adventure was so magical! We feel the movement, the emotions at the moment,… and that’s why we will never be tired of admiring our pictures and remembering this truly amazing experience with you! It’s magic, really. Our union lives for eternity with your photos…