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All inclusive elopement packages in Norway: your contemplative adventure awaits!

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Explore bespoke elopement packages in Norway

Crafted for adventurous souls who seek epic memories in a peaceful and contemplative setting!

Ready to escape the ordinary? Seeking an elopement experience in Norway that defies convention?

Set forth on an extraordinary adventure where your cherished elopement dreams come true. As your devoted Norway elopement planner and photographer, I curate bespoke experiences, capturing enchanting moments amidst Norway’s captivating landscapes. Allow your curiosity to lead you into a realm of boundless opportunities, where your love story blossoms like never before.

Are you seeking an escape from the ordinary elopement experiences that often leave you uninspired and stressed? Your search ends here. Bid farewell to the frustrations of generic packages and pre-planned venues. I understand that your love story is unique, deserving of a one-of-a-kind, slow, contemplative and peaceful elopement in Norway. My expertise lies in crafting fully customized experiences that mirror your individuality, passions, and desires. Say hello to a personalized adventure that will create everlasting memories for you and your partner. Prepare to redefine the possibilities of what an elopement can truly be.

I’m not sure I have the words to say how great it was having Ambre as our photographer for our elopement in Norway. Her communication was amazing, even over multiple time zones. She absolutely made us feel comfortable from her very helpful website, her quick responses, and our first video call. Then, on our elopement day, everything was absolutely perfect and exactly as promised. The photos are amazing- I look at them all of the time. Truly, if we needed photos done again for any reason and had the budget for it, we’d hire Ambre in a heartbeat. Our whole elopement felt like a fairy tale and Ambre/Zephyr et Luna was a huge part of that!

Robin & Toby

Hello, my name is Amber!

Amber, elopement photographer

I’m a passionate traveler, former wedding photographer, and travel planner who transitioned into specializing in elopements. In 2019, I embarked on a transformative journey. Fueled by a deep passion for crafting unique experiences, I pioneered all-inclusive custom elopement and honeymoon packages in pristine destinations. These packages are thoughtfully tailored for introverted and adventure-seeking couples, with a vision to create truly serene and personalized moments. They are fully customized to each couple, eliminating the need for costly venues and allowing couples to focus solely on their wedding attire and travel arrangements. With this pioneering approach, I’ve redefined the elopement industry, empowering couples to embrace their uniqueness and curate unforgettable memories amid breathtaking landscapes.

Have you discovered my Ultimate Guide to elope in Norway yet?

All-Inclusive elopement packages in Norway

Welcome to a world of bespoke elopement experiences that embody the art of slow living and celebrate the beauty of our planet.

With my 100% custom elopement packages, we’ll immerse ourselves in the breathtaking sights, capturing candid moments that tell your unique love story.


Discover Jörmungandr: the 2-in-1 honeymoon and elopement package in Norway – 7 days of pure bliss

Are you finding it difficult to plan the adventure elopement of your dreams? Do you have no idea where you should start? This all-included package may be perfect for you. Everything will be included from activities to accommodation, photography, vendors, and an exciting 7-day discovery road trip. All you have to do is book your plane tickets!


  • 7-day of epic road-trip around Norway
  • 3-day photographic reportage of your elopement adventure
  • Accommodation for 6 nights (in 3* or more hotels)
  • All your meals from the lunch on the first day to the lunch on the seventh day
  • 4-5 beautiful, natural and raw ceremony location options to choose from (based on what kind of scenery you envision for your day!)
  • A custom timeline of the day + a custom printed itinerary for your adventure before or after your elopement (7-days total)
  • An officiant (for a symbolic or legal ceremony, you choose!)
  • A hair and makeup artist for your elopement day
  • A bridal bouquet
  • Car rental for your 4-day road-trip (when we’re not exploring together)
  • Airport transfers
  • Everything listed in the “it’s more than beautiful photos” section

Only add your plane ticket, sit back and relax

Book this peaceful experience for USD 29.850

Dragon – The ultimate 3-day elopement package in Norway– the Signature Zephyr & Luna experience

  • 3-day of epic road-trip around Norway (transportation included)
  • Photographic reportage of your elopement adventure
  • Accommodation for 2 nights (in 3* or more hotels)
  • All your meals from the lunch on the first day to the lunch on the third day
  • Everything listed in the “it’s more than beautiful photos” section

Embark on a truly bespoke journey with my 3-day adventure elopement package in Norway. I specialize in crafting unique and contemplative elopement experiences that are fully tailored to you. Throughout this unforgettable adventure, I’ll guide you through Norway’s breathtaking landscapes, capturing the essence of your love story at every turn. This elopement package in Norway is all about embracing the beauty of the moment, curating a truly one-of-a-kind experience that reflects your individuality and leaves you with cherished memories to last a lifetime.

Book this experience for USD 19.780

Griffin – 3 to 4 locations package

  • Photographic reportage of your elopement adventure on 3 to 4 locations
  • Everything listed in the “it’s more than beautiful photos” section

Immerse yourselves in a whirlwind of enchanting locations with my Griffin elopement package in Norway. This single-day adventure is carefully designed to capture the beauty of Norway in 3 to 4 distinct locations. As your guide and photographer, I’ll lead you through a custom itinerary, ensuring each moment is contemplative and unforgettable. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter experiences and hello to a unique elopement package in Norway that perfectly reflects your love story.

Book this experience for USD 9.900

Minotaur – 1-2 locations package

  • Photographic reportage of your elopement adventure on 1 to 2 locations
  • Everything listed in the “it’s more than beautiful photos” section

Experience the serene beauty of Norway with my Minotaur elopement package. This intimate journey is crafted for couples who desire the simplicity and tranquility of 1 to 2 carefully chosen locations. I’ll guide you through these breathtaking settings, capturing your love story with a custom and contemplative approach. Embrace the uniqueness of your elopement in Norway with this special package.

Book this experience for USD 9.300

make your elopement package in Norway all-inclusive

Include all the popular vendors you might need for your elopement, nothing more

  • A celebrant
  • A hair and makeup artist
  • A custom-made bouquet + boutonniere
+US$ 4.750


What’s included in your elopement package in Norway

What exactly is included in EVERY elopement package I offer?

  • A beautiful 12×12″ wooden photography album
  • 4-5 beautiful, natural and raw ceremony location options to choose from (based on what kind of scenery you envision for your day!)
  • Access to my concierge service to help you find the best vendors in Norway
  • A custom timeline of the day
  • My epic “how to elope” printed guide
  • 5 trees planted in an endangered forest thanks to the Tree Nation program
  • 1% of the total of your package donated to a non-profit organization acting for the environment

Who are these packages for?

  • introverted couples looking for a truly peaceful experience
  • adventurous couples looking to discover a new location
  • couples looking for something that has never been done before
  • couples who don’t have time to plan anything

Who are these packages NOT for?

  • couples who want to recreate something they saw on Pinterest
  • couples who want a venue
  • couples with more than 12 guests
  • couples who want to take extensive photo sessions and not really look at the place they are in

Common questions about my elopement packages in Norway

Simply contact me and we’ll jump on a short videocall to see if we’re a good match!

Definitely! Simply ask me in your email and I’ll send you examples!

I’ve planned elopements up to 7 days before the actual date, so I’m seasoned with last minute inquiries!

Don’t worry! I understand that not everyone feels at ease in front of the camera, but my approach is all about capturing your authentic selves. I’ll guide you through the process, offering gentle prompts and making you feel comfortable. The most beautiful moments are the genuine ones, and that’s what we’ll focus on. Just relax, be yourselves, and trust that I’ll capture your love in its truest form. You don’t need to be “photogenic” because your love is already beautiful.

Absolutely not! My travel fees are included anywhere you want to go! With my 7-dy package, you just have to buy your plane ticket!

Magic! Kidding. We have a little chat first, and then when we start your adventure, I send you a questionnaire to help me truly understand your vision.

During a 3-day adventure elopement, anticipate receiving around 500-600 photos, ensuring every moment of your remarkable journey is captured. For a single-day adventure elopement, expect approximately 200-300 photos. My aim is to deliver top-notch images that beautifully immortalize your unique moments.

Each elopement package comes complete with a gorgeous album to treasure your memories. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy access to a breathtaking online gallery, allowing you to easily download and print your photos, ensuring you can revisit your special day whenever your heart desires.

My guarantees for your elopement package in Norway

Effortless Communication
I prioritize your convenience with simple, flexible communication through emails or WhatsApp. My video explanations every step of the way let you engage at your own pace, respecting your busy schedule.

Tailored Experiences
I’m committed to crafting 100% custom experiences—no cookie-cutter solutions. Your elopement will be uniquely yours, reflecting your vision and desires.

Contemplative, Slow Life
Embrace the beauty of the moment with my contemplative experiences that celebrate slow living. Your elopement will be a peaceful and immersive journey, allowing you to savor each detail.

Still have questions? I have answers!