The ultimate guide to elope in Lake District

The ultimate guide to elope in the Lake District

for an adventure elopement in Lake District

The Lake District is a region, and a national park, located in northwest England. Its incredible natural beauty is marked by glacial lakes, rugged mountain peaks, forested groves, and miles of trails to explore. It’s the perfect elopement location for any adventurous couple who wants to get outside to say their vows. If you’re planning a Lake District elopement (or considering it), this guide will tell you everything you need to know to make it happen!

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Welcome to the Adventure of a Lifetime

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Hey there, I’m Amber! I’m your elopement photographer and planner – your one-stop-shop for absolutely everything you need for a magical, incredible elopement day. 

I offer all-inclusive elopement packages for couples who want to relax and let me handle absolutely everything, as well as options for couples who like a little bit of DIY! I’ll find the perfect place for you to exchange vows, recommend vendors, help you figure out travel and lodging, make a timeline, and more – personalizing each part of your elopement day to perfectly suit the two of you. And of course, I’ll be there to take the photos and document this once in a lifetime adventure.
You aren’t like every other couple, and your wedding day shouldn’t be either! I’ll help you craft a day that’s true to you, authentic, and real, allowing you to immerse yourselves in the experience as you say your “I dos.”

First, let’s be sure we’re talking about the same thing:

What is an elopement?

Elopements aren’t what they used to be! While the word “elopement” used to conjure up images of hasty, last minute, scandalous marriages, today it’s so much more. Eloping is a way to ensure your wedding day is actually about you! Because you shouldn’t start your marriage off trying to please other people, and the day shouldn’t be about trying to throw a party for everyone else to enjoy. When you elope, you get to do what you want – and nothing that you don’t!

Elopement in Lake District

How to Legally Elope in the Lake District

To elope in the Lake District in England, you will need to apply for a Marriage Visa if you live outside of the country. You can apply online up to 6 months before your ceremony, and pay an application fee of £95, or about $133 USD. You will then need to give notice to the register office that you’re getting married.

A registrar will need to officiate your ceremony, and you will need two witnesses to sign your marriage certificate. Many couples who travel to elope in the Lake District choose to do the paperwork at home, so that their elopement can be spent on the fun stuff, without worrying about logistics!

For couples from the US:

In certain states, you can ask your county clerk the authorization to sign your wedding license abroad. If they agree, as a registered minister, my team and I will be able to legally marry you without the hassle of a legal wedding ceremony in Lake District.

Why Elope in Lake District?

Gorgeous Landscapes

From Scafell Peak, the tallest mountain in England, to tranquil lakes nestled in the valleys, Lake District National Park is best known for its beautiful scenery. Whether you’re seeking an adventurous hike or a relaxing stroll on your elopement day, the Lake District has something perfect for you!

Local Restaurants and Pubs

You can spend the day of your Lake District elopement in the national park, then venture into town to visit the local eateries. From fine dining restaurants to historic pubs, you’ll find plenty of local treasures where you can relax and unwind after a day of exploring.

Pet Friendly

A Lake District elopement is one of the best choices for couples who want to elope with their furry friends. The national park allows dogs on trails, and many of the restaurants and pubs welcome pets as well.

Top 5 spots to EloPe in Lake District

Here are some of the best elopement locations in the Lake District to get you inspired!

Where to elope in Lake District - Helvellyn


Helvellyn is a mountain in Lake District National Park, offering different route options to reach the ridge of its craggy peaks. Hiking to the top is steep, but rewarding as you’ll see miles of mountain peaks and lakes from the summit of Helvellyn.

Lake Windermere

The lake is surrounded by mountains and villages, and is a peaceful oasis in the Lake District. This easily accessible elopement location is perfect for those who don’t want to do too much hiking, but still want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Where to elope in Lake District - Lake Windermere
Where to elope in Lake District - Ullswater lake

Ullswater Lake

This second largest lake in the Lake District (after Lake Windermere) was formed by three melting glaciers, which eroded the valley floor, filling it with meltwater. This stunning lake is the perfect Lake District elopement location, as the surrounding mountains make the lake an amazing backdrop for any ceremony.

Catbells Lakeland Walk

Though it’s called a “walk,” the Catbells Lakeland hike is definitely more of a climb! The path is steep, with occasional rock scrambles, but the view at the top is worth the effort! As you ascend, you’ll walk through lush greenery, until you reach the ridge, where you’ll be rewarded with views of the valley below.

Where to elope in Lake District - Catbells lakeland walk
Where to elope in Lake District - Aira force

Aira Force

This waterfall flows from the Aira Beck stream, creating a layered rush of water over the ravine. It falls into a shallow pool of water, which continues through the valley and to the lake. Aira Force is a stunning backdrop for a Lake District elopement, and the area is even thought to have inspired William Wordsworth’s poem “Daffodils.”

When to elope in Lake District

When to Elope in Lake District

Before you decide on a date for your Lake District elopement, let’s talk about the weather!


Winters in the Lake District are very rainy, and often snowy. Winds start to pick up in late fall, and temperatures can drop to below freezing. Especially in higher elevation areas, snow may make trails inaccessible.


Spring is a gorgeous time in the Lake District. Flowers bloom, lambs bounce around the fields, and the daffodils that so inspired Wordsworth grow around the lakes. There is still a lot of rain in the spring, but May is your best bet for clear skies!


Summer is the busiest in the Lake District, as the warmer temperatures and clearer skies bring out more crowds. It’s a great time for a hiking elopement, as the trails are likely to be snow free, and you’ll get the best views!


Fall foliage is a sight to behold in the Lake District. Temperatures get more mild, and crowds dissipate from the national park. It’s a great time to elope for those who want to enjoy the orange and yellow colors of nature, but late fall can get very chilly!

How Much Does it Cost to Elope in Lake District?

All-inclusive, 7-day ELOPEMENT and honeymoon

Travel to and from Lake District: $1 000
5 nights in a high-end accommodation // $1 000
Elopement photographer // $7 000
Private chef or full board // $1 000
Officiant // $700
Florist // $800
Rentals // $500
Wedding dress and accessories // $5 000
Suit and accessories // $1 000


$19 800


Travel to and from Lake District: $1 000
5 nights in an airbnb // $600
Elopement photographer // $7 000
Food // $600
Officiant // $500
Florist // $500
Wedding dress and accessories // $1 000
Suit and accessories // $400


$6 900

What to wear for an elopement in the Lake District - the suit

What To Wear When Eloping In Lake District

On an adventure elopement day, it’s important that you’re able to walk around and move freely. Especially if you’re going to be hiking, comfort is key.

The Dress

Put that mermaid style dress back! Opt for dress styles with flowy skirts and light fabrics, so that you can move around easily throughout your elopement day. Adding a cape or shawl is perfect if you’re eloping in colder weather, and nude colored leggings underneath will do wonders for keeping you warm! For warm weather elopements, fabrics like tulle and chiffon, that are light and breathable will help you stay cool throughout the day.

The Shoes

Hiking boots are best for an adventure elopement – you definitely don’t want to be spending the day in heels or uncomfortable dress shoes! Nothing ruins a day like a gnarly blister, so be sure to break in your shoes before the big day.

The Suit

A three piece suit is perfect for an elopement. Take off the jacket if it’s too warm, and throw it on when you’re cold! Make sure your suit fits well and is comfortable to move around in, so that you’re ready for whatever adventure your elopement day has in store.

Typical food and dishes from the Lake District

You might want to integrate into your elopement day

Lake district dishes to try on your elopement day - Cumberland sausage

Cumberland sausage

Cumberland sausage, hailing from England’s picturesque Lake District, is a celebrated culinary gem. Its robust flavor, crafted with a blend of pork, herbs, and spices, showcases the region’s rich agricultural heritage. With its distinctive coiled shape and hearty bite, Cumberland sausage has earned its place as a beloved staple, whether sizzling on a breakfast plate or adding a savory touch to a comforting casserole.

Herdwick Lamb

Herdwick lamb, nurtured amidst the rugged beauty of England’s Lake District, embodies a taste of nature’s harmony. Grazing on the wild fells, these resilient lambs develop a distinct flavor, influenced by the unique vegetation of their environment. With its tender and succulent meat, Herdwick lamb pays homage to the ancient traditions of sustainable farming and the deep connection between the land and its inhabitants.

Lake district dishes to try on your elopement day - Herdwick lamb
Lake district dishes to try on your elopement day - Sticky toffee pudding

Sticky toffee pudding

Sticky toffee pudding, a quintessential British dessert, is a heavenly indulgence that enchants taste buds with its rich, gooey decadence. Moist sponge cake, infused with dates and drenched in a luscious toffee sauce, creates a symphony of flavors that lingers on the palate long after the last bite. Served warm and accompanied by a dollop of creamy vanilla ice cream, sticky toffee pudding is a sweet treat that embodies comfort and nostalgia, inviting us to savor every blissful spoonful.

Elope in Lake District – Your Checklist

Think about where you’d like to go

As an elopement photographer, a big part of my job is to help couples find the perfect place to say their vows. As a travel planner, I’m ready to go with all the best secret spots! Once you’ve decided to elope in the Lake District, don’t hesitate to get in touch for planning assistance.

Pick a date

Make sure to research the weather, then decide on a date to tie the knot!tie the knot.

Find more information about travel visas and wedding documentation

You will need a marriage visa if you aren’t a local to England – so make sure to apply with plenty of time to spare, and make sure your passports are up to date!

Book your flights and accommodation

Especially during busy season, Airbnbs, hotels, and resorts can book up fast! Book your flights and lodging ahead of time to ensure you get the best deals, and are able to stay close to your elopement location.

Book your vendors

You shouldn’t have to handle elopement planning alone! A good team of elopement vendors will take so much pressure off of you, so you can focus on the important stuff – like getting married!

Live your dream elopement

Now you get to have the elopement day of your dreams!


How to plan your peaceful elopement in LAKE DISTRICT with me

Process-how to plan an elopement

Let’s dive in, so you can start your journey right away!

Imagine a wedding where you can be you. Breathe. Bask in each other’s love.
Experience a place close to your hearts, or a bucket-list dream.

When to elope in the Lake District - spring

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How to elope in Lake District - the ultimate guide
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