All-inclusive elopement packages in Germany

All inclusive Germany elopement packages

The Ultimate Complete Elopement Packages in Germany

Welcome to your opportunity to elope in the magical land of Germany. Whether you thrill to majestic castles, mysterious forests or hear the call of a secret German town, this once in a lifetime opportunity is calling your name.

There is hardly a better place in the world to elope. Picture yourself strolling through a beautiful little town in the shadow of majestic mountains. Or perhaps you will be exploring the woods of a mystical forest framed with the same beautiful mountains.

No matter the scenery you choose it would be my personal honor to bring your dreams for a perfect elopement to life. I will make it my business to create the picture-perfect plans for an unforgettable German adventure the two of you will never forget.

And it all begins right here.

Good day! My name is Amber and I will be your guide and photographer. I am an avid adventurer, bit of an introvert and a nature lover.

amber, elopement photographer

There is nothing that thrills me more than capturing those magical moments in an elopement that romantics like yourselves will cherish for a lifetime. Elopements offer an experience like no-other. Rather than filling a ballroom with over 100 people you barely know and racking your mind over the minutiae of decorating a place to suit the tastes of complete strangers. Take this time to focus on the two most important people in the ceremony.

I am a qualified travel and adventure planner and have helped countless other gentle souls, enjoy magical elopements in over 43 different countries. Even though I have visited the crystal clear lakes of New Zealand, hiked the slopes of the Swiss Alps and trekked across the meadows of Sweden, to me, Germany will always have a place in my heart as one of the most pristine locations I could hope for.

There are mountains, beaches, forests and food that will thrill the mind and capture the heart. Rest assured that I will help you find that perfect spot for the elopement of your dreams.

Have you discovered my list of the top places to elope in Germany yet?

Germany Elopement Packages

Plan | Travel | Stay | Capture every moment

It all begins when you make that phone call and we get a chance to get to know each other a little more. You can take this time to share your vision of the best elopement in Germany and we will create a dream together. I will send you a list of the most exquisite locations I can think of and the various vendors that suit your vision the best. We can bounce our ideas and suggestions back and forth until you feel we have arrived at the perfect solution for your days there.

Elopement package in Germany - 3 days

Dragon – The ultimate 3-day package

Perfect for…

This is the Ultimate package for preparing for your magical days in paradise. You will find this is the perfect package for those looking to savor the sweetest and most touching side of Germany. I have found that those couples that are looking for a chance to get away from it all and spend time with each other enjoy this option the most. Take some time to focus on each other in the pristine surroundings while I work in the background to capture your blooming romance.

US$15 900 (includes food and accommodation)

Elopement package in Germany - 12 hours

Griffin – 12 hours

For those who enjoy taking long hikes and fully immersing in the natural surroundings, this is the ideal option. We will meet up in the morning before heading out on our trek. We will spend the day in a magical atmosphere before returning to your accommodations at your leisure. On the way, we will find a perfect place for you to say your vows.

US$8 000

Elopement package in Germany - 8 hours

Minotaur – 8 hours

We will meet up in the morning and travel to a dreamy location with plenty of time to drink in the majesty and beauty of your surroundings with plenty of time to relax before the ceremony. I will then capture all the magical moments as two enamored souls tie the knot.

US$7 300

Included with every elopement package:

Entire Planning of the Day

The first step will be making that important call and taking some time to get to know each other. We will work together to produce a plan for the most magical elopement in Germany. I will then send you a list of the most beautiful vendors and bucket-list locations that best suit the dream you have described. We will send ideas back and forth until we have found something we will both absolutely love.

A Complete Collection Of Your Photos

You will then receive a complete library of your entire elopement plan in a romantically assembled professional folder. Take as much time as you need to look over the specifics and fine tune your plan to perfection.

Upfront Pricing

Everything will be included in an accurate estimate that includes no unpleasant surprises or hidden fees.

Looking for an all-inclusive elopement package in Germany?

Germany ultimate all included elopement package

Discover the Puks package – 7 days of pure bliss

The only package that includes it all:
– your personal photographer and guide for 3 days + 4 days of self-discovery – includes the car rental!
– planning + custom itinerary
– officiant (symbolic OR legal ceremony)
– hair and makeup
– bridal bouquet
– 4-days auto-tour to discover the most amazing places in Germany – includes the car rental!
– accommodation in 3* hotels for 6 nights
– food for 7 days in selected restaurants
– airport transfers
Only add your plane tickets and relax!

US$24 500 – sit back and relax

Common questions about the elopement packages in Germany

Your guests are welcome to join you in your magical German elopement. I cordially invite you to share your plans so they know exactly where you will be staying. I only organize the couples accommodations and travel plans in my package, so they will have to handle their own booking. Which works well because they can come and go as they please.

Yes, and I will also be your personal driver to ensure no one takes a wrong turn.

This depends on you. Because this is your elopement you can choose the accommodations that best suit you. You can choose to stay in an AirBNB or the comfort of a luxury location. I will find a place nearby so I will always be on hand. You will have all the time you need to relax and enjoy your stay after our exciting outings. I may be in the same hotel, but will not be staying in the same room as you.

Certainly! I invite you to make the most of your trip. There is nothing you can’t do on your magical German elopement.

All the day trips and meals will be planned and booked by me and I will be there to take the exquisite photos to remember your entire trip. Activities that you choose to engage in are not part of my package, however.

It will be my task to follow you about and capture each magical moment. This could be when you are resting and relaxing by the pool or somewhere on a beautiful mountain side. I will be there every step of the way, unless you have chosen to take a day to relax and want some privacy and comfort.

I will take photos during the day or at night. There are many places where the stars add so much grandeur to the moment and my top-of-the-line photographic equipment will capture every moment. Just so you know, Germany has some of the most beautiful starry night skies.

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