Austria elopement packages

All inclusive elopement packages in Austria

All-Inclusive Elopement Packages in Austria

Hallo, Servus? It’s the Austrian way of saying hello, so get used to it as you prepare for your once-in-a-lifetime elopement in Austria!

Whatever is calling you to Austria, whether it’s the tranquil meadows, gorgeous mountains, or a quite remote Austrian village, do it! Why? Because Austria is the perfect destination—it’s tranquil, romantic, stunning, and the heart of European classic music.

If that doesn’t sell it, how about this?—Picture yourself visiting historic sites while listening to the calming sound of the sea in the background.

Or getting on a boat and exchanging vows while being encircled by the majestic mountains of Austria. What’s more, even if you’d like to say your vows in a temple, you can find one in Austria.

Whatever your perfect elopement in Austria is, we can do it together, you and I. It would my honor to walk this path with you and make your dream elopement come to life.

I’ll help you plan your entire Austria adventure; find the ideal, bucket list location, all while capturing your candid moments so it’s the most magical day for you.

Your adventure starts here…

Meet your Austria Elopement Photographer

amber, elopement photographer

Hi there, I’m Amber, your elopement photographer, and guide. I’m a nature-loving adventurer with a fearless spirit and a particular fondness for traveling. I have planned elopements in 43 different nations and I can tell you this: Nothing beats Austria!

Sure, the lakes in New Zealand are stunning, and so are the Swiss Alps… Don’t even get me started on gorgeous Sweden meadows! But you know what? There’s just something about Austria. It’s pristine, with a characteristic-rich beauty that is just unmatched!

Traveling and enjoying nature is my forte, but when love birds come into the picture, it’s a whole different ballgame! I’m a glorified introvert who enjoys capturing lovebirds, fully immersed in the beauty of nature while proclaiming their love to one another.

It’s my absolute favorite thing to do! I love documenting elopements for kindhearted people like you. Unlike weddings which can be daunting, trying to plan and host 100+ people, elopements give you the experience of your life. They are intimate, personal, stress-free, and affordable. They’re all about the two of your and your deep love for one another.

As a certified travel consultant, I will help you organize an adventurous elopement whether you’d like it on a mountain, beach, or temple. With so many options, I have no doubt that we’ll discover the perfect dreamy spot for your fantasy elopement.

Have you discovered my ultimate guide to elope in Austria yet?

Austria Elopement Packages

Plan | Travel | Stay | Capture every moment

So how do we go about it? It starts with you. After you schedule your first call, we’ll get to know one another. We’ll dream together as you share your vision for the elopement of your dreams in Austria. From here, I’ll then curate a list of perfect spots and vendors that will miraculously work for you. And don’t worry about revisiting your plans, we can go back and forth as often as you like—it’s your big day it needs to be perfect. Here are my package options.


What’s included in your elopement package in Austria

What exactly is included in EVERY elopement package I offer?

  • photographic reportage of your elopement adventure
  • A beautiful 40 pages, 12×12″, wooden photography album
  • 4-5 beautiful, natural and raw ceremony location options to choose from (based on what kind of scenery you envision for your day!)
  • Access to my concierge service to help you find the best vendors in Austria
  • A custom timeline of the day
  • Help with permits
  • My epic “how to elope” printed guide
  • A full gallery of beautiful edited photos ready to print and share with your family and friends
  • Tons of love and help every step of the way
  • 5 trees planted in a forest thanks to the Reforest’action program
  • 1% of the total of your package donated to a non-profit organization acting for the environment


Dragon – The ultimate 3-day elopement package in Austria – the Signature Zephyr & Luna experience

  • 3-day of epic road-trip around Austria (transportation included)
  • photographic reportage of your elopement adventure
  • Accommodation for 2 nights (in 3* or more hotels)
  • All your meals from the lunch on the first day to the lunch on the third day
  • Everything listed in the “it’s more than beautiful photos” section

The 3-day tour is an amazing road trip that will take you to some of Austria’s most breathtaking locations. If you’ve always wanted to visit some of Austria’s iconic spots and have it all captured, 3 days is a perfect amount of time.

On the first day, we usually head to the ceremony site while I take amazing engagement photos. On the second day, it’s now time to enjoy your entire elopement while I lay low while capturing your special moments.

Finally, on the third day, we’ll wrap things up with an epic day of post-wedding photos in your wedding attire. This is fantastic if you really want to elope in Austria and have pictures taken in your wedding clothes at various times and places!

Book this experience for USD 19.780

Griffin – 3 to 4 locations package

  • 3 to 4 locations of photographic reportage of your elopement adventure
  • Everything listed in the “it’s more than beautiful photos” section

We could also spare some time to include some emotional getting-ready pics as well as some stunning nighttime pictures (hello, milky way!). We could also divide the day in half and take some pictures at sunrise and others during sunset for two very different atmospheres.

Book this experience for USD 9.900

Minotaur – 1 to 2 locations elopement package

  • 1 to 2 llocations of photographic reportage of your elopement adventure
  • Everything listed in the “it’s more than beautiful photos” section

This one is for those who may not have the time, but believe they deserve to get married in their dream country, Austria. 1 to 2 locations are enough to capture the ceremony, the first glance, and a couple of other pictures. We could also throw in different pictures of a few different spots(including your ceremony location).

Book this experience for USD 9.300

make your elopement package in Austria all-inclusive

Include all the popular vendors you might need for your elopement, nothing more

  • A celebrant
  • A hair and makeup artist
  • A custom-made bouquet + boutonniere
+USD 4.750

Looking for a 2-in-1 honeymoon and elopement package in Austria?

Discover the all-inclusive Stollenwurm package – 7 days of pure bliss

How about the people that can afford to leave everything behind and enjoy a mini-vacation during their elopement? This one is for you!

If a day isn’t enough, and neither is 3, how about 7 days? This is an all-inclusive package that lets me plan everything for you from photography to vendors, lodging, and activities. All you need to do is buy your plane tickets.


  • 7-day of epic road-trip around Austria
  • 3-day photographic reportage of your elopement adventure
  • Accommodation for 6 nights (in 3* or more hotels)
  • All your meals from the lunch on the first day to the lunch on the seventh day
  • 4-5 beautiful, natural and raw ceremony location options to choose from (based on what kind of scenery you envision for your day!)
  • A custom timeline of the day + a custom printed itinerary for your adventure before or after your elopement (7-days total)
  • An officiant (for a symbolic or legal ceremony, you choose!)
  • A hair and makeup artist for your elopement day
  • A bridal bouquet
  • Car rental for your 4-day road-trip (when we’re not exploring together)
  • Airport transfers
  • Everything listed in the “it’s more than beautiful photos” section

Only add your plane ticket, sit back and relax

Book this peaceful experience for USD 29.850

Common questions about my elopement packages in Austria

It sure does! Visit my How to elope in Austria guide to get a handful of ideas!

One thing—relax, you’ll be fine. In actuality, if you didn’t ask this, I’d be shocked because almost all couples are concerned about it. I will ease you into it; I’m sure you’ve seen my work by this point and noticed that there’s not a single couple with an awkward smile or appears to be a deer in headlights. Having been in the photography industry for as long as I can remember, I’ve worked with people from all walks of life. I have also worked with people at all levels of comfort. So how do I do it? I use a very unobtrusive style; my main objective is to keep you two involved with each other as I capture the special moments of your elopement. Please believe me; I am an expert and know just how to do this.

A good question. Unfortunately, because of the nature of my work, I cannot offer full flexibility with dates. The good news is that I belong to the group of people that embraces what life has to offer! Whatever the day brings, we’ll welcome it with open hands and the finest piece of advice I can give is to urge you to follow suit. Your perfect day is not dependent on the sunset, it’s all about your ability to live large and be happy together. In all honesty, I also enjoy the rain because it produces some amazing pictures.

Both! Especially if your amazing setting is beneath a sky covered in stars! And you know what, the Austrian wilderness calls for some stunning night shots so add them to your bucket list!

Yes! You will receive not only a very thorough presentation to help you plan, but you will also receive my individualized advice catered to your needs. I understand that this phase can be very demanding, so let me lighten your load so you can concentrate on the enjoyable bits of your elopement.

The majority of my couples opt for a “Just us” event, but if having your closest family members present is important to you, I wholeheartedly support that! I accept elopements with 20 or fewer visitors.

I always strive to promote the idea that photography isn’t made by the equipment. However, let’s face it—it is crucial. That is why I employ professional tools like a Mavic air 2 drone for some unique angles, 2 Nikon D800 bodies, and high-quality lenses.

The legal process for getting married varies depending on where you are. Some states are more complex than others while some are a walk in the park. The simplest alternative, in my opinion, is to handle the paperwork at home and enjoy your elopement days without any stress. It’s just paperwork, that’s all there is to it. It’s until you read your vows on the day of your choice that you’re bound to each other—don’t stress the details.

Yes. One of the favorite perks about my job is this one. In my free time, I spend hours looking up fantastic and remote locations on google maps and exploring secret areas. You’ll also be glad to know that most of the couples I work with don’t even have a location in mind when they contact me. When you book with me, I’ll be more than pleased to give you access to all the geographical data I have and assist you in choosing a place that is ideal for you and yours.

Yes. I have extensive travel experience and continuously organize my own trips to different locations and nations. I conduct extensive research using Google and tools like google earth and guidebooks to assist identify the perfect spots for an adventurous day. I’m also a part of a few international networks of wedding service providers. As such, I can assist in locating other fantastic artists such as hair and makeup artists, florists, officiants, and any other vendors required. I’ve actually organized uncountable weddings from a distance and am confident in my ability to organize an elopement in a new location that’s as equally stunning as a location I’ve photographed numerous times before.

Although everything seems to be in a state of flux right now, I will try my best to make sure that photography won’t add to your anxiety. Although deposits are generally non-refundable, I promise to work with you to find a solution that works for both of us so that you can still have a lovely elopement day. I am certain that we can come up with a solution that works for everyone since I have a year’s worth of experience resolving covid-related issues, whether that means restructuring, rescheduling, planning a portrait session, or a mix of all!

I typically don’t book weddings and elopements more than 18 months in advance because my travel schedule and pricing structure are always changing. I normally reserve elopements 2-12 months in advance. Even then, if you’re going to elope within the next few weeks, get in touch because I like to leave time in my schedule for last-minute elopements as well. Perhaps I can reserve a spot, particularly for you!

It all depends on the session and time. Larger weddings can have as many as 400–800 images, while elopements can have 200–400 photos. Couples’ sessions average about 100 photos. I prioritize quality over quantity, so I’ll only send you the very best images from your special day.

Your images will be delivered to you in an online gallery where you can choose to get framed prints, announcements, and other products of high quality from my affiliated laboratories. To ensure that your images print precisely and beautifully, I normally test my prints and colors on these printers. I also sell archival heirloom albums. If you’d like to go with one of these, you’ll simply choose your preferred photos, and I’ll create a layout for you. For more information on albums, feel free to email me! Kindly note that you’re not obligated to use my lab if you prefer one in your neighborhood. You own all personal printing rights!

Still have questions? I have answers!