All Inclusive elopement packages in France – Provence, Paris, south of France

All inclusive France elopement packages – Provence, Paris and the South of France

All Inclusive Elopement Packages in France

Welcome to your once in a lifetime French elopement!

Whether it’s the mountains, the quaint villages, the French Riviera or the bustling city of Paris…

France is your perfect destination to elope. Just imagine wandering through medieval streets, with mountains or a pristine sea in the background. Or hopping on mountain lifts to say your vows, surrounded by the towering Alps mountains. I do’s beside an instinct volcano? It can happen!

I would be so honored to make a reality of your once in a lifetime elopement! To explore your ideal bucket list location, make sure to capture your memorable moments, and have a comprehensive plan for your adventure in France. I want both of you to remember it as your most magical day!

Meet Your Elopement Photographer

Hi, I’m Amber!

Your Photographer + Guide

amber, elopement photographer

I’m a nature-lover, adventurer, and self-declared introvert.

Honestly, my favorite thing in the whole universe is capturing elopements for lovely souls like yours. It is a full experience, not the hassle of getting a large ballroom, finicking with detailed decorations, and entertaining 100+ guests. Rather, the attention comes back to you two, and the soulful love you have each other.

I’m a professional travel planner who has assisted many gentle soul couples, across 43 countries, in planning adventure elopements. I’ve hiked traveled across Sweden’s meadows, New Zealand’s crystal clear lakes, and even the top of the Swiss Alps. However, France is among the most pristine destinations to me – with beaches, jungles, volcanoes! Since there are numerous options available, we’ll locate your dream, untouched destination for your ideal elopement.

Mountains, medieval villages, pristine beaches, cliffs and even volcanoes! With so many options, I just know we’ll find your dream, untouched location for your perfect elopement. 

Have you discovered my Ultimate Guide to elope in France yet?

France Elopement Packages

Plan | Travel | Stay | Capture every moment

The first thing is booking your call so we can get to know one another. You’ll share all your visions for your elopement in France, and we dream together! Usually, I’ll send you an all-inclusive list comprising bucket list vendors and destinations that perfectly suit you. We’ll also bounce back as much as you want us to until we create your magical day(s).

France elopement packages - 3 days

Dragon – The ultimate 3-day package

Would you love to get hitched in paradise? This is the ultimate getaway.

Perfect for…

Generally speaking, this is one of the sweetest elopement packages in France. I think that most couples who select this elopement package need some private time before we begin the official adventure elopement. Perhaps they are visiting from the nearby USA and don’t have jet lag. Enjoy your quality time together, from the noisy world, as I capture each of your loved up moment!

$8 300 (includes food and accommodation for the couple)

France elopement packages - 12 hours

Griffin – 12 hours

Ideal for relatively longer hikes; we’ll meet in the morning, go to your dreamy location in France, and hike provided your destination is only accessible by foot. Probably, we could arrive at sunrise or maybe ’til dusk… Then return to your particular wedding night accommodation for the spectacular moody captures.

$3 900

France elopement packages - 8 hours

Minotaur – 8 hours

In the morning, we’ll meet and travel to your dreamy location in France, take enough time to explore around and relax before the ceremony begins. I’ll then capture every magical moment after tying the knot.

$3 200

France elopement packages - 5 hours

Salamander – 5 hours

In the afternoon of your elopement, we’ll meet and travel to your dreamy destination in France. I’ll well-capture your wedding’s leadup until the moment you actually say “I do.”

$2 600

Engagement photoshoot in France

Couple photoshoot (not suitable for weddings or elopements)

Not getting married quite yet, and looking for a memorable experience on your holiday together? A couple photoshoot is the perfect option for you! We’ll choose the place together and we’ll visit around while taking beautiful heirloom photos of your couple simply enjoying the beauty of France. These can take place anywhere in France!

$1800 for 3 hours, $1500 for 1 hour

Included with every elopement package:

Entire Planning of the Day

The first thing is booking your call so we can get to know one another. You’ll share all your elopement visions and dream together. Usually, I’ll send you an all-inclusive list of bucket list vendors and destinations that perfectly suit you. We’ll also bounce back and forth as much as you want us to ’til we create your ideal wedding day. Generally, this includes your vendors and travel.

Every Photo in Your Hands

You will get a full library of your whole adventure presented in an actual folder that you can download, share, and even relive!

No Bill Shock

Your final quote amount covers everything; so, there will be no hidden charges from the final itinerary that you get!

Some common questions about eloping in France

Bonne question ! It means “Good Question” in French. Take a wander over to this list of the best places to inspire your French elopement.

Undoubtedly, your family and friends are most welcome to participate in your elopement. It would also be best to share your specific itinerary with them so that they’ll be aware of where you’re staying. As part of my service, I only organize the couple’s travel and accommodation, so guests will have to schedule themselves. This will help your loved ones to come and go at a convenient time. Meanwhile, you can travel around the beautiful islands.

YES! I will be your personal driver, and we will never get lost!

It will entirely depend on what you want. Remember, it is your elopement! In case you are staying in a luxurious hotel or Airbnb, I can stay nearby but in a different location. It will allow you a quiet place to relax after our days exploring. In case you choose a holiday rental, I could stay in that same hotel, but I will never share the room with the couple!

All meals are usually planned as part of your full itinerary. On the go, we could eat together. This also applies for long hikes to your dream locations. What’s more, I’ll buy your breakfast from local grocers so that you can cook and eat anything, especially if you’re staying in a hotel or Airbnb that does not include breakfast. Certain restaurant meals are listed in your itinerary (since I’m an experienced travel planner, I know all the amazing places!). However, if our days together ends by 6 pm, I’ll allow you two lovebirds to have dinner together. Honestly speaking, all my couples insisted that I share all meals with them since the chat never ends! The choice is still yours.

Yes, every meal and day trip to take photos is included. Activities are, however, not included in my packages. In my experience, I have seen some couples spend some extra days aside their elopement to enjoy leisurely activities – we include all the sight-seeing.

Undoubtedly, capturing your candid moments is my number one priority – regardless if it’s on top of a majestic mountain or simply by the pool. Mostly, I will be with you all the time unless we schedule a day to relax and explore anything you have in mind. Aside from that, I’ll be there capturing it all for you!

Both! Especially if your desired destination is under a star-spilled sky! Interesting fact: The wilderness is perfect for some magic shots.

Of course! Dream Big! I can promise you nothing is off the limits with your elopement in France. We will make it happen!

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