The ultimate guide to elope in Tuscany – tips and ideas for an adventure elopement in Tuscany

Tuscany is a region in central Italy, whose diverse landscape is home to mountains, beaches, olive groves, and vineyards. Tuscany is best known for its capital city, Florence, which features the world’s most iconic art pieces from the Renaissance.

The idyllic countryside and picturesque villages make Tuscany the perfect place for a peaceful yet adventurous elopement. If you want to elope in Tuscany and love the idea of starting your day with a hike through the mountains and ending the night sipping local wine, keep reading! This guide will tell you everything you need to know to elope in Tuscany.

what is an elopement

First, let’s be sure we’re talking about the same thing:

1) What is an elopement?

The meaning of the word “elopement” has changed a lot over the years. It’s gone from a quick, rushed ceremony to an epic adventure that lasts all day – or even more! Eloping means that you get to decide what matters to you, and leave behind everything that doesn’t. Your wedding day should be the best day of your life, not something you do to please everyone else. So whether you want to bring your closest friends to Tuscany and spend the day on the beach, or say your vows just the two of you on a mountaintop, anything is possible when you elope!

How to legally elope in Tuscany

2) How to Legally Elope in Tuscany

You don’t need to live in Italy to elope in Tuscany, but if you’re travelling internationally, many couples choose to do the paperwork at home ahead of time so that they can spend the elopement day focusing on the fun part!

To get married in Italy, you will need to bring your passports and birth certificates, and schedule an appointment at the Marriage Office in the town or city in which your ceremony will take place. If you don’t speak Italian, make sure to bring a translator as well! You will receive a marriage certificate to be signed during your ceremony, which requires two witness signatures as well. If you aren’t planning on inviting any guests, your photographer and any other vendors can serve as witnesses!

3) Why Elope in Tuscany?

Why elope in Tuscany

Gorgeous Landscapes

In Tuscany, you can elope amongst the mountains, natural hot springs, or on the beach, and then spend the evening of your elopement day exploring the bustling Florence, or one of the quaint villages. No matter what, you’ll find a stunning backdrop for your Tuscany elopement!

Local Cuisine

Need I say more? Pastas, soups, bread, and other Italian dishes taste even better in Italy! With local ingredients and artisan chefs all around Tuscany, you’ll be well fed during your stay, and you’ll want to try every delicious local winery! In fact, Tuscany is one of the world’s most famous destinations for wine.

Cultural Treasures

All over Tuscany, you can find historic and cultural remnants of the civilizations that lived there before. You can explore art museums, marvel at meticulously carved sculptures, and take in the history of this thousand-year-old country.

4) Where to Elope in Tuscany

Whether you want to elope amongst the mountains or in the rolling fields, you’ll find your elopement location in Tuscany! Here are a few to get you inspired.

Where to elope in Tuscany - the Apuan Alps

Apuan Alps

This stunning granite mountain range is located entirely in Tuscany! You’ll have miles of hiking trails to choose from and caves to explore. Elope in the mountains at sunset, and you’ll be treated with a breathtaking view of the sky as it erupts in different shades or orange over the mountain peaks.

Where to elope in Tuscany - Mugello Valley

Mugello Valley

The Mugello Valley is close to Florence, and makes the perfect place to elope in Tuscany. The lush green valley is covered in trees and greenery, and provides a gateway to the Lake of Bilancino. There are even picnic tables around, perfect for cake cutting after the ceremony!

Where to elope in Tuscany - Elba Island

Elba Island

This island is trendy yet laid back, and offers one of the most relaxing stays in Tuscany. The crystal clear water could rival that of the Caribbean Sea, and the white sand beaches are perfect for an elopement ceremony. The beaches are bordered by bustling towns, quiet villas, and historic ruins, all of which you could explore for days!

Where to elope in Tuscany - Monte Capanne

Monte Capanne

The tallest mountain on Elba Island offers a hike up to the 3,343 foot summit, or a cable car for those who want to relax and enjoy the views on the way up. At the summit, you’ll be greeted with a bird’s eye view of Italy’s mainland, as well as the surrounding islands!

Where to elope in Tuscany - Giglio Island

Giglio Island

On this island, you can explore beaches, ancient castles, and picturesque villages. It’s the perfect place to elope in Tuscany for couples who love the ocean (whether you take a dip or just admire from the beach), and those who love to hike!

5) When to Elope in Tuscany

Before you decide on a date for your Tuscany elopement, let’s talk about the weather!

Summer elopement in Tuscany


Summer is Tuscany’s busiest season. While it is gorgeous, unless you plan to go swimming, the temperatures can be difficult to handle during the day, as it gets very hot. The sun shines all day, making hikes and other outdoor activities more difficult!

Fall elopement in Tuscany


Fall is a tranquil time in Tuscany, as visitors depart and temperatures drop to comfortable levels. You’ll also get to enjoy the fall foliage all over, and even take part in a harvesting festival as the vineyards harvest their grapes!

Winter elopement in Tuscany


Winters in Tuscany are gloomy. Temperatures drop, and most days see rainfall and sometimes flurries of snow. While the weather isn’t ideal, if you’re willing to brave the elements on your elopement day, you will run into a lot less tourists!

Spring elopement in Tuscany


Spring is the perfect time to elope in Tuscany! The weather is warm but mild, and all the restaurants and hotels begin to reopen after the cold winter. Most visitors flock to Tuscany in the summer, so if you elope in the spring, you’ll get to enjoy these locations with much more privacy!

6) How Much Does it Cost to Elope in Tuscany?

High-end elopement

Travel to and from Tuscany: $1.000 
Five nights in high-end accommodation: $1.800 
Elopement photographer: $7.000 
Private chef or full board: $2.000 
Officiant: $1.000 
Florist: $500 
Rentals: $500 
Wedding dress and accessories: $4.000 
Suit and accessories: $1.000 
Total for a high-end elopement in Tuscany: $18.800

Budget elopement

Travel to and from Tuscany: $1.000 
Five nights in an Airbnb: $800 
Elopement photographer: $7.000 
Food: $600
Officiant: $500 
Florist: $300 
Wedding dress and accessories: $2.000 
Suit and accessories: $400 
Total for a budget elopement in Tuscany: $12.600

Avoid the stress, family drama and financial chaos that comes with traditional weddings. Surrender to a “just us” adventure elopement instead.

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7) What to Wear

When it comes to eloping, you’ll need to think about how much adventuring you’ll be doing. Make sure your attire lets you sit down, walk around, and move freely! If you’re uncomfortable all day, your photos will show it, and your experience will be dampened by the discomfort – so break in your attire and your shows beforehand!

What to wear for an elopement in Tuscany - the dress

The Dress

If you elope in the summer, opt for a lightweight dress, with fabrics such as chiffon or tulle. In the fall or spring, you may want to add a cape or shawl to keep warm in the evenings and mornings when temperatures drop, but layers are perfect as you can remove them when it gets warm during the day!

Mermaid style dresses are beautiful, but they’re notoriously hard to move around in. Opt for princess cut or A line dresses, and keep the skirt flowy!

What to wear for an elopement in Tuscany - the suit

The Suit

If you elope in the summer, a jacket will be heavy and hot! But in the fall and spring, layers are perfect for cooler mornings and evenings, as well as the days where it’s warmer. A button up shirt and dress pants are perfect, but bring a jacket to carry with you!

What to wear for an elopement in Tuscany - the shoes

The Shoes

For an adventure elopement, hiking boots are best – unless you’re eloping on the beach, in which case I recommend sandals or even no shoes at all! No matter what, make sure to break in your shoes before the elopement day – there’s nothing worse than blisters!

8) Elope in Tuscany – Your Checklist

Choose a Location

As an elopement photographer, a big part of my job is to help couples find the perfect place to say their vows. As a travel planner, I’m ready to go with all the best secret spots! Once you’ve decided to elope in Tuscany, don’t hesitate to get in touch for planning assistance.

Pick a date

After you’ve done some research on the weather and crowds in Tuscany, choose a date to elope

Learn About Travel Visas

No visas required to elope in Tuscany, so just make sure your passports are up to date!

Book Flights and Accommodation

Whether you want to stay in a quaint Airbnb or a luxury resort, I recommend shopping for flights and accommodation early! Especially in the summer, they book up fast!

Book Your Vendors

Hiring elopement vendors is one of the best things you can do for your elopement day. You should be focusing on having fun and getting married, not worrying about everything going according to plan! Reach out to your vendors as soon as possible – it’s never too early to inquire!

Elope in Your Dream Location!

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How to elope in Tuscany - the ultimate guide

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