Hi Amber!
      So we finally discovered the full gallery and it is absolutely magnificent!
      Your photos are amazing, you knew how to capture moments very rich in emotions for us and our loved ones. These pictures will be the memory of this day we will always remember, and what a treat to have such a beautiful “trace” of this moment. We will be happy and proud to share these pictures with our family and to relive our wedding through those images.
      We also had lots of pleasure and emotions when we discovered the gallery. It was amazing, and will still be every time we look at them! Thank you so much for this amazing work, we are so happy!
      I also thank you once again for your kindness and softness during those two days. Your presence was soothing and we really liked the photo session with you, it was like a parenthesis during this day when we had time for just us, and we both loved it (and the light was amazing, the pictures are epic!).
      Thank you so much!
      Paule & Vincent

      We do not know where to start so much we are dazzled by all your work.
      When we look at our photos we feel each emotion, we relive each memory and above all we find the authenticity of each of the people we love…
      You have gone beyond our expectations.
      A clue on your site makes me say that you particularly appreciate the sublime story Alice in Wonderland. So to make you understand our gratitude I will refer to this beautiful story from our childhood…
      At the time of discovering the photos, like Alice we are on the edge of a chasm having no idea of ​​the expedition that awaits us…So we drop our hearts light and we twirl around with feelings that subjugate us. Taking our minds little by little we touch the ground and we let ourselves be guided by the clues that you give us.
      To look at each page of our history is to wander in a familiar and at the same time very mysterious garden that you have been able to magnify to perfection.
      Your Amber presence reminds me of that of this dear cat … Of a foolproof discretion…You disappear, reappear always smiling and with good advice.
      Like Lewis Carroll and his famous hatter, you know how to translate the little madness that is in the eyes of each individual.
      And when the end of the photos arrives, we wake up from a wonderful dream keeping in us a soft nostalgia and an intense happiness.
      Amber, I hope with these few words to have made you understand how fabulous your work has been. We are very grateful to you for giving us such magical memories.
      We thank you with all our heart…
      Julie and Kevin

      Hi Ambre!!

      Thank you so much for the photos! We spent the last two days looking at them and what an amazing feeling and experience it is, to get to go through it all again in pictures 🙂
      There are some truly incredible ones, especially from our photoshoot on the day, but also from Lokrum on the stone and on the boat…not to mention really good situational photos from the terrace!! 🙂
      We have been spending the last few weeks just being totally in awe over our photos – and showed them to my parents, as the only ones so far!! 🙂
      The package was such a pleasure to receive, and I have attached a photo from my instagram for you too see!
      We are REALLY happy with the results, both from the D-day but also the day after…. The boat pictures really are special…
      Sepideh & Mirza
      Hi Ambre,
      Wow what a wonderful, wonderful video/photos you made for us!!! You are just brilliant! I love it!!!! Thank you so much for that amazing surprise for us!!! It’s quite emotional wAtching it and the friends and family i sent it to felt emotional watching it, and they all loved it!!!
      Thank you sooo much Ambre!!!
      We love your work!! Thank you so much for capturing our magical moments!!!
      We cant wait for the rest of it!!!
      Love and lots of hugs,
      Farrah & Tim


      We feel so fortunate to have found you and had you as our wedding photographer! What good fortune to find a photographer who speaks fluent English for our bilingual wedding in Auvergne!

      We absolutely LOVE the photos (and we were very impressed with how quickly you had them ready for us to view online after the big day)! We had high expectations, based on the pictures from your website, but when we saw the results, our expectations were certainly exceeded. You have a true talent when it comes to capturing those tender moments, not just between the bride and groom, but of the guests as well. Your photos truly capture the emotions and happiness of the day.

      And the video you prepared for us…WOW. It was so unexpected and amazing. I (Laura) still cry every time I watch it! I know that I will watch it again and again for years to come. Thank you also for your flexibility with our scheduling on the wedding day and accommodating our last minute time change. It was so wonderful to have you and Fanny there all the way through the dinner – the pictures you took with the sparklers are some of our favorites!

      Gros bisous from Seattle, USA!

      Laura & Yvan

      Amber … where to start to describe and thank you … Amber is a just perfect person, incredible kindness and generosity. During the long months of preparation, you knew how to be available at every moment when we needed it, thank you a thousand times for all these emails and all these words which reassure and allow us to move forward serenely …. THANK YOU !!!! ! Regarding D-Day … you were perfect too (yes I don’t know what to say others ….). Your presence is really very nice, thank you for your smile and your discretion throughout this day. Preparations for the cake, you knew how to make yourself forgotten and that is not nothing for me … Amber, we do not see it but she knows how to capture all these magical moments of the day naturally … I do not know not how you do to see so many things on the same scene …. What a joy it was when we discovered our photos … they are just beautiful from start to finish … they retrace exactly the day that we we lived and also allow us to discover lots of little things that we had not seen … thank you a thousand times for everything, everyone loved the photos. The couple photos are just gorgeous, the light, the emotion, the place you chose … everything is perfect. The most beautiful I think is that we reyrove perfectly in all these shots … you capture the authenticity of people and that’s magic … In short I would still have so much to say about you … we are so happy to have had you by our side for this very important day. Thank you for all the happiness you bring through your photos, I think you can not imagine what it feels to look at them (once, twice, three times … we never get tired of it !!! ). So if you are passing by and you are looking for your photographer for your wedding, look no further, you have found it! Amber is simply perfect, both professionally and humanly. She knew how to give me a taste for photos, I who hated being photographed more than anything … Amber, I believe that words will never be enough to describe you and tell you how much we are grateful to you … I believe this one will sum up my feeling: THANK YOU! <3

      Chloe & Robin

      I’m not sure if in the chaos of last year we ever got the chance to fully thank you for the magical moments you captured for our wedding.  Your talents really are spectacular!  Every person that has seen the pictures has commented on how amazing they are and how you’ve managed to capture so many happy faces and give us a true representation of what was one of the best experiences of our lives.  We are especially cherish the photographs on the Tour de Brison, just wow!
      When the package arrived with our photos again, we were blown away by your attention to detail, what a lovely surprise you gave us!
      From the bottom our our hearts thank you, for sharing our day and capturing the magic, your a star!
      All our love
      Ray & Johnny

      Hello Amber, This little word for a VERY VERY VERY VERY BIG THANKS !!!! You were able to capture the most precious moments of our marriage, understand us and respond to our desires, without needing to say a word. Through your photos we can relive all the love and emotion of this very beautiful day and also of Trash the dress. We never tire of looking at your photos over and over again … And let’s keep a very nice memory of the session at the Gorges de la Monne (we hope you too, sorry for the improvised hike :-)) We are happy to to have been able to count on you. It’s reassuring to have you by our side during the preparations, on D-Day and even after 🙂 You are always available and listening to us and you know how to reassure us, that’s all that a future bride needs. stress !!! The only regret that we have is that this adventure is over with you. We will be very happy to call on you for other beautiful moments of our life !!! Many thanks to Amber for this beautiful meeting …

      Mary & Richard

      Hi Amber,

      We looked at the photos for hours yesterday, they are so beautiful!
      We wanted to thank you for the quality of your work, you were able to transcribe each emotion.
      Your report allows us to relive this wonderful day, we are too happy!

      Thank you so much,
      Lucie & Rafael

      Amber! We just received the pictures and no, you are a magician, a gifted! We were jumping all over with each shot! Everything is absolutely incredible. It is beyond everything. We retraced the whole session as the photos went by. It’s sublime, perfect! We will have to tell you this verbally! Thank you for everything!!!!!!!!!
      It’s been at least 4 times that we look at everything! We are so happy! You managed to prolong our happiness. We have taken on a hell of a dose of emotion! Your photos are timeless, but are also so deeply rooted in the present! We feel the movement, the emotions at the moment, … and that’s why we will never be tires of admiring them! It’s magic, really. Our union lives for eternity with your photos… and we share the memories of this day together. Thank you !
      Elodie & Dean

      Amber, I don’t know how to thank you, I’m so happy I have tears in my eyes. Your pictures are gorgeous, they are like I expected them to be and even better. Thank you to the moon and back for immortalizing this moment of intense and inconditionnal love.
      I should call you to thank you but I’m so emotional that you would have not understood a word!
      Thank you a thousand times, you fill me with happiness.

      Marine & Etienne

      AMBRE! We are crying! So incredibly beautiful! You are so talented! Thank you a million times! These are better and more emotional than we could ever have imagined! Wow!? You captured every important and beautiful moment! Thank you so much!!

      Inger-Merethe & Fredrik