All inclusive Tuscany elopement packages

All inclusive Tuscany elopement packages

Everything You Need In Your Tuscany Elopement Packages

You have found the Tuscany elopement package of your dreams!

Imagine strolling through the gorgeous Tuscan hills with the sound of the sea whispering in the background, or enjoying a lovely walk along the charming roads. Tuscany presents the perfect elopement destination for you and your beloved. Have you ever dreamed about exchanging your vows with the majestic Tuscan mountains as your witnesses? Your dream can come true!

I am here to turn your dream of your magical Tuscan elopement into reality! I can help you find the best locations and be there to capture those beautiful moments as you and your loved one embark on this extraordinary journey together.

Your adventure starts here…

Hello, I’m Amber, your dedicated photographer and guide for your extraordinary adventure.

amber, elopement photographer

I truly have the best job in the world in helping beautiful couples like you capture magical memories of their elopement. Forget about the stress of renting a fancy banquet room or catering to the demands of a huge guest list. This day is about the both of you and the love that you share with each other. I have planned numerous elopement adventures for couples in over 43 countries. I have gone to the most amazing places like the pristine lakes in New Zealand to the highest mountains in the Swiss Alps. Among these places I’ve been, I consider Tuscany to be one of the most beautiful destinations for an elopement. The beautiful beaches and islands are pristine and private, absolutely perfect for your elopement.

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Packages For Your Elopement in Tuscany

Plan | Travel | Stay | Capture every moment

Start by scheduling a phone consultation with me so we can chat and get acquainted. I want to learn all about your dreams and how you envision your elopement in Tuscany to be like. As we exchange ideas on what your elopement adventure will look like, I will make a list of the best service providers and locations that will fit your requirements. You can review the list, make changes, and we can discuss further until we create the perfect elopement experience for you.

Elopement package in Tuscany - 3 days

Dragon – The ultimate 3-day package

This is perfect if you want to experience the magic of Tuscany before your official elopement.

Perfect for…

You have extra time to explore the countryside with just the two of you, and with me capturing all the beautiful memories. A lot of couples like this package because they get to relax and enjoy at a more casual pace.

$14 400

Elopement package in Tuscany - 12 hours

Griffin – 12 hours

If you like long hikes, this is for you! On the morning of your elopement, we will meet before we proceed to your destination. We will hike to the location where you will have your ceremony. After that, we return to your lodgings.

$7 200

Elopement package in Tuscany - 8 hours

Minotaur – 8 hours

We will meet in the morning of your elopement then go to the location together. Before the ceremony, you will have a chance to take a short stroll and relax. After you exchange your vows, I will capture all the lovely memories.

$6 600

Elopement package in Tuscany - 5 hours

Salamander – 5 hours

You spend the morning on your own and meet me in the afternoon when I will take you to your perfect Tuscany location. I am there to capture all the magic and excitement leading up to your ceremony.

$5 900

Every package will include the following:

A Complete Plan Of Your Special Day

It starts with our phone consultation where we will get acquainted and discuss how you envision your perfect Tuscany elopement to look like. I will customize a list of the best locations and service providers, including travel plans, that will meet your needs. We will talk about ideas for as long as it takes in order to come up with a perfect plan for an unforgettable wedding day.dreams come true!

A Comprehensive Photo Package

I will create a professional folder of all the photos that I will take of your beautiful adventure. You can download this library, share with family and friends, and relive those moments whenever your hearts desire.

Upfront Pricing

Your final estimate will include everything in your package. There will not be any hidden charges that you will not know about.

Common questions about the elopement packages in Tuscany

Don’t worry, I can help! Take a look at my list of some of my personal favorite choices for elopement locations in Tuscany.

Your guests are certainly welcome to attend your elopement ceremony! Your package includes travel and lodging arrangements for you and your partner only, so your guests need to make their own arrangements. We suggest that you inform them of your itinerary so they can locate you. They can meet up with you at their convenience, and you can have more flexibility in spending more private time with each other.

Yes, in fact I will be driving you, so no worries about getting lost!

That depends on what you prefer. If you are staying a high-end hotel or AirBnB, I will most likely stay at a nearby location. You can enjoy the amenities and relax after a day of exploration. If you are at a holiday rental, I will probably stay in a different room in the same hotel.

Your package does include meals! During a day of traveling or hiking, I will bring along meals suitable for a picnic. If your accommodations does not include breakfast, I can bring over breakfast items from the local market so you can prepare your own breakfast. Your itinery will also include some meals from some of the best local restaurants. After 6pm, dinner will be on your own unless you prefer that we dine together. The choice is totally up to what you want.

Yes. Your package includes day trips for photo sessions, sightseeing, and meals. Many couples like to spend extra days in Tuscany before and after the ceremony just to relax and have fun. However, activities are not part of the package.

Taking photos of those special, candid moments during your Tuscany adventure is my main job. So, I do plan to be with you everyday to record those precious moments in your adventure, along those long hikes or lounging around by the pool. However, if you want to spend some time alone to relax and explore the region on your own, we can certainly plan to have a day off from photography. The days are yours to customize to fit whatever you and your loved one feel like doing.

Yes, I do both! The night sky over Tuscany is decorated with glittering stars that take your breath away. These make for some of the most magical shots.

You bet you can! Be creative and do not limit your dreams! Want to exchange your vows at the highest peak overlooking Tuscany, it can happen! This is your once in a lifetime adventure with the one you love, so make it truly unforgettable.

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