Adventure elopements across the world – the top 15+ most amazing bucket list ideas

Best adventure elopement ideas

Are you looking for an amazing, off the beaten path idea for your adventure elopement? You’re not afraid to totally ditch the classic wedding and are willing to go all in into the whole wanderlust that comes with planning an amazing, off the grid elopement? Then, I created this list just for you.

As an adventure lover myself, I often found myself dreaming about the perfect bucket list items, and where I would personnaly like to elope one day. So this list was made with all my heart, ideas and love so you could also cross some items off your bucket list while travelling for your elopement.

Being an adventure elopement photographer and planner is the best way to discover new places every month, so here is the ultimate list of the best adventures you can take in the world while exchanging your vows. And if you’re looking for a planner and photographer to immortalize it all, you can contact me!

1) Hike the Nakasendo Trail on your adventure elopement

Located in Japan, this ancient trail was created as a walking path between Tokyo and Kyoto. Nowadays, it is a beautiful, easy hike between little peaceful towns that kept their ancient vibe. It is best to hike between Magome and Tsumago (and not the other way around) as the hike will go up a mountain and will end with a simple walk down (much easier). You can also stretch your hike to the town of Nagiso, which is as beautiful as the most travelled path and way less touristic. For your adventure elopement, this is an amazing way to discover the beauty of Japanese culture and to exchange your vows on one of the little mountains nearby! And while you’re at it, try to stay at a tradition ryokan!

Nakasendo trail for a Japanese elopement

2) Discover nature on the Transsiberian

This mythical train crosses the whole northern part of Russia, passing by Mongolia and ending in China. It is an adventure in itself to take the train, as the whole ride will take you no less than 6 full days to go from Moscow to Vladivostok. But it is totally worth your while. You will be able to stop in different towns in Russia, Mongolia and China and discover the beauty of Lake Baikal, the culture of Oulan-Bator and the beauty of the pacific ocean in Vladivostok. If you’re looking for an adventure elopement, you will find everything there to fill your wanderlust. Exchanging your vows by the Lake Baikal? You can do it! Sleeping under the northern lights in a pine forest? You bet! Saying your vows overlooking the bustling city of Oulan Bator? Yes! And even riding a horse in the Mongolian desert to find a special spot for your elopement is possible! You can also stretch your travel and take a ferry from Vladivostok to Japan!

Adventure elopement on the transsiberian and the lake baikal

3) Spend a crazy week at Burning Man for a one-of-a-kind adventure elopement

Burning Man is a huge gathering that happens every year in the Black Rock desert in Nevada. It is not considered a festival, but rather the meeting of a community in a temporary city. This huge event is perfect for art lovers and party goers. During these 9 days, concerts, hapennings, art exhibitions and gatherings happen everywhere in the “city”, that temporarily becomes one of the most populated cities in Nevada. Everyone is welcome at Burning Man, which is a radically inclusive event. Your adventure elopement would truly be out of this world at this event.

Adventure elopement idea - burning man

4) Watch the northern lights on the Lofoten Islands in Norway

There are a lot of places where you can watch the northern lights on earth, but the Lofotens are, by far, one of the most magical and unique place to do so. It is home of numerous hikes to different places ranging from mountain peaks all the way to sandy beaches. And during the night, its sky lights up to let the northern lights speak to their admirers. It is one of the most perfect places on earth to plan your adventure elopement!

Adventure elopement idea - northern lights in lofoten

5) Hike the Milford track in New Zealand on your adventure elopement

There is a very special place on earth, one that speaks magic to many souls, mixing both alpine landscapes and rainforests, snowy peaks and tropical beaches. New Zealand is home to many amazing places, and the Milford Track is one good way to see its variety. You can hike on this track for 3 days straight in order to do its 33 miles, and encouter alpine passes, rainforests and end up at the peaceful Milford Sound, where you can watch whales and relax. An adventure elopement here would be an amazing way to exchange your vows on one of the New Zealand’s mountains.

Adventure elopement in New zealand's miulford track

6) Discover the frigid beauty of Antarctica – a true off-the-beaten-path adventure elopement

This huge continent situated at the southern pole actually hosts some of the most varied ecosystems. Birds, fishes and marine mammals all live in peace in this glacial territory filled with icebergs and noisy beaches. The whole trip to get there is worth the hassle, as boats don’t come around very often. The best way to get there is to go to Patagonia (and hike around while you’re at it!) and hop on a boat to Antarctica once you’re there. But it’s totally worth the hassle, as not many couples had an adventure elopement in Antarctica!

Antractica adventure elopement

7) Discover Turkey’s Cappadocia surrounded by hot air balloons

In Turkey, the Cappadocia region is well known for its hot air balooning opportunities. This region is very beautiful by itself, but when the sun rises, hundreds of hot air baloons fly in the sky, creating a surreal atmosphere perfect to exchange your vows.

Cappadocia elopement in Turkey

8) Hike on the Great Wall of China

If you’re dreaming of an centuries-old construction built in magnificent nature, surrounded by smoky mountains and deep forests, then the Great Wall of China is THE BEST place for your adventure elopement. Some parts are very well renovated, but they are also the most touristic ones. Once you try to go off the beaten path (ha!) and try some other parts of the wall, you might encounter very few people – or nobody at all. Gubeikou is a great starting point as it is deep in the mountains and surrounded by ancient villages and relics. The great wall at Simatai is also a beautiful part of the wall, uniquely designed and going through steep mountain ridges. Some guiding tours will help you find the best portion of the wall for your adventure elopement!

The great wall of China - an amazing adventure elopement idea

9) Trek to Macchu Picchu in Peru

The Macchu Picchu is widely known worldwide, as it is one of the best preserved Inca cities in the world. The trek to get to the site is also worth doing, as it goes through ancient forests and beautiful valleys, all the way up to 2 438m high. For an adventure elopement, pick a spot that over looks the ruins and exchange your vows at sunrise or sunset for the most vibrant and mystical experience!

Macchu Picchu adventure elopement in Peru

10) Take in some mystery on the Easter Island

The Easter island is by far one of the most beautiful mystery there is in the world. The giant “heads” standing on the ground are viewed as amazing and magical vestiges from the past, and you can hike around the island to find YOUR spot to exchange your vows on your elopement.

Adventure elopement idea: trek on the Easter Island

11) Drive through Bavaria and the Black Forest

If you like ancient castles and deep forests that seem to come from fairytales, then Germany is the place for your adventure elopement. This little corner of Germany has inspired many writers, and still does nowadays. You will find many castles while driving on the “Romantic Road” that stretches from Würzburg to Allgäu. It is the perfect host for an adventure elopement filled with romance and mystery!

Elopement idea - Bavaria and the black forest

12) Hike around the Tianmen mountain

With its sublime peaks, waterfalls, deep forests, the longest cable car ride on earth, and even a glass bridge, the Tianmen mountain is truly an experience to try once in a lifetime. Many travelerw who went to China consider it the most amazing trip they took in their lifes, so it’s the perfect destination for an adventure elopement in beautiful mountains!

Adventure elopement idea - the tianmen mountain

13) Discover the Norwegian fjords at the Trölltunga

Have you even seen this beautiful rock formation while looking for the perfect adventure elopement spot? Well, it’s the Trolltunga, a 10.000 years old rock formation in Norway. Overlooking the lake Ringedalsvatnet (700 meters below!), this beautiful gem tends to be more and more touristic. Try the beginning of June for your elopement, or maybe even the month of May, to avoir hords of tourists and exchange your vows in peace. Having a guide with you is best if you plan to go any other season than summer, and don’t forget the shortest hike to get there is steep and is 28kms long. Generally, it takes between 10 and 12 hours to get there, so plan your day accordingly and if you’re not used to hiking in the mountains, please ask a guide to come with you so you would have the best experience!

Trolltunga adventure elopement

14) Discover the Na Pali coast on the Kalalau Trail

Imagine a trail going through tropical vegetation on the mountainside, overlooking the ocean and unveiling magical decor of green cliffs falling right into the blue waters. This is the Kalalau Train, in Hawaii. This is once of the wildest part of the Kauai island, and also the least accessible one, so plan accordingly if you’re dreaming of an adventure elopement in Hawaii! If you plan on doing the whole trail (in order to find the quietest part of the trail, which is for sure at the end of the route) take your camping gear with you and don’t forget to ask for a permit to sleep overnight! You will definitely be in for a treat if you plan to hike to splendid hike!

Na Pali Coast adventure elopement idea

15) Go dog sledding in Finland on your adventure elopement

Once upon a time, in some countries, dog sledding was one of the best way to get around. The vigorous Husky dogs pack a lot of energy and are the perfect companions to ride with a sled in beautiful snowy landscapes. Some companies can take you to places nobody ever goes, except the dogs and their sleds, so if you’re looking for a very remote adventure elopement spot in the snow, surrounded by snowy peaks or snow-covered trees, dog sledding is definitely the way to go!

Adventure elopement with a dog sled in finland

16) Walk in the clouds in the Monteverde reserve of Costa Rica

Have you ever wondered what a tropical forest can look like at high altitude? Nestled at an altitude of 1,500 m, dense, mystical, misty, welcome to the cloud forest of the biological reserve of Monteverde. Located near Santa Elena, this private reserve run by a non-profit organization is not as accessible as some national parks in Costa Rica. But the bus ride, the climb to the reserve is a great experience in its own right for nature lovers. So for your adventure elopement, try to exchange your vows in the soft clouds of Monteverde.

Monteverde adventure elopement in costa rica

Have you found your adventure elopement destination yet? This bucket list is one of my favorites to go back to when I’m short of ideas, and I truly hope it helped you find the perect adventure! Have an amazing elopement day and don’t forget, if you need a seasoned photographer and planner to guide you to the perfect elopement day, contact me!

15 of the most amazing ideas for an adventure elopement

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