Eloping with kids - the ultimate guide

The guide to eloping with kids – tips and ideas

Eloping with kids offers a uniquely intimate celebration of love, blending romance with family in a way that honors your bond. For couples embarking on this adventure with their little ones, tailoring the experience to include them not only enriches the ceremony but ensures it becomes a cherished memory for everyone involved. Here are essential strategies for crafting a child-inclusive elopement.

Engage Your Child in the Elopement Journey

It’s important to involve your child in the planning process so they feel included and excited about the elopement. Ask for their input on the location and activities you’ll be doing, and involve them in choosing outfits and accessories. This will help them feel like a part of the process and get them excited about the big day.

How to elope with kids - the guide

Opt for a kid-friendly location

Selecting a location that caters to the adventurous spirits of children can transform your elopement into an enjoyable family getaway. Whether it’s a serene beach, a lush garden, or a place with plenty of space to explore, ensuring the location is welcoming to children will keep them delighted and engaged.

Hire a photographer who is experienced with children

When choosing a photographer for your elopement, look for someone who has experience working with children. They will be able to capture natural and candid moments, and will know how to make your child feel comfortable and engaged during the photoshoot.

Eloping with kids - the guide with tips and ideas

Consider incorporating your child in the ceremony

You can involve your child in the ceremony by having them perform a special reading or participate in a sand or unity ceremony. This will make them feel like an important part of the wedding and will create a meaningful memory for your family.

Eloping with kids - the ultimate guide

Provide activities for your child during downtime

During downtime between the ceremony and reception, it’s important to provide activities to keep your child entertained. Bring games, coloring books, or a tablet with their favorite movies or shows to keep them occupied.

Plan a family-friendly dinner

If you’re planning a small dinner, make sure it’s family-friendly. Choose a venue that has activities for children, such as a playground or outdoor games. You may also want to consider hiring a babysitter to watch your child during the dinner, so you can enjoy some time with your partner.

Be prepared for unexpected challenges

Eloping with kids can come with unexpected challenges, like meltdowns or tantrums. Be prepared for these moments by bringing snacks, drinks, and toys to help distract and calm your child. It’s also important to be flexible and go with the flow, so if things don’t go exactly as planned, you can still enjoy the moment and make the most of your elopement with your family.

Eloping with kids can be a beautiful and memorable experience for your family. By involving your child in the planning process, choosing a child-friendly location, hiring an experienced photographer, and being prepared for unexpected challenges, you can create a special and meaningful memory that you and your child will cherish for years to come.

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