The ultimate Morocco elopement guide

The ultimate guide to eloping in Morocco

for an adventurous Moroccan elopement

Morocco is an incredibly cool place – the mountainous country is in northern Africa, separated from Spain by the Strait of Gibraltar. This unique country, with its rolling sand dunes, ancient cities, remote beaches, and rugged mountains, makes an amazing place to elope for any adventurous couple! If you’re dreaming of a one of a kind wedding day, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to elope in Morocco.

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A photographer is such a huge part of your elopement day – and my job is not only to document it all, but also to help you plan! As an elopement photographer and travel planner, I work with you to create a day that’s completely unique, completely personal, and totally customized for you. I’ll give you location recommendations based on what you want to see, whether you want to hike and how much, and more – then I’ll send you all the best vendors, places to stay, and more, along with creating a custom timeline. Everything you need for your elopement in Morocco, I’ll handle!
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First, let’s be sure we’re talking about the same thing:

What is an elopement?

We’re not talking about rushed marriages or secret affairs – though elopements used to mean something along those lines, the definition has changed a ton over the past few years! An elopement is a wedding that’s intentionally kept small, allowing you to focus on yourselves and on each other, and making sure that the day you get married goes exactly the way you want it to.

How to Get to Morocco for Your Elopement

Morocco is easy to get to – and you can do it by plane, or by ferry!

Get to Morocco by plane

There are seven major airports in Morocco – so you’ll have no trouble finding a flight to your destination. Mohammed V International Airport, located near Casablanca, is the biggest – but the Menara Airport in Marrakech is often the most popular, because of its gorgeous architecture!

Get to Morocco by ferry

If you’re coming from Europe, you can also arrive in Morocco on a ferry for your elopement. Ferries travel from Spain, Italy, and France – but Spain is closest, so there are typically more options! This can be a fun way to travel for couples who want to explore a few different countries. There are a lot of port cities on the northern coast of Morocco, but the most popular ferry routes go to Tangier, Tangier Med, or Nador.

Getting Around Morocco During Your Elopement

Once you’re in Morocco, you’ll need to get around! It’s a big country, with tons to see. For going between major cities, trains are a convenient and fast way to travel – but renting a car is the best option when you elope in Morocco, because it will allow you to go wherever you want and explore on your own schedule. 

You can rent a car at any of the airports, but you should know that drivers in Morocco have a reputation for driving aggressively, which can be dangerous to navigate if you aren’t used to it. Be very careful when driving in town, especially at night!

How to Legally Elope in Morocco

While you can get legally married abroad in Morocco, the process is pretty complicated. Some couples decide to do the paperwork at home, to make things easier and allow them to relax on their elopement day! But, if you want to get married in Morocco, here’s what you’ll need.

  • An Affidavit of Nationality and Eligibility to Marry from the U.S. Consulate General in Casablanca
  • Copies of your passport notarized at the U.S. Consulate General in Casablanca.
  • Original or certified copies of your birth certificate.
  • Evidence of employment or source of income in your home country.
  • A written statement indicating your intention to marry in Morocco.
  • A notarized statement of religious denomination or a certified copy of a conversion document to Islam is required for males.
  • A medical certificate of good health from a doctor in Morocco. 
  • A police record from your country of residence.

It can take one to three months to complete this process and to get a marriage license in Morocco, so start as soon as possible!

For couples from the US:

In certain states, you can ask your county clerk the authorization to sign your wedding license abroad. If they agree, as a registered minister, my team and I will be able to legally marry you without the hassle of a legal wedding ceremony in Morocco.

Why Elope in Morocco

Delicious food

The fruit you’ll have in Morocco is sweeter and tastier than any fruit you’ve tried before! And their dishes are always full of flavor and color, so make sure to visit some of the local restaurants and try some authentic Moroccan food.

The scenery

The Sahara Desert will take your breath away – but the country isn’t all desert! There are also swimming beaches, rugged mountains, and endless natural beauty. It’s an amazing place to explore for couples who love the outdoors!

Affordable adventures

The cost of living in Morocco is low, so it’s much more affordable to tie the knot here. You can take tours and book activities for much lower prices than you could in most European countries, which means you can do more when you elope!

Top 5 spots to Elope in Morocco

Choosing your elopement location in Morocco might just be the most exciting part! With so much scenery to choose from, here are a few of the best places to elope in Morocco, to help you narrow down your options.

Where to elope in Morocco - Jebel Toubkal

Jebel Toubkal

If you want to hike during your Morocco elopement, there’s no better place than the highest mountain in North Africa – Jebel Toubkal. You can hike directly to the summit, or extend your adventure over severa; days to explore more along the mountain range before you reach the top. The trails are pretty steep, but the views are so worth it!

Erg Chebbi

For a truly unique experience, elope amongst the rolling sand dunes that rise dramatically above the rocky desert! Some of the dunes at Erg Chebbi reach heights of over 500 feet, and this place is especially jaw dropping during the sunset, when the dunes glow in shades of orange, pink, and purple.

Where to elope in Morocco - Erg Chebbi
Where to elope in Morocco - plage rouge Legzira

Plage rouge Legzira in Sidi Ifni

If you want to experience the wild coastline of Moroccos, elope at Plage Route Legzira! This beach has caves, cliffs, and waves, and it’s a great place for surfing, or for swimming.

Cascades d’Ouzoud

With several waterfalls, the tiers of Cascades d’Ouzoud make for a stunning elopement location. It’s just a short distance from Marrakesh, and you can walk the gorgeous paths that lead to the falls, exploring local cafes and souvenir stands.

Where to elope in Morocco - cascades d'Ouzoud
Where to elope in Morocco - Iriqui national park

Iriqui National Park

Iriqui National Park is the biggest national park in Morocco, preserving a unique landscape of savanna, sand dunes, salt flats, and the wetlands of Lake Iriqui. This area is a great place for birdwatching and wildlife spotting, and to get here, you’ll need to do some off road driving!

When to elope in Morocco

When to Elope in Morocco

Morocco’s geography varies a ton, so the best time to elope in this incredible country will depend on where you’re traveling!


The cooler winter months are an amazing time to explore the Sahara Desert, which is often uncomfortably hot in warmer seasons! Southern regions of Morocco are great to visit in the winter, but if you want to explore in the north or head into the mountains, it’s often cold! The mountains get snowy, and can be inaccessible.


Spring is one of the busiest seasons in Morocco. Temperatures warm up, snow begins to melt in the mountains, and it’s an amazing time for outdoor adventures. Wildflowers and cherry blossoms bloom, making for a gorgeous elopement backdrop!


Summer is definitely the best time to elope in Morocco for couples who want to explore the mountains, as the higher elevation peaks will finally be snow free, usually starting in July. This is also a popular time to go to the beaches for swimming or surfing, but temperatures can get really hot!

FALL IN Morocco

Like spring, fall is a popular time to visit Morocco. The weather is more comfortable and less hot, which can make exploring in the desert more enjoyable. Rain and snow begins to fall in the mountains, which get chilly quickly!

Lodging for Your Elopement in Morocco

Choosing a unique place to stay when you elope in Morocco can add to your experience! You have plenty of lodging options to choose from. 

Lodging options for your elopement in Morocco - riads and hotels

Riads and Hotels

The riads in Morocco are a big part of what makes traveling here so unique! A traditional Moroccan riad is a luxurious house with an open air courtyard, usually with a fountain. Riads used to be estates for wealthy Moroccan citizens, but most have been converted into guesthouses and boutique hotels. With lots of rooms, they make a convenient place to stay! Rad Kniza is a riad in the heart of Marrakech, and the Royal Mansour, though not a traditional riad, is a luxurious hotel inspired by traditional designs, with pools, terraces, and gardens.

Airbnbs in Morocco

Airbnbs can be a convenient, private option for places to stay when you elope in Morocco. You can find rooms in riads, private villas, and even glamping tents in the desert!

Lodging options for your elopement in Morocco - Airbnb
Lodging options for your elopement in Morocco - glamping

Glamping in Morocco

An alternative to riads and Airbnbs when you elope in Morocco can be spending a night under the stars! Glamping in the desert, amongst the sand dunes, is a really magical experience, and there are several places where you can stay in a unique canvas tent. Camp at Erg Chigaga, or off road to a private campsite!

Unique things to do when eloping in Morocco

Unique Things to Do When You Elope in Morocco

Your wedding day should be an incredible adventure – and eloping means you can do absolutely anything! Think about what would make your day amazing, and how you can ensure that you get married in a way that truly reflects who you are. Here are some ideas for unique things to do when you elope in Morocco!

Sand Boarding

Running down a sand dune is great… but sliding down on a sand board is even more fun! It’s just like sledding, but in sand instead of snow. This can be a fun experience to have in Morocco, and one that doesn’t require a ton of time or effort!

Fly in a Hot Air Balloon

Imagine soaring over the desert, with panoramic views all around you. In Morocco, you can fly in a hot air balloon and experience the scenery in a whole new way!


If you want to get in the water, a fun way to experience the waves is kitesurfing! You can also surf on a regular surfboard, but kitesurfing, when you’re attached to a kite that you use to harness the power of the wind and skim the waves, is a unique experience.

Example budget of an elopement in Morocco

When it comes to elopement budgets, I understand the challenges of providing a precise estimate for vendors outside of my own expertise. The cost can greatly vary depending on your chosen destination and the quality of vendors you desire.

Elopement expenses are significantly influenced by factors like your chosen location. Rather than providing generic budget estimates for vendors I don’t work with, I recommend exploring my elopement packages. They include all-inclusive options, giving you a clearer view of your budget and costs.

What to wear when you elope in Morocco

What to Wear to Elope in Morocco

With an elopement, it’s important to keep in mind that this day won’t be like a traditional wedding! You’ll be adventuring and moving around a lot more, so it’s super important that the attire you choose allows you to do that. Here are some tips for choosing your elopement attire when you elope in Morocco.

The Dress

Comfort is the first thing you should think about when choosing a dress for your Morocco elopement! Styles that have looser skirts will usually work best, as they let you move around much more freely, without restricting what you can do. Avoid mermaid styles and anything too tight, and opt for princess, a line, and other dress styles that flare at the hips!
Weather is another consideration, so think about where, and when, you’ll be eloping in Morocco. Most couples will likely have warm weather, unless you elope in the mountains in winter, so lighter fabrics can help you stay cool.

The Shoes

Shoes are just as important as the rest of your elopement outfit! You’ll likely be on your feet a lot throughout your elopement day, so keep them safe by wearing comfortable shoes! Heels or dress shoes won’t feel very good on a sand dune or hiking up a mountain, so opt for hiking boots, or other comfortable shoes. If you get new ones for the adventure, be sure to break them in to avoid blisters on the big day.

The Suit

Choosing a suit for an elopement isn’t too different from choosing a dress! First, make sure that your suit is comfortable, fits well, and allows you to move freely and easily. When you try it on, take some steps, raise your arms, bend over, make sure everything feels good! Since suits are easy to layer, this is perfect for the weather in Morocco. If you’re eloping in warm weather, make sure you can take off the jacket, and choose lighter fabrics that can keep you cool.

Elope in Morocco – Your Checklist

Choose a Location

Choose between sand dunes, ocean views, waterfalls, mountain peaks, and more. I’ll help you with this by providing a list of personalized location recommendations, so you just have to choose the one that feels right! Once you’ve decided to elope in Morocco, get in touch to get the process started.

Pick a date

Choose a date based on what you want to experience, the weather you want for your elopement, and popular travel seasons in Morocco.

Find more information about travel visas and wedding documentation

Unless you plan to stay in Morocco for more than 90 days, most couples won’t need a travel visa to elope here! But, make sure your passports are up to date and that you have all the documents you’ll need.

Book your flights and accommodation

Make your bookings for flights and accommodations as early as possible, especially if you’re eloping during popular travel times! This will help you get the best deals, and ensure that you’re able to stay close to the elopement location you’ve chosen.

Book your vendors

Vendors are such an important part of your day, and finding the right ones to work with will take so much stress off of you! Reach out to your favorite elopement vendors early on, as we tend to fill our calendars early.

Live your dream elopement

This is the last step – after all the planning and dreaming, you get to elope in Morocco and marry the love of your life! You’ll have an incredible adventure, tie the knot, and make some amazing memories.
A few weeks later, you’ll get to relive it all, over and over, through your photos! If you’re ready to tie the knot in Morocco, contact me to learn more about elopement packages!


How it works to plan your elopement in Morocco

Process-how to plan an elopement

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Imagine a wedding where you can be you. Breathe. Bask in each other’s love.
Experience a place close to your hearts, or a bucket-list dream.

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