How to plan your elopement in Patagonia - the ultimate guide

The ultimate guide to eloping in Patagonia

for an adventurous Patagonia elopement

You and your partner have decided to elope to one of the most unique destinations – Patagonia, but now you need all the necessary information to make your love adventure possible. Since not many people know of this authentic region, a Patagonia elopement requires careful planning. Deciding to elope in this location means choosing adventure. Not only is this one of the most beautiful places to tie the knot in a private atmosphere, but it is also a magnificent destination to visit. 

One way or another, Patagonia should be on your bucket list, and eloping here would bring you the most positive experience. For that reason, I have prepared a guide to help you out when you start planning the adventure of your dreams.

Let’s dive in…

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Eloping should be enjoyable! You chose to forgo a traditional wedding because it didn’t feel like you, and I want to ensure that you have a memorable and enjoyable wedding day. As an elopement photographer and travel planner, I’ll be there to help you create the perfect day. From location scouting and personalized vendor recommendations to assistance with paperwork and everything else you need, I’ll take care of it all.

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First, let’s be sure we’re talking about the same thing:

What is an elopement?

An adventure elopement is a type of wedding ceremony in which the couple exchanges vows in a location that is meaningful to them, often in a natural or outdoor setting. This can be a remote mountain top, a secluded beach, or any other location that holds special significance for the couple. Adventure elopements are typically small, intimate affairs, with just the couple and a few close friends or family members in attendance. The focus is on the couple’s love for each other and their commitment to each other, rather than on traditional wedding traditions or conventions. Adventure elopements are often spontaneous and can be organized quickly, making them a good option for couples who want a simple, meaningful wedding ceremony that is tailored to their unique interests and preferences.

How to Get to Patagonia for Your Elopement

Patagonia is situated between Chile and Argentina, i.e. it encompasses the southern tip of South America. This wild region includes the two countries’ most beautiful landscapes and scenery. From the side of Chile, it takes the magnificent turquoise lakes and brilliant greenery, while from Argentina, it takes the dry scenery, including the striking Fitz Roy mountain and astonishing lakes. Here are the means of transportation to help you reach this incredible destination.

Get to Patagonia by Plane

Since its position is quite delicate, the best way to reach Patagonia is by plane. However, there is no direct flight since we are talking about a remote region.

One option is to fly into the Punta Arenas Airport in Chile, and another one is to pick a flight that lands at Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport in Argentina. Once you reach either of these destinations, you will have to pick your means of transportation to get to the final destination.

Get to Patagonia by Bus/Train

If you land at Punta Arenas Airport in Santiago, you have the option to take a bus from there to Patagonia. The bus drive lasts for about 42 hours with several stops. Another option is to change between bus and train and arrive at the final destination in about 44 hours. A Patagonia elopement might sound tiring, but I promise you – it is undoubtedly worth it!

Get to Patagonia by Car

Another option for reaching Patagonia is by car. If you land in Santiago in Chile, you can rent a car and embark on a true adventure among striking landscapes. The car ride will be long, but you will see some truly amazing scenery. The area of Patagonia is quite rural and safe, and people are really friendly, meaning you will not encounter any issues along the road. 

If you decide on this option for getting to Patagonia, make sure that you drive on the right side and that you have your seatbelt put on. You would not want to get in trouble by breaking the law.

Get to Patagonia by Ferry

If you are in for the whole experience, then you might want to choose the ferry to get to Patagonia. This will be a slow ride, but you will get to see many magnificent landscapes along the way.

Getting Around Patagonia During Your Elopement

If you decide to take the bus or the ferry to Patagonia, you will also need to find transportation options for getting around the region once you get there. Since this is an underdeveloped region, you encounter no public transport in other urban areas and cities. 

An adventurous elopement to Patagonia means staying in a remote area. So you will have to find transportation means that operate within Chile. Some of the options you can consider are the following:

  • Taxi
  • Buses and colectivos 
  • Rental (cars and campervans)
  • Ferries 
  • Trains 
  • Private transfers 

Depending on where you stay, you will find what is more convenient for you. When it comes to getting around, it is a good option to ask locals to give you their recommendations because they will always offer you the most practical options.

How to Legally Elope in Patagonia

Because we are talking about a remote region situated between two countries, your Patagonia elopement can get a little tricky. First, you need to consider that you can obtain a marriage license from either Chile or Argentina. However, Chile’s regulations are more strict, so a more convenient solution is to manage all paperwork in Argentina. 

Argentinean laws require that you provide a certificate of legal capacity to marry through your country’s embassy or consulate in Argentina. This certificate is obtained once marriage banns are published, which is a mandatory step in your marriage application. This publication proves that your marriage will be legal, valid, and without any opposition. 

Once you obtain this document, you will need to apply for a license providing the required papers:

  • Birth certificate of both spouses
  • Photocopies of ID or passport
  • Divorce certificate (if applicable)
  • Death certificate of the previous spouse (if applicable)

As you can see, to elope in this magnificent destination means having to deal with a lot of paperwork, and the whole process might seem a bit overwhelming. Nonetheless, the thought about the magnificence of the experience you’re about to get should guide you along the way. All you need to do is make sure that you prepare all of the documents beforehand, so you avoid looking for papers at the last minute. Also, I recommend arriving in Patagonia earlier to sort out all the paperwork, so everything can run smoothly on the elopement day.

For couples from the US:

In certain states, you can ask your county clerk the authorization to sign your wedding license abroad. If they agree, as a registered minister, my team and I will be able to legally marry you without the hassle of a legal wedding ceremony in Patagonia.

Why Elope in Patagonia

Striking nature

Couples who decide on a Patagonia romantic getaway know exactly what they want for their elopement. Saying their ‘I do’s’ in such a stunning location means being surrounded by extraordinary natural scenery, astounding diversity, and immaculate beauty. Whatever landscape you desire for your special day, Patagonia offers it all. 

You can choose from majestic snow-capped mountains, breathtaking turquoise lakes, unusual rock formations, volcanoes, glorious waterfalls, grassy hills, and exceptional hot springs. These are only parts of the incredible nature Patagonia has to offer.

Amazing weather

Patagonia elopement goes with brilliant weather, so you will get a pleasant atmosphere along with beautiful nature that will ensnare your senses. Summer in Patagonia is characterized by dry heat, meaning while it can get hot, there is no humidity. In addition, summer nights are cool, so you do not have to worry about bugs. 

On the other hand, winters can get cold enough to get snow in the region, but they are not chilly and insufferable. Plus, there are perfect skiing places, so you will also have the chance to enjoy some of the best winter sports.

Delightful food

One reason why Patagonia is so special is due to its diversity. This region has collected little parts from everywhere across the globe. Therefore, you can find delicious Italian pizza, British High Tea, and delicious German delicacies and tasty Canadian vegan options. 
The best dish of all is the Argentinean BBQ, i.e. the famous Asado loved by genuine meat lovers. And, there is also something for those who cannot go a day without delightful pastries for breakfast. So, your Patagonia elopement can also be your private food-tasting tour!

Top 5 spots to Elope in Patagonia

Since it is abundant with precious landscapes, there is a great variety of spots where you can elope. Each of them is unique and wonderful on its own, so you might have a hard time choosing the ideal one. Here are a few spots that I find miraculous and perfect for an elopement.

Where to elope in Patagonia - Parque Nacional Los Glaciares

Parque Nacional Los Glaciares

If you are going for a dreamy and fairytale-like Patagonia elopement, then Los Glaciares is the place for you! This national park resembles the scenery in Alaska, so you can get a picture of how beautiful it is actually. Many of the glaciers are accessible, so you can exchange your vows here and have a full photo session with your Patagonia elopement photographer and make wonderful memories of your big day. 

Do not hesitate to choose this spot for marking the beginning of your married life, especially if you long for a genuine winter wedding. If you always wanted to look like the princess from your favorite storybook, this is the setting that will allow you to do so.

Puyuhuapi’s Bay

Puyuhuapi’s Bay is not something you expect to see in Patagonia. Namely, many people associate this region with snow-capped mountains and waterfalls, but Puyuhuapi’s Bay is something completely different. It offers a one-of-a-kind landscape, i.e., a setting you cannot see elsewhere in the world. 

It is surrounded by splendid greenery, from the green forest full of thick pine trees to a lake with crystal clear water. It contains a dose of mysteriousness because of the appearance of fog a few times a day. If mysticism is your goal for your Patagonia elopement, then you have just found your spot!

Where to elope in Patagonia - Puyuhuapi’s Bay
Where to elope in Patagonia - Condor Lookout

Condor Lookout

Have you always wanted the backdrop of your elopement to include glorious mountains and a breathtaking view of a turquoise lake? Well, the Condor Lookout is an amazing spot where you can elope in Patagonia and create lifelong memories with tiny sparks of magic.  

This magical place can be reached only on foot, meaning you will have to hike to have your elopement there. However, the hiking trail is not long and certainly not tiring, meaning you will be on the spot in no time. Once you reach the lookout, you will see that it was worth taking every step of that trail.

Tierra del Fuego

Your Patagonia elopement can take a truly authentic and unique shape if you choose Tierra del Fuego as the spot to exchange your vows. You can have the river as a witness to your intimate and romantic ceremony. If your goal is to escape all traditions and enjoy this precious moment between you and your loved one, then this is the option you are looking for. 

To elope in a region like Tierra del Fuego, you will need to wear your hiking boots and completely enter in an adventure mode. You can choose to say your “I do’s” on one of the summits of the surrounding hills and mountains or in front of the magnificent lagoon. The choice is yours, but be sure that the outcome will be exceptional!

Where to elope in Patagonia - Tierra Del Fuego
Where to elope in Patagonia - Marble Caves

Marble Caves

I have saved the last one for those who are adventurous at heart. What if I tell you that you can elope inside magical caves and be surrounded by extraordinary colors? If you long for magic, this is your place – you have found it! 

The echoes of the caves will make the experience even more spectacular. You can hear your “I do,” and the clinks of your glasses echo across the caves. This is a truly unique experience, so if you want to stand out from the crowd in a true manner, do not be afraid to embrace this opportunity!

When to elope in Patagonia

When to Elope in Patagonia

Patagonia is characterized by a wonderful climate, which makes every season ideal for tying the knot at this location. The perfect time to have your elopement here will depend on your personal needs and preferences. Each season brings something unique, so it is on you to pick the season you find most suitable.

WINTER IN Patagonia

Winters in Patagonia are cold, but not chilly. This means you can have your idyllic snowy elopement without the freezing temperatures. This will allow eloping among fairytale-like landscapes, feeling like a real royal couple.

SPRING IN Patagonia

Springs in Patagonia are relatively warm, but you should expect rainy days, and chilly and windy nights. As a Patagonia elopement photographer, I suggest you pick more secluded spots for exchanging your vows if you consider spring the best season for crowning your love.

SUMMER IN Patagonia

Many consider summer to be the ideal time for a magical getaway. Summers are characterized by hot and dry days, meaning humidity will not ruin your mood and hair. In addition, the nights are cool, so you will feel pleasant while exploring this wild region in the evenings.

FALL IN Patagonia

Fall weather in Patagonia includes lower temperatures, but not less magnificent landscapes. The beautiful fall foliage will give a touch of magic to your Patagonia elopement photographs. Fall is also the most pleasant time for exploring nature around this region, although you will be required to wear more layers.

Example budget of an elopement in Patagonia

All-inclusive, 7-day ELOPEMENT + Honeymoon

6 nights in accommodation (3* or more)
Award-winning elopement photographer for 3 days
All meals for the 7 days
4-5 beautiful, natural and raw ceremony location options
Custom timeline of the day
Hair and makeup
Car rental
Airport transfers

TOTAL FOR An all-inclusive ELOPEMENT IN Patagonia:

$28 600


Award-winning elopement photographer for 12 hours
4-5 beautiful, natural and raw ceremony location options
Custom timeline of the day

TOTAL FOR A 12-hour ELOPEMENT IN Patagonia:

$11 700

Lodging for your elopement in Patagonia

Being a relatively wild region, Patagonia offers many beautiful places where you can stay and enjoy the beauty of this area. Depending on your budget, you can choose from many different types of accommodation.


If your preferred accommodation is a hotel, several options will make your stay cozy and comfortable. This region has a good number of hotel abominations, and I would recommend that you decide on the ones that are proven to deliver ultimate comfort and service. Some of your best picks should include Tierra Patagonia, The Singular, or EcoCamp.


If you feel more comfortable in an Airbnb accommodation, the following list is what I recommend for you:

Casa de Montaña – An idyllic small modern home located amidst the beauty of the region. You will have spectacular views, and you will have privacy.

John’s Cabin with a View – Cozy little cabin situated right in front of the sea. It gives you a chance to have a unique experience of Patagonia, and it is the perfect accommodation for couples who want to enjoy their elopement adventure.
The Lake House – It is the perfect accommodation for those who want to spend their time in Patagonia doing different kinds of activities and prefer to have their house close by. It is located on Lake Lonconao, surrounded by serene green beauty.

Unique Things to Do When You Elope in Patagonia

Eloping in Patagonia means enjoying all the things this region offers. In other words, visiting this secluded location will allow you to experience unique things you cannot see elsewhere in the world. If you want to take your adventure to the next level, consider some of the following activities:

Spotting wildlife

Patagonia is known for its versatile wildlife. Here, you will be presented with the unique opportunity to see some guanacos – animals similar to llamas and alpacas that can be seen throughout the whole year. However, you can usually spot them around the area of Tierra del Fuego. On the other hand, if you are interested in a hint of danger, you should visit the Parque Nacional Patagonia, where you can see some of the most powerful wild cats, like pumas. 

In case you want to see marvelous dolphins, whales, sea lions, and seals, you should book your elopement in Patagonia from December to March.

Hiking deep into the mountains

Patagonia has many hiking trails, but if you are up to something more challenging, choose a trail that will take you deep into the mountains. This adventure would be physically exhausting, but you will see spectacular views and a breathtaking alpine lake, which will make it completely worth it.

Exploring coastal towns around the area

If you want your elopement to be calm rather than challenging, then you can explore the coastal towns that surround the area. All of them are unique and authentic, and they will give you something to remember them by. Everything around Patagonia is special, and the coastal towns are no exception to this rule!

What to wear for your Patagonia elopement

What to Wear to Elope in Patagonia

When it comes to picking the attire for your elopement in Patagonia, you might find yourself at crossroads. While you are embarking on a true adventure to crown your love, you are still visiting a region that offers diverse conditions compared to more ordinary elopement locations. Therefore, you should plan your attire accordingly, in order to avoid any unpleasantries on your big day.

The Dress

You should choose your bridal attire depending on the season you are eloping in Patagonia. If you are having your ceremony in winter, then opt for more layers – you won’t like to shiver while exchanging your vows. On the other hand, if your elopement takes place in summer, then you should wear something lighter, avoiding thick materials and dark colors.

The Shoes

Considering that you are about to have your romantic getaway to Patagonia, you should certainly pack a pair of hiking shoes. They will provide you comfort and safety while walking among natural surroundings and wild trails. Avoid wearing sandals or other open shoes that might cause you discomfort.

The Suit

Since elopement is more of an informal occasion, you can opt for a casual suit, but make sure it is made of thick material if you plan to have your romantic getaway in winter. You can pick more casual options for a summer elopement, such as pants and a button-up shirt.

Elope in Patagonia – Your Checklist

Choose a Location

You first need to pick the ideal location for tying the knot.

Pick a date

Choose a date that is suitable for both you and your partner, and other people that might accompany you on your elopement.

Find more information about travel visas and wedding documentation

Make sure that you have everything you need to get legally married n Patagonia.

Book your flights and accommodation

Make these arrangements on time and get some special deals and discounts. 

Book your vendors

It is important to book your vendors in advance in order to get those that suit all of your needs.

Live your dream elopement

Once everything is arranged, you can relax and enjoy every single moment of your elopement.


How it works to plan your elopement in Patagonia

Process-how to plan an elopement

Let’s dive in, so you can start your journey right away!

Imagine a wedding where you can be you. Breathe. Bask in each other’s love.
Experience a place close to your hearts, or a bucket-list dream.

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How to plan a Patagonia elopement - the ultimate guide
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