First of all, I want to congratulate you for being a pretty awesome human being! I know eloping can sometimes be a hard decision, but I’m 100% sure you’ve made the best choice by choosing to spend this day in a pretty beautiful location, exchanging your vows with only your closest friends and family, or just the two of you!

When it comes to choosing a place to elope, there are so many options, it can quickly get overwhelming. Mountains, beaches, hot or cold? This is why I created this little guide with ideas for a beach elopement.

Since travelling the world has been my everyday life for some years now, I have encountered many couples struggling to find THE perfect place for their elopement. And I’m always happy to help them pin down the best place to do that.

So, let’s dive into this list of the best places in the world for a beach elopement!

Where can you find places for a beach elopement?

where to elope on the beach guide

To be honest, we can’t say “where there is water, there are beaches”. Even if the world is composed of 71% water, there need to be land to have some kind of sand or rocks. Plus, some parts of the world don’t have beaches at all (think about cliffs, frozen lands like greenland or antartica, etc.). Generally, beaches can be found in most countries which have access to a sea or an ocean, but it’s not always the case. Plus, some beaches are sand, some others are pebbles, and some others are simple huge rocks impossible to climb. The choice is yours for your beach elopement!

To get inspired first, you can check out this article by Touropia with the 10 best beaches in the world. Then, imagine yourself with feet in the sand, exchanging your vows.

This little list does not only include tropical beaches, it also includes beautiful and magical beaches with a less-tropical weather, like Scotland and Iceland, which have some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

Destination ideas for a beach elopement

If you’re not sure where to elope, but beaches are a “for sure” thing, here is a list of more than 15 of the most beautiful beaches or countries which boast with beaches in the world (in no particular order).

where to elope on the beach - costa rica

1) Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country for adventurers and nature lovers. It features amazing mountainous landscapes and wild and secluded beaches. Since it is a less-travelled country, it is pretty easy to find a spot where you won’t be bothered by others when you exchange your vows.

where to elope on the beach - forida keys

2) The Florida Keys

South of Florida are little tropical islands with beautiful pristine beaches and aquatic landscapes to die for. The Florida Keys, where the famous Key West is located, attract many people evey year, and eloping there at sunset will be something to remember for sure!

where to elope on the beach - new brunswick

3) New Brunswick

Now, as I said before, some parts of the world have beautiful waterlands but are not tropical paradises. This is definitely the case for New Brunswick, with the Fundy National Park for example. Beautiful northern forests, arches, rocks and sandy beaches are part of this incredible landscape, where you will feel all alone to exchange your vows.

where to elope on the beach - brittany

4) Brittany

The north-west part of French is the Brittany region. Mostly known for its mysterious magical forests and the legends of King Arthur and Merlin, Brittany also has some incredible, wild and beautiful beaches for your elopement. Sand dunes and pristine beaches are just waiting for you!

where to elope on the beach - normandy

5) Normandy

North of France is the Normandy region, known for its delicious dairy products and the Falaises d’Etretat. Normandy hosts some of the most epic landscapes of France, thanks to those while cliffs and arches overlooking beautiful beaches. Plan accordingly since the Falaises d’Etretat are quite touristic. Finding a more remote beach might be the best option for an intmate vows echange.

where to elope on the beach - scoland

6) Scotland

North of France is the Normandy region, known for its delicious dairy products and the Falaises d’Etretat. Normandy hosts some of the most epic landscapes of France, thanks to those while cliffs and arches overlooking beautiful beaches. Plan accordingly since the Falaises d’Etretat are quite touristic. Finding a more remote beach might be the best option for an intmate vows echange.

where to elope on the beach - ireland

7) Ireland

Ireland also features some beautiful and epic landscapes, especially the west coast. Thanks to huge mountains diving directly in the sea, the beaches can be also quite spectacular in Ireland. Some secluded beaches will offer you amazing views on the nearbu mountains, while still enjoying the beachy landscape.

where to elope on the beach - faroe islands

8) Faroe Islands

Yes, Faroe Islands are not easy to reach, but it’s totally work the hassle. These remote and not touristic at all islands are known only by nature lovers and travel photographers, coming to enjoy the beautiful falls and mountains you can find there. But Faroe Island also feature some pretty amazing places for a beach elopement!

where to elope on the beach - iceland

9) Iceland

These last years, Iceland has became a touristic attraction, and for good reasons: this nordic country features some amazing places, like hot water springs, volcanoes, black sand beaches, and mountains peaks you only imagined in your wildest dreams.

where to elope on the beach - lofoten

10) Lofoten

This archipelago in the west part of Norway has some pretty incredible landscapes. You will find only a few inhabitants, and will be able to see the northern lights pretty much all-year round. But it also features some pretty epic landscapes thanks to huge mountains overlooking delicious sandy beaches with pristine blue water.

where to elope on the beach - vietnam

11) Vietnam

This tropical Asian country has a lot to offer. From incredible cultural assets to beautiful beaches and landscapes, Vietnam can really surprise you. It is still not a very touristic place, in particular if you avoid the big cities and attractions. Finding a remote beach to exchange your vows can be pretty easy!

where to elope on the beach - fiji

12) Fiji

To be honest, Fiji has it all: dramatic mountain tops overlooking beautiful sandy beaches with palm trees all over. It can be pretty easy to plan a whole holiday on the Fiji islands thanks to their different things to see and visit. You can hike all the way up a mountain and enjoy the view, or simply take in the sun on the numerous beautiful beaches you will find there.

where to elope on the beach - greece

13) Greece

Beautiful, cultural and natural, Greece is a beautiful country in all seasons. The Cyclades islands are particularly traveled thanks to their delicious little all-white houses overlooking the sea. Greece has always been my favorite country by the Mediterranean sea, and if you go there, you’ll understand why!

where to elope on the beach - hawaii

14) Hawaii

I love Hawaii because I feel everytime I go back there, I have a new thing to see. Wether it will be a whole island I didn’t get the chance to visit, or something totally rad I always wanted to try, Hawaii is a magic destination for a beach elopement. You can also have a 14-days adventure on the islands and enjoy some pretty fabulous landscapes.

where to elope on the beach - corsica

15) Corsica

You will find everything you were looking for in Cosica, and even more. This beautiful French region is offering everything to the travelers who traveld their paths, from tiny quaint towns overlooking the Mediterranean sea, to beautiful mountaintops and secluded white sand beaches…you can truly enjoy a varied holiday while travelling to Corsica! Don’t forget to eat the delicious food you will find there, especially the delicatessens!

where to elope on the beach - australia

16) Australia

It’s hard to say “yeah, go to Australia to find a beach!” since the country is also a continent and is pretty huge. But you still can be sure you’ll find some secluded, beautiful and epic beaches while you’re there. Of course this will ask for some preparations beforehands, but it will be totally worth it! Don’t forget the magical Coral Reef Barrier is located in Australia!

where to elope on the beach - french polynesia

17) French Polynesia

French Polynesia and Tahiti are a dream come true when we talk about beaches. Yes, these islands have a lot to offer, in particular, you guessed it, beaches. But some of the biggest islands are way more than that. Since they are volcanic islands, you will find also some pretty amazing mountains there! This makes for an incredible backdrop to exchange your vows!

where to elope on the beach - thailand

18) Thailand

Yes, this is a well-knowed destination, but a beautiful destination none the less. Thanks to a beautiful and hot weather all-year long, Thailand really is an amazing place for a beach wedding. Since it’s more touristic, you might have a hard time finding a truly secluded beach, but renting a boat (with a driver) might help you overcome this little detail!


These destinations are just examples of the beauty you can find in the world when it comes to beach elopements. When we work together, I will send you a series of suggested destinations (if you don’t know where to go) that will include some other pretty amazing places in the world too!

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