Congratulations on your engagement!

      And welcome to your wild and epic side

      I know eloping might sometimes be a tough decision, or sometimes it’s just what you always dreamed of. Wether you’re an adventurer at heart, a true introvert or simply someone who don’t like to be emotional in front of dozens of people, an elopement might be just what you’re looking for. So, congratulations on being a pretty awesome human being!

      Mountains are great for eloping, because they offer a beautiful view while still being 100% intimate. After all, mountain paths are generally pretty lonely and it’s rare to cross someone’s path when you’re going up a stiff slope.

      So maybe you’re still looking around to find the perfect elopement destination, or you know you want some mountains in the background of your elopement pictures, and want to feel the wind in your hair while you exchange your vows in front of an absolutely magnificent landscape…but in any case, mountains are calling you, and you have to go!

      As a mountain lover myself, I can’t imagine planning my elopement without mountains. Me and my beau love them and we hike almost every weekend. And since I have travelled a lot for elopements (and my own pleasure as well!) I created this little, non comprehensive list of awesome places you can definitely consider for your mountain elopement.

      Hop on, and let’s discover them together!


      Where can you find mountains for an elopement?

      To be honest, the world is a vast and beautiful place. There are mountains you can see from afar, and others you can only see when you are in them. But in any case, mountain ranges populate a lot of space on earth, so they are easy to spot.

      Did you know the top 100 highest mountains on earth are located in the Himalaya range? Mount Everest, K2, Annapurna…they are all located in Nepal, India, China or Pakistan. But there are more mountain ranges in the world aside from the Himalaya (which is, to be honest, a hell of an awesome place to elope!).

      World map by Wandering Fables

      Mountains are everywhere, for the biggest pleasure of the wanderlust-seekers who would like to plan a mountain elopement!


      Destination ideas for a mountain elopement

      Magnificent, wild and silent

      Pro tip

      These destinations are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to eloping in the mountains. Aks your photographer to have a guide with you, check you regulations and permits if applicable, and be extra careful and respectful when hiking in the mountains. I am here to help and guide you if needed!


      Elopement inspirations

      You can't wait to plan your mountain elopement?

      I totally get it! Finding a location, getting inspired, booking all the vendors and exchanging your vows in an epic landscape can be absolutely exciting and scary at the same time. This is why I offer only all-inclusive packages that will give you a peace of mind when planning your elopement. From country finding to location scouting, vendors booking, travel planning, elopement guiding and photographing everything along the way, I will be your partner for this amazing adventure. Get in touch now and let's plan your dream adventure elopement!

      Photography credits:

      Patagonia: derekandnora / Atlas Mountains: wonker / Picos de Europa: josevi11 / Peru and New-Zealand: Pedro Szekely / Dolomites: Umberto Salvagnin / Alps, Scotland and Lake Disctrict: Zephyr & Luna / Alberta: Bernd Thaller / Alaska: Roderick Eime / Colorado: Christian Collins

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