the most beautiful mountain elopement destinations in the world

10+ destination ideas for a mountain elopement in the world

So, you’ve decided to plan a mountain elopement? Congratulations! I know that eloping might sometimes be a tough decision, or sometimes it’s just what you always dreamed of. Whether you are an adventurer at heart, a true introvert or simply someone who doesn’t like to be emotional in front of dozens of people, an elopement might be just what you’re looking for.

So, congratulations on being a pretty awesome human being!

Mountains are great for eloping, because they offer a beautiful view, while still being 100% intimate. After all, mountain paths are generally pretty lonely. It’s rare to cross someone’s path, when you are going up a steep slope.

Maybe you’re still looking around to find the perfect elopement destination, or you know that you want some mountains in the background of your elopement pictures, and want to feel the wind in your hair, while you exchange your vows in front of an absolutely magnificent landscape. In any case, mountains are calling you, and you have to go!

As a mountain lover myself, I can’t imagine planning my elopement without mountains. My beau and I love them. We hike almost every weekend. Since I have travelled a lot for elopements (and my own pleasure as well!) I created this little, non- comprehensive list of awesome places you can definitely consider for your mountain elopement.

Hop on, and let’s discover them together!

Where can you go for a mountain elopement?

adventure elopement in the alps by photographer zephyr & luna

To be honest, the world is a vast and beautiful place. There are mountains you can see from afar, and others that you can only see when you are in them. In any case, mountain ranges occupy considerable space on earth, so they are easy to spot.

Did you know the top 100 highest mountains on earth are located in the Himalaya range? Mount Everest, K2 and Annapurna are all located in Nepal, India, China or Pakistan.  However, there are more mountain ranges in the world aside from the Himalayas (which is, to be honest, a hell of an awesome place to elope!).

You are going the elopement route?

Mountains are everywhere, for the pleasure of the wanderlust-seekers who would like to plan a mountain elopement!

Here is a list of the 10+ of my favorite mountains for an elopement (in no particular order).

Destination ideas for a mountain elopement

best elopement place in the world - patagonia

1) Patagonia – off the beaten path mountain elopement

Part of both Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is a wonderful place to elope. Tierra del Fuego is filled with mountain ranges, lakes and small towns. They are all beautiful, unobstructed views and is a perfect place to exchange vows if you want a mountain elopement.

where to plan a mountain elopement - atlas mountains

2) Atlas Mountains – warm location for a mountain elopement

In northern Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia is a mountain range with beautiful peaks and absolutely magnificent views. Since this destination does not get many tourists, these mountains are perfect to have a beautiful hike and exchange your vows at sunset.

where to plan a mountain elopement - colorado

3) Colorado – famous location for your mountain elopement

This state is filled with wilderness, epic views and mountain ranges that you will enjoy hiking. The Rocky Mountains is one of the beautiful mountain ranges in the United States, and Colorado is one of the best options if you’re looking to elope in the U.S.!

where to plan a mountain elopement - picos de europa

4) Picos de Europa – for a cultural mountain elopement

In the Asturias region of Spain, you will find absolutely stunning mountain peaks that are part of the Pics de Europa National Park. They are epic mountains are home to some beautiful wildlife, like bears and wolves. They are perfect if you want a mountain elopement in Europe but don’t want to go to Switzerland.

where to plan a mountain elopement - peru

5) Peru – a two-in-one location for a mountain elopement

Home to famous Macchu Picchu, Peru is one of the most fascinating places on earth. It has some of the most beautiful Inca ruins and landmarks, and other remarkable pre-Columbian archives, like the Lines of Nazca. Peru is a mysterious and beautiful country!

where to plan a mountain elopement - dolomites

6) The Dolomites – peaks forever

In northern Italy, you will find an extraordinary mountain range, called the Dolomites.  It has absolutely stunning peaks with panoramic views that are accessible by foot. They are the perfect spot for a mountain elopement in Europe!

where to plan a mountain elopement - alpes

7) The Alps – the widest location for a mountain elopement

In France, Italy and Switzerland, you will find one of the world’s most famous mountain ranges: The Alps, with the majestic Mont Blanc. The Alps are absolutely perfect for a mountain elopement, since they offer easily accessible panoramic views, as well as hard-to-reach mountain peaks with astounding views.

where to plan a mountain elopement - scotland

8) Scotland – did you say mountain elopement?

Scotland is and always will be one of my favorite places on earth. Wild, untouched, raw and cold, it offers beautiful landscapes for whom lucky enough to see them. You can easily access a variety of landscapes by car, foot or horse. The locations vary from beautiful mountaintops to crystal-clear beaches.

where to plan a mountain elopement - lake district

9) Lake District – secluded mountaintops

As a region in the UK, the Lake District is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Filled with (you guessed it) lakes and mountains, this National Park is perfect for those who like to wander…and get a little lost.

where to plan a mountain elopement - nea zealand

10) New Zealand – far off mountain elopement

It would be impossible to list the most beautiful mountains in which to get married and not include New Zealand. This beautiful country is filled with mountains where one is more beautiful than the other. It will be hard to choose just one place to exchange your vows.

where to plan a mountain elopement - alberta

11) Alberta, Canada – incredible lakes and mountains

I am referring to Banff National Park, Lake Louise and Jasper National Park. Every landscape you will find in Alberta is beautiful. However, the mountains are the most majestic and wild that you will ever see, and will be the perfect backdrop for your mountain elopement.

where to plan a mountain elopement - alaska

12) Alaska – wilderness for your mountain elopement

Glacier Bay, Kenai Fjords and Denali are just a few examples of the beauty you will find when wandering in Alaska. With a mix of lakes and beautiful mountains in the background, you will have to make a choice. It will be a tough one.


These destinations are just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to a mountain elopement. Ask your photographer or planner to have a guide with you, check your regulations and permits, if applicable, and be extra careful and respectful when hiking in the mountains. I am here to help and guide you, if needed!

You can’t wait to plan your mountain elopement?

I totally get it!

Finding a location, getting inspired, booking all the vendors and exchanging your vows in an epic landscape can be absolutely exciting and scary at the same time. For this reason, I offer only all-inclusive packages that will give you peace of mind, when planning your elopement. From finding countries to location scouting, vendor booking, travel planning, elopement guiding and photographing everything along the way, I will be your partner for this amazing adventure. Get in touch now and let’s plan your dream adventure elopement!

elopement adventure in france

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Photography credits:

Patagonia: derekandnora / Atlas Mountains: wonker / Picos de Europa: josevi11 / Peru and New-Zealand: Pedro Szekely / Dolomites: Umberto Salvagnin / Alps, Scotland and Lake Disctrict: Zephyr & Luna / Alberta: Bernd Thaller / Alaska: Roderick Eime / Colorado: Christian Collins

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