What is an elopement?

5 reasons to book with Zephyr & Luna


Why choose me - award-winning photography

Award-Winning Elopement Photography, Illuminated by Nature

My photography, celebrated with awards, captures the essence of your elopement through nature’s unique light. Specializing in the art of natural illumination, I ensure each moment is preserved in its most authentic and radiant form, making your love story timeless.

Why choose me - travel agent

Unrivaled Elopement Insight: From Guide to Photographer

With years as a travel agent and guide before stepping behind the lens, my service offers an unparalleled advantage. This unique background equips me with an in-depth understanding of breathtaking locales and the seamless orchestration of your dream elopement, blending exploration with exquisite imagery.

Why choose me - 100% female team

Empowering Visions: A Female-Powered Enterprise

My company is a testament to female empowerment, owned and operated by a dynamic team of women. This all-woman force brings resilience, creativity, and unparalleled insight to every elopement, celebrating each love story with the power and passion it deserves.

Why choose me - neurodivergent

Diverse Minds, Unmatched Creativity

Proudly neurodivergent, my company thrives on the unique perspectives and boundless creativity that come from thinking differently. We embrace and celebrate our diverse minds, channeling our distinct strengths into crafting elopement experiences as incredible and unique as you are.

Why choose me - giving back

Sowing Seeds of Love: Giving Back with Every I Do

With every elopement, we not only celebrate love but also nurture the planet. For each contract, I plant five trees, and I pledge at least 1% of each package to environmental causes. It’s my way of ensuring that your union contributes to a greener, more vibrant world.