All Inclusive elopement packages in switzerland

When to go

May, October, November

Price from

$2 900 per person excluding flights

Ideal lenght

10 nights

Ceremony location

Mountains, forest, lake, city



Elopement Packages In Switzerland

All-Inclusive Elopement Packages In Switzerland

Welcome to your once in a lifetime Swiss elopement!

Whether it’s the medieval castles, pristine lakes, or a secret Swiss mountain that’s calling your name…

The mountainous country that is Switzerland is the perfect destination to elope. Just imagine wandering through quint villages with the towering peaks of the Alps in the background. Or heading to Lake Thun to say your vows, surrounded by the Alpine scenery and stunning forests. I do’s beside on the snow-capped mountains? We can make it happen!

It will be a pleasure and honor to bring your elopement dreams and aspiration to light! From selecting the perfect location to capturing your candid moments, we will plan your entire Swiss elopement adventure with the sole focus of creating a memorable and magical day for you two and your entourage.

Your adventure begins here…

And Now… Your Elopement Photographer

Hi, I’m Amber!

Your Travel Planner, Guide, and Photographer

amber, elopement photographer

Nature-lover, adventurer, & a self-confessed introvert.

Capturing your moments of pure joy and happiness during your elopement is what I live for. I love the purity and completeness of the moments. Rather than worrying about entertaining 50 to 100 guests, leasing a huge ballroom to stage your event, and designing and implementing elaborate decorations, I bring the focus to you two and, crucially, your endearing love to each other.

I’m a qualified and experienced travel planner with the expertise to plan adventurous elopements in more than 43 countries. I’ve explored world-renowned attractions such as New Zealand’s turquoise lakes, Sweden’s meadows, and the Swiss Alps, and I must admit, Switzerland offers one of the most unique experiences owing to its numerous pristine destinations.

Stunning waterfall, beautiful lake sceneries, and enchanting forests! I know that gentle souls like you will find the perfect elopement location.

I handle all of the travel plans for you, including accommodation and transport around Switzerland.

Crucially, I’ll plan the entire ceremony and everything else. My goal is to help you come up with great ideas and create a perfect itinerary for you two. And after the planning phase, I’ll bring the plans to life.

As you celebrate your love for each other, my goal is to give you a stress-free escape, taking care of everything to the last detail.

To ensure you always remember your elopement adventure in Switzerland, I’ll capture all your sweet moments for lifelong reminiscing.

Have you discovered my Ultimate Guide to elope in Switzerland yet?

How elopement packages in switzerland work

The Process: Swiss Elopement Packages

This is how I’ll bring your elopement in Switzerland to life:

1Book your free no-obligation consultation call
2Secure your date
3We plan your elopement and adventure itinerary
4Live your adventure
5Relive your memories forever through our quality pictures

All-Inclusive Packages For Elopements In Switzerland

I will be your dedicated travel planner, elopement photographer, and travel guide – in short, this all-inclusive elopement package will cover everything.

I’ll consult my exclusive contacts to find the best flights to Switzerland. After landing, you will find airport transfer ready. So will your accommodation be ready for you – all these at the best prices.

In case your chosen elopement location in Switzerland is a short drive away, as your personal guide, I will meet you and drive you there. And the adventure begins.

You can expect a memorable experience characterized by safe driving, exploring all the best cuisines spots that offer traditional Swiss delicacies. I will capture all the memorable moments from the first time we meet until you say ‘I Do’.

With your entire itinerary planned right to the last details, you only need to prepare yourself for the adventure. I’ll plan out everything – where you eat, sleep, explore, and enjoy your nights out. I intend to give you the ultimate adventure in Switzerland all planned for you two for your enjoyment.

All Inclusive Switzerland Elopement Packages

Plan | Travel | Stay | Capture every moment

All these packages include photography, planning, guiding, and accommodation.

It all begins by booking your consultation call. During the call, we get to know each other. Crucially, you share your dream elopement in Switzerland and we create a vision together. Based on your preferences and ideas of the perfect elopement, I’ll send you an exclusive list of bucket list locations and attractions that suit you. Thereafter, we’ll bounce back and forth until we create the perfect itinerary for your elopement adventure. The final itinerary will include accommodation, travel, and much more.

14-Day Switzerland Elopement + Honeymoon

from $11 500 per person
flights excluded

Have you always dreamt of a two-week elopement celebration and adventure? I have you covered.

Perfect for…

The 14-day package is perfect for couples visiting numerous destinations without feeling or, indeed, being rushed. You might want to chill in a luxury resort for a few days just to relax and celebrate this new part of your life. Thereafter, you could calmly travel to the location of your ceremony. Perhaps a group of 20 to 30 of your closest family and friends will accompany you as you say your vows in a picturesque location. Then, you are off to your honeymoon adventure! I’ll be with you all through the journey to capture your elopement story through the 14 days.

10-Day Switzerland Elopement + Honeymoon

from $8 750 per person
flights excluded

A slow, peaceful elopement to celebrate your two souls.

Perfect for…

The 10-day elopement package is suitable for exploring the breadth and width of Switzerland at a comfortable speed. It gives you ample time to shake off the jetlag, get acquitted with the local culture, and even visit the ceremony venue before the date. The vast majority of clients who choose this package also elect to invite a few friends and family to their big day. Once the ceremony is completed, it is time to enjoy the honeymoon and the great Swiss adventure.

7-Day Switzerland Elopement + Honeymoon

from $6 000 per person
flights excluded

A whole week on a loved up high!

Perfect for…

Eloping in beautiful Switzerland is always an exciting proposition. Capturing the entire journey takes the excitement a notch higher. You might choose to start exploring the beautiful sites around Switzerland as soon as you land. Alternatively, you can opt to spend a few days relaxing before embarking on a journey to your venue followed by an intimate honeymoon. No matter your choice, we will make it possible with this package.

3-Day Switzerland Elopement + Honeymoon

from $2 900 per person
flights excluded

The ultimate get hitched in nature package!

Perfect for…

This is a quintessential Switzerland Elopement package. It gives couples the opportunity to choose to spend some time alone before the official elopement adventure begins. Couples traveling from nearby also prefer this package as they will not suffer from any jet lag. Nonetheless, you can rest assured of spending some quality time together, whilst I capture all the memories of your loved up moments.

Included with every all-inclusive package:

A Library Of Photos Detailing Your Adventure

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the library of photos detailing your adventure will suffice to tell your love story. It comes in a professional folder that you can download, store, share, and importantly, relive your elopement adventure.


Do you want a home away from home, or a luxury experience? You can choose to stay in one of the Swiss holiday rentals or one of the luxury holidays escapes to suit your ideal elopement adventure. When making plans, we will explore all the options available and you’ll choose the most exciting elopement adventure for both of you.

Upfront Pricing

When I send you the final quote, it includes everything. As such, you will not incur surprise charges for your itinerary.

Single Day Elopement Packages In Switzerland

Have you always dreamt of a single day elopement in mountainous paradise that is Switzerland? I’ll make it happen for you! Together we’ll come up with the perfect wedding adventure at a picturesque venue for the ultimate dream wedding.

Not only will I help you with your travel plans, but I’ll also scout for venues in search of the perfect location and secure the venue for you. Let’s make your big day a magical day to remember.

5 hours

$3 400
(photography and planning only)

We’ll meet in the afternoon and travel to the elopement venue. I’ll capture the leadup to the ceremony up to when you finally say ‘I do’.

8 hours

$4 000
(photography and planning only)

For the eight hour package, we meet in the morning and travel to the ceremony venue. We’ll take some time to relax before the ceremony begins. Crucially, I’ll be catching all the magical moments before and after you say your vows.

12 hours

$4 600
(photography and planning only)

The 12-hours package gives you ample time for a more elaborate elopement ceremony. We meet in the morning, travel to the ceremony location, hike to the venue (if the venue is only accessible on foot), and get ready for the ceremony. For a memorable experience, most couples prefer the dusk to dawn hours, where I capture the celebrations in all its glory.

Every single day elopement package comes included with:

Entire Planning of the Day

It all begins with booking your call, where we get to know each other. I’ll listen to your vision for your perfect elopement in Switzerland. Later on, I’ll send you an exclusive list of bucket list venues and vendors that will help bring your bream to light. We’ll bounce ideas back and forth until we craft the perfect wedding day. The plans will include your travel and vendors.

A Library Of Photo Detailing Your Adventure

We will create a complete library of your entire elopement adventure. Presented in a professional folder, you will be able to download, share, and, importantly, relive the ceremony over and over again.

Upfront Pricing

The final quote will include everything in the package. There’ll be no surprises charges outside of your itinerary.

Common questions about the elopement packages in Switzerland

If you browse this list, you’ll find plenty of locations that are perfect for your wedding ceremony in Switzerland.

Your family and friends are most welcome to come along for your elopement! Consider sharing your itinerary with your entourage for them to know what to expect and where you’ll be staying. However, for these packages, I only organize travel and accommodation for the couples. This allows your guest to arrive and leave on their own schedule that suits them.

Yes. In fact, I’ll be your personal driver, making sure you never get lost!

Where I stay depends on what you want as part of your package. After all, it is your elopement adventure! If you stay in an AirBnB or luxury hotel, I’ll stay nearby. This gives you a place and ample time to unwind after exploring what Switzerland has to offer. If you stay in a holiday rental, I might stay in the same hotel, but never in the same room.

All the meals are planned and detailed in your itinerary. While on the go, we’ll most likely eat together – for instance, picnics whilst on a road trip or long hikes. I’ll purchase your breakfast from local grocers to you can cook and eat anything if you are staying in a hotel that does not offer breakfast or an AirBnB. I’ll also include some restaurant meals in the itinerary. After all, I’m a travel planner and know the best venues.

That said, if the day ends by 6 pm, I’ll leave you two lovebirds to enjoy dinner alone whilst unwinding. That said, all of my couples have enjoyed our time together and insist that we eat all meals together. It’s all up to you!

Yes, all day trips (and photo capture) and meals are included in the package. However, the activities are not included in the packages. In my experience, I’ve found couples love to spend extra days on either side of our adventure to enjoy leisure activities, making it difficult to price the leisure activities. That said, we do cover the sight-seeing.

My number one priority is to capture all your candid moments. Whether you are chilling by the lake or trying our skiing up the slopes, I want to capture everything memorable. I’ll be with you unless we make plans for a day off to unwind and be in each other company only. Otherwise, I’ll be there to capture everything, to help you remember everything about your adventure.

Both! I’ll make a point of capturing moments in epic locations and under the gaze of twinkling stars. The Swiss wilderness has some of the most magical night sky making it the perfect staging for night shots.

Definitely! Dream big and I will strive to bring your dream to light. Nothing is out of the question during your Swiss elopement.

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