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Your dream Italy elopement – the ultimate planning guide

UPDATED FOR 2024-2025

Italy is an absolute dream destination – with delicious food, mouth watering gelato, and a landscape that goes from insane mountain peaks to rolling vineyards, there’s no better place to tie the knot! If you and the love of your life want to elope in Italy, I’m right here to cheer you on as you plan a wedding day that’s 100% you.

But, planning a destination elopement can be tricky! There are international marriage laws to learn, logistics to figure out when it comes to getting married abroad, and it can all feel a little overwhelming. To help you plan a one of a kind Italy elopement, this guide will tell you everything you need to know!

Let’s dive in…

Amber, elopement photographer

Hey! I’m Amber.

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Planning an elopement, especially one abroad, can feel overwhelming – but this day is about celebrating the two of you, and making sure your wedding day is exactly what you want it to be – so as an elopement photographer and travel planner, my job is to make this entire process stress free and easy! I’ll help you find the perfect ceremony location, guide you through marriage laws, create a timeline, recommend places to stay and things to do, and make sure you have everything you need for the perfect day.Ready to elope in Italy? Contact me to learn more about elopement packages!

First, let’s be sure we’re talking about the same thing:

What is an elopement?

The meaning of eloping has changed a lot over the past few years! It’s no longer about running off to the nearest courthouse without telling anybody – but what is an elopement today?

Eloping is all about making sure that the way you get married is the way you want to get married! It may sound simple, but the truth is that so many couples get pressured into a wedding that seems to be about everyone but the people getting married.

I believe you should love your wedding day – and an elopement is the best way to tie the knot, as it allows you to do absolutely anything. Whatever you can dream up for the best day of your life, we can make it happen!

Why Elope in Italy

Delicious Food

One of the things that Italy is best known for is the incredible food that you’ll find all over the country! It’s home to mouth watering pizza and pasta, and you can find shops serving gelato, as well as desserts and pastries. Italy also has cozy coffee shops perfect for your morning brew, as well as wineries where you can try all the local flavors!

The Scenery

Italy’s  landscapes are incredible, and they change dramatically!If you travel to different parts of the country, you’ll be surprised by how different it looks and feels. The north has more mountains, more dramatic seasons, and a culture more similar to Switzerland or France, while the south is more Mediterranean, with turquoise beaches, sunshine, and a more laid back environment.

Romantic Cities

Along with the natural wonders that Italy has to offer, the cities are some of the most famous in the world, with a vibrant culture in each one. The big urban centers like Venice, Florence, Rome, and Milan have countless cathedrals, a rich history, and tons of unique art and architecture. The smaller villages and villas in the countryside, like Amalfi, have charming pastel houses, cobblestone streets, and an incredible laid back atmosphere.

How to Legally Elope in Italy

Getting legally married abroad can be a little confusing, so a lot of couples who plan a destination elopement decide to do the paperwork at home. This way, on the day of your elopement, you don’t have to worry about legalities and logistics, and instead, you can focus on getting married to the love of your life and having an epic adventure!

But, if you decide to get legally married in Italy, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your passport
  • Original birth certificate translated into Italian
  • Atta Notorio – a document obtained at the Italian Consulate that states there are no legal impediments to your marriage

When you get to Italy, you’ll present the original copies of all these documents, and complete a Declaration of Intent to Marry. On your elopement day, two witnesses and an officiant are required, and you can either have a civil ceremony performed by the mayor or a deputy, or a religious ceremony performed by a Roman Catholic priest. Check the Embassy’s website for more information about getting married in Italy!

The celebrant I work with can help you with all your paperwork to make it as easy as possible for you to legally elope in Italy!

For couples from the US:

In certain states, you can ask your county clerk the authorization to sign your wedding license abroad. If they agree, as a registered minister, my team and I will be able to legally marry you without the hassle of a legal wedding ceremony in Italy.

How to Get to Italy for Your Elopement

Italy is a big country – and there are several options for how to get there! It’s best to choose your elopement location before you book travel plans, to ensure that you don’t land on the other side of the boot.

Get to Italy by Plane

Flying is usually the easiest way to get to Italy for your elopement, and there are airports all over the country. Even the more remote corners are typically accessible by plane! 

Rome and Milan have the biggest airports, with more flight options – so if you’re flying internationally, you’ll most likely land in one of these. From there, you can hop on another flight to one of the smaller airports to reach your final destination!

Get to Italy by Train

Another way to get to Italy for your elopement, if you’re traveling from nearby countries, is by train. This is more environmentally friendly than flying, and it can be a great experience – watching the landscapes of Italy go by from the train can be a ton of fun! It can also give you the opportunity to stop in other parts of Europe on your way to your elopement destination.

Getting Around Italy During Your Elopement

Italy has great public transportation systems, so getting around is easy! If you’re traveling between big cities, trains and buses are often less expensive and can help you avoid being stuck in traffic.

However, I do recommend renting a car for your elopement, at least for part of the time! Especially if you plan to hike, or visit the more remote areas of Italy, look into this once you make your elopement day plans. One thing to note, and a travel tip for visiting Italy, is that the cars are adorable – but they are small! If you’ll need a bigger vehicle, make sure to note this when you book your rental.

Did you know?

As a guide and photographer specialized in Italy elopements, I extend a comforting service to all my couples by providing complimentary transportation on their elopement adventure. This ensures that they can fully immerse themselves in the joy of their elopement experience while I handle all the logistics with care and expertise.

Lodging for your Italy elopement

From relaxing resorts to luxurious villas, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding lodging for your elopement in Italy! The place you stay can add a ton to your experience, so here are a few places to consider.

Hotels and Resorts

Throughout Italy, you’ll find plenty of luxurious hotels and resorts to stay in. Check out the Palace Hotel near Lake Como if you want to stay on the water, or the incredible beachfront Hotel Il Pellicano

Villas in Italy

Italy is famous for the adorable villas throughout the country, especially on the coast. If you elope at the Amalfi Coast, you’ll find tons of gorgeous villages, like Villa Benedetta and Villa Panorama!

Airbnbs in Italy

Another option for finding accommodations when you elope in Italy is Airbnb. There, you’ll find private places to stay, and some unique lodging! You can find everything from one of a kind container homes, farm stays in the countryside, lakeside apartments, and more.

Camping in Italy

While wild camping is generally not allowed in Italy, you can still enjoy the outdoors and have an adventure by renting a campervan, or pitching a tent at approved campgrounds. If you want something a little more glamorous, opt for a cabin or a canvas tent and go glamping!

Did you know?

When you book your elopement experience with me, I’ll give you access to my concierge service and recommend incredible hotels and talented local vendors.

Top 5 spots to Elope in Italy

Italy has endless gorgeous spots for an elopement, and you get to choose from mountain peaks, rolling hills, and sunny beaches. Here are just a few of the best places for your Italy elopement!

Where to elope in Italy - the Dolomites

The Dolomites

The Dolomites offer some of the most dramatic mountain views in the world. The jagged, towering peaks make for a pretty incredible backdrop, and you can explore hiking trails, alpine lakes, and adorable mountain towns on your elopement day!

The Amalfi Coast

For oceanside elopements, the Amalfi Coast is one of the more iconic locations in the country. Pastel colored villages dot the coastline, with turquoise beaches, cliffs over the sea, and incredible views. You can tie the knot overlooking the water, or head down to one of the beaches! There are countless villas and resorts to stay in, and plenty of adventures to have on the Amalfi Coast.

Where to elope in Italy - the Amalfi Coast
Where to elope in Italy - an Italian city

An Italian City

Italy’s cities are perfect for any couple who wants to elope amongst gorgeous architecture, to try the delicious food, and to explore the rich culture and history. Rome and Venice are incredible if you want to see famous landmarks and try pasta and gelato, and if you want to relax in the countryside and elope at a vineyard, Sicily and Tuscany are a must see!

Gran Paradiso National Park

At Gran Paradiso National Park, you can spot the alpine Ibex amongst the rugged mountain peaks, and the scenery is some of the most incredible in Italy! The park is full of hiking trails, alpine lakes, wildlife spotting, and opportunities to learn about the ranger’s conservation efforts. It’s one of the best places to elope in Italy for couples who love the outdoors!

Where to elope in Italy - Gran Paradiso National Park
Where to elope in Italy - Lake como

Lake Como

The Tuamotus region is home to three of French Polynesia’s best islands for checking out marine life! Swim with dolphins or make a pink sandcastle on the island of Tikehau, take a dive with sharks on Fakarava, or snorkel with fish on the extremely remote island of Rangiroa.

Did you know?

Italy is a treasure trove of enchanting surprises, and there’s way more to discover than the renowned Amalfi Coast. When you decide to embark on your epic elopement journey with me, I’ll craft a personalized list of 4 to 5 extraordinary off-the-beaten-path locations that perfectly match your vision. Let’s dive into Italy’s hidden treasures together, far from the typical tourist haunts, creating unforgettable memories along the way!

When to elope in Italy

When to Elope in Italy

Italy’s climate definitely depends on where you’re going! The south has more beaches and a warmer Mediterranean climate, while in the north, you’ll find more mountains and a cooler climate with more dramatic changes in weather. Here’s what you need to know about the best times for your Italy elopement!


Winter can be a great time to elope in Italy if you want to avoid crowds, or if you want to go skiing! Coastal regions are still pretty mild, and it doesn’t get too cold – so while you probably won’t want to go swimming in the winter, it can still be a good time for outdoor adventures. If you want the winter wonderland experience, head to the mountains!


Spring can be an amazing time to elope by the coast, or in the vineyards of Italy. There will be fewer people around, so you’ll have more privacy when you say your vows. The weather is more temperate, with mild temperatures. But, this also depends on where you’re going! In the mountains, it will still be cold and snowy, while southern parts of Italy begin to warm up. Weather can be a little unpredictable, so you’ll need both sunglasses and an umbrella!


Summer is the most popular time to visit, but this means it’ll be crowded and prices are higher. For elopements in the mountains, summer is definitely the best time to go if you want snow free trails. But, places near the coast get really hot this time of year! This is typically the best time for an Italy elopement for couples who want to hike, or those who want to swim or snorkel.


Like spring, fall is a great time to elope in Italy, with milder temperatures and fewer crowds. The weather tends to be more predictable in the fall, so it’s one of the best times to tie the knot! Snow usually starts accumulating around October in the mountains, so for hiking, September can be a great time to enjoy clear trails and fewer crowds.

Example budget of an elopement in Italy

When it comes to elopement budgets, I understand the challenges of providing a precise estimate for vendors outside of my own expertise. The cost can greatly vary depending on your chosen destination and the quality of vendors you desire.

Elopement expenses are significantly influenced by factors like your chosen location. Rather than providing generic budget estimates for vendors I don’t work with, I recommend exploring my elopement packages. They include all-inclusive options, giving you a clearer view of your budget and costs.

Unique Things to Do When You Elope in Italy

Eloping is all about the adventure – and planning a day that’s unique to you! There are so many incredible things to do in Italy, but here are just a few ideas to consider for your elopement.

Snorkel or Scuba Dive

Italy’s coastline is gorgeous from the shore, but there’s even more to see if you go underwater! The islands off the coast offer some of the best places for snorkeling or scuba diving, and the water is clear, perfect for spotting stingrays, fish, and sometimes dolphins.

Go Hiking

Hiking is always one of the best ways to explore nature, and you’ll find plenty of amazing trails in Italy! From the peaks of the Dolomites to the national parks and nature preserves, there’s plenty of hiking all over the country.

Try the Food

If you’re eloping in Italy, you definitely have to spend some time exploring the cities and trying the food! Italy is known for having delicious recipes, and of course, there’s no better place to get authentic pizza, pasta, lasagna, and gelato.

What to wear to elope in Italy

What to Wear to Elope in Italy

Your elopement isn’t like a traditional wedding, and this means that your attire will be a little different too! Here are some things to consider when you decide what to wear for your Italy elopement.

The Dress

When you’re choosing a dress for your elopement day, the biggest consideration is how comfortable it is! You’ll be walking and moving around a lot more than you might at a traditional wedding, so it’s really important to choose a dress that works for what you have planned. Opt for looser skirts, and if you need to stay warm, you can add a jacket, cape, or shawl!

The Shoes

If you’re hiking, hiking boots are the best option! But, no matter what you have planned, find shoes for your elopement day that are comfortable, and be sure to break them in before the big day.

The Suit

Just like with the dress, looking for an elopement suit is all about finding something comfortable. Suits make layering easy, so look for one that fits well, feels good, and will let you move around freely throughout the day.

Typical food and dishes from Italy

You might want to integrate into your elopement day

What to eat on your Italy elopement - pizza margherita

Pizza Margherita

Indulge in the iconic Pizza Margherita, which originated in Naples. This classic pizza features a thin, wood-fired crust topped with simple yet exquisite ingredients: tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, basil leaves, olive oil, and a pinch of salt. The harmony of flavors and the crispness of the crust make it a must-try dish.

Pasta Carbonara

Dive into the creamy delight of Pasta Carbonara, a Roman specialty. Made with spaghetti, eggs, Pecorino Romano cheese, pancetta, and black pepper, this pasta dish is a flavor explosion in every bite. The velvety sauce created from the eggs and cheese gives it a rich and unforgettable taste.

What to eat on your Italy elopement - pasta carbonara
What to eat on your Italy elopement - gelato


Treat your taste buds to authentic Italian gelato, a heavenly frozen dessert. Gelato comes in a wide range of flavors, from classic chocolate and vanilla to more unique choices like pistachio and tiramisu. Served in creamy, dense scoops, it’s the perfect way to cool down and satisfy your sweet cravings while strolling through Italy’s charming streets.


Discover here the latest Italy elopements I had the chance of planning and photographing.

Elope in Italy – Your Checklist

Choose a Location

This might be the hardest part! But, I’ll help you choose the perfect spot by giving you a list of location recommendations that are personalized just for you. Once you’ve decided to tie the knot in Italy, contact me to get started!

Pick a date

Consider the weather, crowds, and what you want to experience on your elopement day, then set a date to tie the knot!

Find more information about travel visas and wedding documentation

Most couples won’t need a travel visa to elope in Italy! But, make sure your passport is up to date and that you have all the required paperwork.

Book your flights and accommodation

Try to do this early on to ensure the best prices, and to be able to stay close to your elopement location! Book flights and lodging, and make your travel plans.

Book your vendors

Vendors are a huge part of your day! Be sure to reach out early on, and out together a team of people that you trust to make your dream wedding day come to life.

Live your dream elopement

This is it! After the planning is done, all that’s left is marrying your best friend in a beautiful place. We’ll adventure together and explore, and you’ll exchange vows with the love of your life.

Then, you’ll get to live the adventure all over again through your photos! If you want to elope in Italy, contact me to get the process started.


How it works to plan your Italy elopement

Process-how to plan an elopement

Let’s dive in, so you can start your journey right away!

Imagine a wedding where you can be you. Breathe. Bask in each other’s love.
Experience a place close to your hearts, or a bucket-list dream.

Inspiration for your Italy elopement

Here are some photos I created with my amazing past couples to inspire you!

Italy elopement planning and photography service

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Are you eager to start planning your elopement in Italy? I’m here to help you envision, plan and immortalize this beautiful adventure! Contact me now for a free consultation!

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