All Inclusive elopement packages in california

When to go

All year

Price from

$4 300 per person excluding flights

Ideal lenght

10 nights

Ceremony location

Forest, beach, mountain, city



Elopement Packages In California

All-Inclusive Elopement Packages In California

Welcome to your once in a lifetime California elopement!

Whether it is a secret California island, rugged cliff faces such as those at Pfeiffer Beach, or the jungle that’s calling your name, the Golden State is the ideal elopement destination.

Just picture yourself wandering through tropical rainforests while the ocean sings in the background. Or hopping aboard a boat to say your vows, surrounded by lovely beaches. I would be honored to help bring your elopement dreams to life.

To discover your perfect, bucket list elopement destination, capture your most candid moments and plan your entire Californian adventure and ensure that it is the most magical day for you and your partner, you can count on me.

Meet Your Elopement Photographer

Hi, I’m Amber!

Your Travel Planner, Guide, and Photographer

amber, elopement photographer

The thing that I love doing more than anything else in the entire world is to capture elopement experiences for gentle souls such as yourself. It is a complete experience as opposed to the pressure of simply hiring a massive ballroom, entertaining hundreds of guests, and having to deal with elaborate decorations. Instead, the focus is all on you and your partner as well as the love you share.

I am a qualified travel partner and have helped numerous lovely couples just like you plan adventure elopements across 43 countries. I have hiked to the top of the Swiss Alps, across the meadows in Sweden, to the crystal-clear lakes in New Zealand, but I still maintain that California is one of the most pristine elopement destinations.

Parks, beaches, vineyards, and much more! With such a wide variety of options available to you, I’m quite sure that we will find your dream, untouched location where you can have your perfect elopement.

I will help you plan everything from your travel, accommodation, and even the ceremony.

I will help you come up with the biggest elopement ideas and craft the perfect itinerary before bringing it to life.

You will then have the opportunity to enjoy your stress-free California elopement with the last detail perfected for you. Finally, I will document all your sweet moments so that you may cherish them forever.

Have you discovered my Ultimate Guide to elope in California yet?

How elopements in california work

California Elopement Packages: The Process

How your California elopement unfolds:

1Book your free no-obligation call
2Secure the date
3Allow me to plan your itinerary
4Experience your adventure
5Relive the experience eternally through the shots we capture

All-Inclusive elopement packages in California

We are your dedicated travel planner and elopement photographer and our all-inclusive elopement packages in California cover virtually everything.

If you, your partner, or both of you will be traveling from overseas, you can trust me to find the best flights for your destinations through my exclusive contacts. Once you have landed, we will have the airport transfers ready while your accommodation will be waiting for your too.

If your chosen California elopement destination is a drive away, I will meet with you, be your personal chauffeur, and you can start enjoying your adventure. We’ll drive slowly on the roads, with numerous stops along the way where you can enjoy traditional Californian delicacies while capturing each moment until we reach your target elopement destination.

The entire itinerary for the days following the elopement will be planned out in advance for you – just waiting for you to come enjoy the experience. Every last detail to ensure that it is the ultimate California adventure from where you will eat, explore, sleep, dream, or dance will be all taken care for you.

All Inclusive California Elopement Packages

Plan | Travel | Stay | Capture every moment

All my packages include planning, guiding, accommodation, and photography for a relaxed and all-inclusive elopement experience.

We first book your call and get to know one another. You share all the visions you have for the California elopement and we dream together. I will send you an exclusive list of bucket list destinations and vendors guaranteed to suit you. We will have back and forth communications as many times as you like util we can create the perfect elopement for you. We provide a complete custom itinerary, which includes accommodation, travel, and more.

14-Day California Elopement + Honeymoon

from $13 000 per person
flights excluded

Do you fancy the idea of a 2-week elopement celebration?

Perfect for…

If so, this elopement package is ideal for visiting a good number of destinations without ever feeling rushed. Perhaps you are looking forward to a break in a luxury resort for several days to celebrate the end of the engagement period.

Perhaps that you then want to travel to your ceremony destination and perhaps invite a small group of say 20 people to the ceremony and say your vows in a stunning location. Then you should go on a honeymoon adventure. You can count on mee to capture your entire story over the 14-day period.

10-Day California Elopement + Honeymoon

from $10 000 per person
flights excluded

A slow, peaceful elopement for celebrating both of your souls.

Perfect for…

The 10-day elopement package is a great way to explore the vast California landscapes at a suitable speed for you. Get rid of the jetlag, immerse yourself in the local culture and even visit the ceremony venue beforehand.

The vast majority of couples that selected this California elopement package prefer inviting a few select family and friends to the ceremony before spending the remainder of the time enjoying an adventure honeymoon. It is up to you to choose your story.

7-Day California Elopement + Honeymoon

from $7 500 per person
flights excluded

One whole week with your loved one.

Perfect for…

Eloping to California is one thing while capturing the entire week off the celebration is a completely different thing. Whether you would like to land from the flight, freshen up a bit, and start enjoying adventures in your selected ceremony destination or spending several days exploring before you tie the knot and have an intimate honeymoon in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, it is completely up to you.

3-Day California Elopement + Honeymoon

from $4 300 per person
flights excluded

The ultimate getaway for getting hitched in paradise!

Perfect for…

The 3-day California elopement package is one of the sweetest on offer. I find that the majority of couples that select this package either want some alone time before the official elopement starts or are traveling from within the United States and don’t have jet lag to catch up with. Spend quality time together, away from the rest of the world while all your treasured moments are captured by me.

Included with every all-inclusive package:

A Library Of Photos Detailing Your Adventure

You will receive a complete library of the entirety of your adventure presented in a professional folder that you can download, share with family and friends, or even relive over and over again.


Lay your head in comfort at either a luxury escape or in California holiday rentals that are included n this price. Once we meet, we will explore all your options to make it a dream elopement.

Upfront Pricing

Everything will be included in the final quote amount, which means that there won’t be any surprise charges beyond the final itinerary received.

Single Day Elopement Packages In California

Craving a single day elopement in California? It isn’t hard to see why! Together we can plan the perfect adventure wedding day at the location you have always wanted.

I am a qualified travel planner, which means that I can help you find the best flights, secure your preferred destination, and scout out celebrants to suit your style. Allow us to make this a magical day that you are always guaranteed to remember.

5 hours

$7 000
(photography and planning only)

We meet the afternoon of the elopement and afterwards travel to your preferred destination in California. I will then capture the leadup of the wedding right until you exchange vows.

8 hours

$7 600
(photography and planning only)

We meet in the morning, travel to your preferred destination, take some time to look around and relax prior to the ceremony, then I capture all the magic moments after tying the knot.

12 hours

$8 200
(photography and planning only)

Ideal for longer hikes, we meet in the morning, travel to your preferred destination in California, and then hike if the location is only foot-accessible. We can arrive at sunrise or right up until dusk. We then travel back to your wedding night accommodation to capture your mood perfectly.

Every single day elopement package comes included with:

Entire Planning of the Day

You first book your call that allows us to know each other better. You then share all your ideas for the California elopement and we can then dream together. I will then send you an exclusive list of bucket list locations as well as vendors that suit you. We can then bounce back and forth as many times as possible until we come up with the perfect wedding day plan, which includes travel and vendors.

A Library Of Photo Detailing Your Adventure

You will then receive a complete library of the entirety of your adventure presented in a professional folder that can be downloaded shared, and relieved over and over again.

Upfront Pricing

The final quote amount includes everything, which means that there won’t be any surprise changes besides the final itinerary received.

Common questions about the elopement packages in California

If you browse this list, you’ll find plenty of locations that are perfect for your wedding ceremony in California.

Your family and friends are most welcome to join the elopement. I’ll even encourage you to share your itinerary with them so that they know exactly where you will be staying. I usually only organize the couple’s travel and accommodation as part of the service, which means that guests will have to book themselves. That way, loved ones are free to come and go at times that perfectly suit their schedules. All while you are free to travel and explore the elopement destination.

Yes, I will actually be your personal driver to ensure that we never get lost.

It all depends on what you want since it is your elopement. If you are staying in an Airbnb or luxury hotel, I will stay close by but in a separate location. This will allow you to have a special place for unwinding after the days spent exploring. If you will be staying in a holiday rental, I might consider staying in the same hotel but in a separate room.

All meals are planned as part of your complete itinerary. On the go, we will probably be eating together. The same applies to long hike to your dream destinations. I will also be purchasing your breakfasts from local grocers so that you can cook and eat anything if you will be staying in a hotel that does not include breakfast or an Airbnb.

Some of the restaurant meals will actually be included in your itinerary, but if the days spent together finish by 6 p.m., I will leave both of you to enjoy your dinner together. Having said that, all the couples that I have worked with previously spend a couple more days either side off the elopement enjoying some leisurely activities.

Capturing your candid moments is my number one priority. Whether that’s on top of a mountain, on a sandy beach, or by the pool, I will be with you throughout the day unless we plan a day off for unwinding or anything else you might have in mind. Besides that, I will be present to capture everything for you, so that you can vividly relive each detail of the adventure for years to come.

I do both, particularly if your elopement destination is under a star-filled sky. The California wilderness calls for some truly magical night shots.

Absolutely. I would like to invite you to dream big. Nothing is off limits when it comes to elopements in California.

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