Elopement packages in Mauritius

All inclusive elopement packages in Mauritius

Elopement packages in Mauritius for the dreamers, the adventurers and the poets out there!

Here is your opportunity for a once in a lifetime Mauritius elopement!

Nestled amidst the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius emerges as an unparalleled destination for couples seeking an adventure-filled elopement. This idyllic island paradise beckons with its unique blend of breathtaking landscapes, cultural diversity, and endless opportunities for exploration.

Imagine exchanging your vows on secluded beaches with powdery sands and crystal-clear waters, or within lush rainforests surrounded by the symphony of nature. Mauritius effortlessly weaves its untouched beauty into your love story, providing a canvas that is both enchanting and immersive.

Beyond its natural allure, Mauritius invites you to embark on exhilarating adventures hand-in-hand. Snorkel alongside vibrant coral reefs, hike through the verdant Black River Gorges, and explore hidden caves and secluded coves. Each moment is a chance to weave unforgettable memories into the fabric of your partnership.

As the sun sets, casting its golden hues over the horizon, you’ll find yourself immersed in a haven of intimacy and romance. The island’s lesser-known corners offer you the privilege of exchanging your vows away from the bustle, with the gentle lull of the ocean or the rustling leaves as your witnesses.

Mauritius, with its fusion of African, Indian, European, and Asian influences, adds depth and richness to your elopement. This cultural tapestry can be woven into your celebration, creating an experience that’s not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful.

Amidst the adventurous backdrop, Mauritius doesn’t compromise on comfort. You can seamlessly blend your escapades with luxury, basking in world-class hospitality and accommodations that cater to your every desire. It’s an invitation to savor the excitement of exploration without relinquishing the pleasures of relaxation.

In Mauritius, your adventure elopement takes on a unique hue—a canvas painted with the vibrant strokes of nature, culture, and shared experiences. The island’s charm allows you to script a chapter of your love story that’s as adventurous, intimate, and extraordinary as the bond you share.

Your Elopement Photographer

Hi there, I’m Amber!

Your Travel Planner, Guide, and Photographer

amber, elopement photographer

As an ardent admirer of nature, an adventurer at heart, and a self-proclaimed introvert, my dedication lies in capturing authentic and distinctive elopement moments for exceptional couples like yourselves. My utmost goal is to orchestrate an unmatched elopement experience that genuinely celebrates your deep love for one another.

I firmly hold the belief that your extraordinary day should center entirely around you and your partner, unburdened by the intricacies of organizing a grand wedding with a multitude of attendees. This is where my role becomes significant – guiding you seamlessly through the entire process, ensuring you revel in each other’s company and create enduring memories together.

With my extensive knowledge and credentials, I have guided numerous couples in curating their envisioned elopements across over 43 countries worldwide. From the majestic Swiss Alps to the serene haven of Hawaii, I have explored diverse landscapes. Yet, there is one destination that holds an irreplaceable spot in my heart – Mauritius. With its unmatched charm, it undoubtedly stands as one of the most captivating elopement havens on the planet.

Have you discovered my Ultimate Guide to elope in Mauritius yet?

All Inclusive Elopement Packages in Mauritius

Plan | Travel | Stay | Capture every moment

In crafting an elopement experience in Mauritius, my approach revolves around embracing your story as a couple and your distinct vision for your celebration. Through deep understanding, I can weave an occasion that authentically mirrors your personalities and honors your love in its truest form. From our initial conversations, my focus is on attentive listening, immersing myself in your narrative, preferences, and the intricacies that make your relationship unique. This foundation becomes the canvas for an elopement experience that is exclusively yours.

Once our connection and your aspirations are vividly outlined, my efforts shift towards discovering the perfect ceremony setting in Mauritius. Drawing upon my intimate familiarity with the island’s remarkable landscapes and hidden treasures, I handpick options that align seamlessly with your dreams. Whether it’s a secluded shoreline, a tranquil lakeside haven, or a commanding cliffside vista, I present an array of singular and breathtaking venues that frame your intimate vows exchange. Moreover, I meticulously craft an itinerary that encapsulates the myriad wonders to explore and relish in the region, ensuring your elopement journey is a tapestry of remarkable instants and captivating adventures that truly encapsulate the essence of Mauritius.


What’s included in your elopement package in Mauritius

What exactly is included in EVERY elopement package I offer?

  • photographic reportage of your elopement adventure
  • A beautiful 40 pages, 12×12″, wooden photography album
  • 4-5 beautiful, natural and raw ceremony location options to choose from (based on what kind of scenery you envision for your day!)
  • Access to my concierge service to help you find the best vendors in Mauritius
  • A custom timeline of the day
  • Help with permits
  • My epic “how to elope” printed guide
  • A full gallery of beautiful edited photos ready to print and share with your family and friends
  • Tons of love and help every step of the way
  • 5 trees planted in a forest thanks to the Tree Nation program
  • 1% of the total of your package donated to a non-profit organization acting for the environment


Dragon – The ultimate 3-day elopement package in Mauritius – the Signature Zephyr & Luna package

  • 3-day of epic road-trip around Mauritius (transportation included)
  • photographic reportage of your elopement adventure
  • Accommodation for 2 nights (in 3* or more hotels)
  • All your meals from the lunch on the first day to the lunch on the third day
  • Everything listed in the “it’s more than beautiful photos” section

Imagine a 3-day all-inclusive package as your ultimate ticket to a peaceful adventure elopement in Mauritius. This fantastic option takes the stress out of planning and lets you both dive headfirst into an incredible journey of love and exploration.

Think about it – you’ll be whisked away to the stunning landscapes of Mauritius with everything already sorted. From cozy accommodations to mouthwatering meals, and even exciting guided adventures, every detail is expertly taken care of. This means you can focus solely on soaking up the romance, the scenery, and each other’s company.

Picture yourself strolling hand in hand on hidden beaches, sharing laughter during guided nature walks, and indulging in the island’s rich culture – all while your elopement dreams come true. With your vows exchanged in this paradise, you’ll enjoy gourmet treats, relaxing spa pampering, and unique activities that celebrate your unique love story.

So, if you’re up for a laid-back and thrilling elopement where every magical moment is already set in motion, this all-inclusive package is your best friend. It’s your passport to a serene yet exciting escape, tailor-made for a love story as unique as yours.

Book this experience for USD 19.780

Griffin – 3 to 4 locations

  • Maximum 3 to 4 locations of photographic reportage of your elopement adventure
  • Everything listed in the “it’s more than beautiful photos” section

In the heart of Mauritius’ enchanting landscapes, lies a wondrous option that unveils itself like a love letter to adventure-seeking souls. Picture this: a bespoke elopement planning and photography package, carefully designed to embrace the essence of your extraordinary love story.

With 3-4 captivating locations woven into a seamless tapestry, your elopement day becomes an exquisite journey. Imagine the sun-kissed beaches, the lush forests, and the hidden corners that await, each offering its own whisper of magic to your tale. This is your canvas, painted with the vibrant hues of your connection.

From the moment you set foot in this paradise, every step is a dance of discovery. Guided by a dedicated hand, your experience flows effortlessly, capturing both the grand moments and the intimate glances that form your story. With up to 3 to 4 locations of enchantment, you’ll explore, laugh, and breathe in the romance, knowing that every cherished instant is immortalized in timeless frames.

This package is more than just a bundle of services; it’s a vessel for your dreams. It’s the opportunity to revel in the thrill of the unknown, knowing that your journey is expertly curated to be both seamless and spectacular. And as the day unfolds, as the sun caresses the horizons of Mauritius, you’ll find that every location is a chapter, every photograph a verse, and every memory a treasure.

Book this experience for USD 11.850

Minotaur – 1 to 2 locations

  • Maximum 1 to 2 locations of photographic reportage of your elopement adventure
  • Everything listed in the “it’s more than beautiful photos” section

Nestled within the embrace of Mauritius’ tender landscapes, a path awaits for those seeking a delightful elopement experience. Imagine a bespoke elopement planning and photography package, thoughtfully curated to paint your love story in the hues of this enchanting paradise.

With 1-2 carefully chosen locations, your elopement becomes a graceful dance between nature and your connection. Picture the sun-dappled beaches and lush retreats, each a chapter in your tale of devotion. This option is a window into the heart of Mauritius, offering a taste of its magic.

Within 1 to 2 locations, your journey unfolds like a cherished novella, capturing the fleeting glances and shared laughter. Each click of the camera captures a fragment of your story, a memento of the moments that make your love unique. This package is a reminder that sometimes, simplicity can be the truest form of elegance.

While it’s not the grandest adventure, it’s a step into the unknown, an exploration of the extraordinary within the ordinary. It’s an invitation to experience Mauritius’ beauty through a focused lens, to savor the magic in a shorter but no less impactful journey. And as the sun bids adieu to the day, you’ll know that your elopement has been etched into the annals of time, a tale of love amid Mauritius’ wonders.

Book this experience for USD 10.750

make your elopement package in Mauritius all-inclusive

Include all the popular vendors you might need for your elopement, nothing more

  • A celebrant
  • A hair and makeup artist
  • A custom-made bouquet + boutonniere
+USD 4.750

Looking for a 2-in-1 honeymoon and elopement package in Mauritius?

Discover the all-inclusive Petrichor package – 7 days of pure bliss

Embark on a journey, a symphony of seven days painted in the hues of love, in the heart of Mauritius’ embrace. Here, the ordinary transforms into extraordinary, and your love story unfurls like a rare tropical bloom, delicate yet enduring.

With the grace of an elopement planning and photography package, all facets are woven together, a tapestry of your dreams. Imagine a realm where vendors are harmoniously choreographed, leaving you and your beloved to dance in the spotlight of your own tale. No details to fuss over, no worries to weigh you down – just the joy of each moment, fully lived.

From your plane’s gentle descent to the final rays of sunset, every instant is curated for your happiness. A seamless fusion of elopement and honeymoon, this package becomes the chapters of your adventure – the intimate ceremony by the shore, the laughter shared amidst lush landscapes, the quiet nights under starlit Mauritian skies.

This is your tale, a masterpiece painted in the colors of a paradise found. Your journey is a testament to love’s potency, to the enchantment of Mauritius’ essence. The vendors, the planning, the photography – they meld into a canvas, upon which you create memories that will stand the test of time.

So let your hearts be light as the tropical breeze, let your steps be guided by the rhythm of your love. In this exquisite blend of elopement and honeymoon, Mauritius awaits to weave its magic around you, to gift you seven days of cherished moments, and an eternity of love.


  • 7-day of epic road-trip around Mauritius
  • 3-day photographic reportage of your elopement adventure
  • Accommodation for 6 nights (in 3* or more hotels)
  • All your meals from the lunch on the first day to the lunch on the seventh day
  • 4-5 beautiful, natural and raw ceremony location options to choose from (based on what kind of scenery you envision for your day!)
  • A custom timeline of the day + a custom printed itinerary for your adventure before or after your elopement (7-days total)
  • An officiant (for a symbolic or legal ceremony, you choose!)
  • A hair and makeup artist for your elopement day
  • A bridal bouquet
  • Car rental for your 4-day road-trip (when we’re not exploring together)
  • Airport transfers
  • Everything listed in the “it’s more than beautiful photos” section

Only add your plane ticket, sit back and relax

Book this peaceful experience for USD 29.850

Common questions about my elopement packages in Mauritius

While I maintain a relaxed demeanor, I comprehend the occasional unease couples feel when facing the camera. It’s a sentiment shared by many. In reality, I can count on one hand the instances where couples haven’t conveyed some degree of apprehension regarding this facet of the photography session. Yet, take solace in the fact that my extensive experience as a photographer encompasses working with couples of varying personality dispositions throughout the years. A glimpse into our past endeavors will affirm that none of the couples appear contrived or unnatural in their photographs.

In my role as a photographer, my foremost aim is to capture unfeigned and profound moments between you and your partner. My approach is marked by subtlety, allowing you both to remain engrossed in the elopement experience, thereby enabling you to be fully present and wholly absorbed in the moment. I possess the savoir-faire to collaborate with couples who may harbor uneasiness in front of the camera, and I am dedicated to ensuring the experience is as comforting and enjoyable as can be. Rest assured, you’re placing your trust in capable hands, and your photographs will mirror your authentic selves and your unique love story.

When it comes to the unpredictable weather, you might be wondering about our “Plan B.” Well, kudos for thinking ahead! Let’s chat about this important detail. As a seasoned photographer, I do have some limitations when it comes to changing dates due to weather. But hey, here’s the scoop: my photography style is all about embracing the uniqueness of each moment, rain or shine. And guess what? Your mindset can totally make a difference too.

Here’s the deal – the true magic lies in you and your partner being in the present, fully enjoying your day. While a dreamy sunset sounds amazing (and it really can be!), it’s not the only ingredient for an incredible elopement. Believe it or not, some of the most captivating shots I’ve taken happened on rainy days – the lighting and mood can be downright enchanting.

So, rain or shine, I’m here to capture those heartfelt, authentic moments between you two. With a positive attitude and an open heart, your elopement will be a success no matter what Mother Nature throws our way. Let’s create some unforgettable memories together, come rain or shine!

I have a genuine passion for capturing moments that span the entire day – from the soft, radiant light of daytime to the enchanting hues of sunset. And hey, if you’re feeling adventurous, I’m absolutely thrilled to capture some magical nighttime shots under the starry sky. The canvas is wide open, and together, we’ll craft a visual narrative that beautifully weaves your unique love story.

Absolutely! In addition to furnishing you with an all-encompassing guide that aids you in navigating the intricacies, I’ll also furnish bespoke counsel curated to your unique desires and requirements. I’m fully aware that orchestrating logistics can be a bit daunting, which is why I’m here to alleviate that load and enable you to concentrate on savoring the most extraordinary facets of your elopement. Allow me to handle the logistical intricacies, granting you the freedom to wholeheartedly indulge in your envisioned elopement experience.

Concerning the guest count, while many couples opt for a private and intimate affair, I’m also receptive to the notion of incorporating a small group of close companions if it holds significance for you. In my role as the principal photographer, I’m capable of accommodating up to six guests. In the case of larger gatherings of up to 20 guests, I have a reliable colleague who will skillfully ensure that every moment is captured splendidly.

When it comes to equipment, I firmly advocate for employing the latest and high-quality tools to deliver exceptional outcomes. My choice includes Nikon D800 camera bodies combined with an array of top-tier lenses, ensuring that every nuance is impeccably captured. Moreover, I incorporate the utilization of a Mavic Air 2 drone to seize distinctive and awe-inspiring angles that add an extra layer of creativity.

The quantity of photos provided depends on the session duration. A 3-day adventure elopement usually yields approximately 400-800 images, whereas 12-hour elopements generally produce 200-400 pictures. Ensuring top-notch quality is my foremost concern, as I concentrate on delivering superior photographs that encapsulate the true spirit of your remarkable day.

I provide online galleries that offer the opportunity to acquire top-tier prints, frames, and announcements through our esteemed partner labs. Furthermore, every package includes heirloom albums, simplifying the process of selecting your preferred photos while leaving the rest in our capable hands.

Still have questions? I have answers!