How to elope in the Faroe Islands - the Ultimate guide

The ultimate guide to elope in the Faroe Islands

for an adventure elopement in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a wild, unspoiled collection of eighteen islands that are part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Though they’re triangled by Norway, Iceland, and the United Kingdom, the Faroe Islands have managed to stay remote as travelers skip past the islands.

Big mistake, but that means you can elope in the Faroe Islands and have a beautiful view and a private place to say your vows all to yourself!  With landscapes similar to Iceland, but with less tourists and crowds, you definitely don’t want to miss out on these islands. To plan your Faroe Islands elopement, there are a few things that you should know – but luckily I’ve got all the important stuff. Keep reading to learn how to elope in the Faroe Islands!

The Grind in the Faroe Islands

Elope on the Faroe Islands - don't forget about the Grinds

I want every couple to love their elopement location, which means you deserve to know all the facts – every place has pros and cons, but I want to insert a disclaimer to this guide. In the Faroe Islands, there’s a controversial tradition that takes place each year. An annual whale hunt called the grindadráp (the grind) takes place sometime between July and September, whenever a pod of whales is spotted and the hunt can begin.

The grind has taken place for several centuries, but has drawn tons of criticism from both locals and foreigners, as well as several environmental protection agencies for the inhumane killing of the whales and the damage it does to the populations.

If this is a deal breaker for you, there are plenty of other gorgeous places to elope if you’d like to avoid supporting this terrible tradition. Places with similar landscapes include Iceland, the Scottish Isles, and New Zealand
If you do elope in the Faroe Islands and book your elopement with me, I will donate 500€ to the Sea Shepherds – an organization working to stop this practice.

Let’s dive in…

Welcome to the Adventure of a Lifetime

amber, elopement photographer

Hey there, I’m Amber! I’m your elopement photographer and planner – your one-stop-shop for absolutely everything you need for a magical, incredible elopement day. 

I offer all-inclusive elopement packages for couples who want to relax and let me handle absolutely everything, as well as options for couples who like a little bit of DIY! I’ll find the perfect place for you to exchange vows, recommend vendors, help you figure out travel and lodging, make a timeline, and more – personalizing each part of your elopement day to perfectly suit the two of you. And of course, I’ll be there to take the photos and document this once in a lifetime adventure.
You aren’t like every other couple, and your wedding day shouldn’t be either! I’ll help you craft a day that’s true to you, authentic, and real, allowing you to immerse yourselves in the experience as you say your “I dos.”

First, let’s be sure we’re talking about the same thing:

What is an elopement?

It seems like somewhere along the way, weddings became about throwing a party for everyone else to enjoy instead of a way to truly celebrate two people committing to spend forever together. Couples spend all that time planning and stressing, not to mention all that money, and then the big day comes and they hardly get to enjoy it because they’re busy running around to make sure they greet all their guests and that everything is going according to plan. but not anymore!

But isn’t this supposed to be the best day of your life? Shouldn’t it be about you?

Elopements are a way to reclaim your wedding day and to start your marriage by doing something you love! You get to decide what feels right and what matters to you, and you get to have a wedding day that actually reflects the two of you and your relationship.

How to legally elope in the Faroe Islands

How to Legally Elope in the Faroe Islands

If you’re traveling internationally to elope in the Faroe Islands, some couples choose to do the paperwork and legal stuff at home before or after their ceremony. Your marriage doesn’t start until you actually say your vows, and it may be easier to get it out of the way and done close to home, and it allows you to focus your elopement day on the fun stuff!

To elope in the Faroe Islands, you’ll need to obtain a Notice of Marriage (similar to a marriage license in other countries) from the capital city. This must be done at least 4 weeks before the ceremony, so make sure to plan ahead! To get your Notice of Marriage, you’ll need to email [email protected], and they will also require that you send copies of your birth certificates and proof of divorce or widow(er) status, if applicable. These need to be in English (unless you happen to have a Faroese copy), so get them translated if needed!

Ceremonies in the Faroe Islands are officiated by a mayor or by a minister, and require two witnesses to be present! If you’re eloping just the two of you, your photographer can serve as a witness, as can any other vendors!

For couples from the US:

In certain states, you can ask your county clerk the authorization to sign your wedding license abroad. If they agree, as a registered minister, my team and I will be able to legally marry you without the hassle of a legal wedding ceremony in Faroe Islands.

Why Elope in the Faroe Islands?

Incredible Scenery

Needless to say, the Faroe Islands are incredibly beautiful. The vibrant green mountains, crashing waterfalls, shaggy sheep and adorable puffins, and colorful villages make it impossible to find a spot in the Faroe Islands that wouldn’t make a great backdrop for your elopement photos!

Unspoiled Beauty

Not only are the Faroe Islands beautiful, but they’re also not overrun by tourists and travelers. The islands have managed to stay remote, which means the beauty of nature on the islands is wild and untouched. You’ll have no problem finding a private place to say your vows!

Friendly Locals

The locals of the Faroe Islands are welcoming and friendly, and eager to share the beauty of their home! If you spend any time exploring the villages, restaurants, or breweries of the Faroe Islands, you’re bound to make new friends and get recommendations for places to visit.

Top 5 spots to Elope in the Faroe Islands

Stunning coastlines, towering fjords, beautiful mountains… where do you begin to look for a spot for your Faroe Islands elopement? It will definitely be hard to narrow it down – but don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to explore on your elopement day! Here are some good places to elope in the Faroe Islands to get you inspired..

Where to elope in the Faroe Islands - Saksun Church

Saksun Church

On the island of Streymoy, about an hour from Torshavn (the capital city), lies a tiny village on the inlet. There are just a few houses, and a lot of sheep, but the church stands out with its cobblestone wall and overgrown, moss covered rooftop. The quiet village and the views of waterfalls and the Norwegian sea make this a perfect, serene backdrop for your Faroe Islands elopement.

Lake Sørvágsvatn

This lake is nestled on the edge of a few of the tallest cliffs on the Faroe Islands. After an easy hike that shouldn’t take more than an hour, you’ll be at the top, standing at the cliff’s edge(if you’re brave enough) for an incredible view of the lake.

Where to elope in the Faroe Islands - Lake Sørvágsvatn
Where to elope in the Faroe Islands - Fossa Waterfall

Fossa Waterfall

This waterfall is also located on Streymoy, and is actually the highest waterfall in the country! The water runs off of a cliff, hitting the rocky surface below. There’s nothing more majestic and powerful than a waterfall, and this one would be a jaw dropping spot to say your vows.

Bøssdalafossur Waterfall

After a short hike up to the top of the cliff, you’ll be greeted with Bøssdalafossur Waterfall cascading from a lake down into the Atlantic Ocean. This is the perfect elopement location for those who want to be by the ocean, and to experience the rugged coastline of the Faroe Islands.

Where to elope in the Faroe Islands - Bøssdalafossur Waterfall
Where to elope in the Faroe Islands - Saksun


Saksun is one of the most remote locations in the Faroe Islands. There is a small village with tiny, moss-covered houses tucked in lush green fields and surrounded by towering mountain peaks. Elope amongst the silence and beauty of Saksun, and you’ll feel like you stepped into a storybook.

When to elope in the Faroe Islands

When to Elope in the Faroe Islands


Days are very short in the winter – as short as just five hours. Few people explore the Faroe Islands during the colder months, but if you aren’t afraid of rain, you’ll be greeted with snow capped peaks and solitude throughout the islands.


The weather warms up a lot in the spring, but many days are still rainy. Flowers bloom across the islands, and spring is a great time for spotting puffins!


June through August is the most popular time to visit the Faroe Islands, and because the weather is less temperamental, summer is a great time to elope here. Some days can reach up to 19 hours of daylight, giving you plenty of time to hike, explore, and adventure on your elopement day! With great weather come more tourists, so be prepared to share your elopement location.


Starting in September, the Faroe Islands see significantly less traffic, and eloping during the fall can give you more of a chance to find a private spot to say your vows. The views will be just as beautiful, with some yellow and orange sprinkled into the landscape as the leaves turn.

How Much Does it Cost to Elope in the Faroe Islands?

all-inclusive, 7-day ELOPEMENT and honeymoon

6 nights in accommodation (3* or more)
Elopement photographer for 3 days
All meals for the 7 days
4-5 beautiful, natural and raw ceremony location options
Custom timeline of the day
Hair and makeup
Car rental
Airport transfers


$27 700


Elopement photographer for 12 hours
4-5 beautiful, natural and raw ceremony location options
Custom timeline of the day


$8 000

What to wear for your elopement on the Faroe Islands

What To Wear When Eloping In the Faroe Islands

The key to a great elopement day is to make sure that you’re comfortable! That means dressing in clothes that let you sit down, walk, and move around, and also in layering up to be prepared for any weather!e moving around!

The Dress

The weather in the Faroe Islands can be unpredictable – it may be cold the morning of your elopement, and then warm up later, so layers are key! A lightweight dress will let you move around easily and freely throughout the day, and adding a shawl or a cape will keep you warm. Capes also look amazing blowing in the wind!

The Shoes

Uncomfortable shoes will ruin your whole day – and you definitely don’t want that to happen on your elopement day! I recommend hiking boots, and if you buy new kicks for the occasion, make sure to break them in! Comfortable hiking boots will keep your feet warm and dry as you explore the Faroe Islands.

The Suit

Layers are key in the Faroe Islands! If it gets warm during the day, a button down shirt and dress pants will be perfect, but in case the weather turns (as it often does), bring a jacket or tux along! It’ll do wonders for keeping you warm.

Elope in the Faroe Islands – Your Checklist

Think about where you’d like to go

This is probably the hardest part – the Faroe Islands are beautiful everywhere you look! Decide what kind of scenery you want on your elopement day, how much hiking you want to do, and how far you want to travel.
As an elopement photographer, a big part of my job is to help couples find the perfect place to say their vows. As a travel planner, I’m ready to go with all the best secret spots! Once you’ve decided to elope in the Faroe Islands, don’t hesitate to get in touch for planning assistance.

Pick a date

I always recommend eloping on a weekday – you’ll run into much fewer crowds than you would on the weekend! Make sure to research the weather, then decide on an elopement date.

Find more information about travel visas and wedding documentation

To visit the Faroe Islands, you won’t need a Visa! But, make sure you know where your passport is, and that it’s up to date.

Book your flights and accommodation

Booking flights and accommodation early gives you better chances of finding a great deal,and especially during busy season, helps guarantee that you’ll be able to stay close to your elopement location!

Book your vendors

Many wedding and elopement vendors fill their calendars as far as a year or two out – so don’t hesitate to inquire! It’s never too early to start contacting your favorites.

Live your dream elopement

Woohoo! This is it – tie the knot, relax, and spend the day adventuring.


How to plan your peaceful elopement ON THE FAROE ISLANDS with me

Process-how to plan an elopement

Let’s dive in, so you can start your journey right away!

Imagine a wedding where you can be you. Breathe. Bask in each other’s love.
Experience a place close to your hearts, or a bucket-list dream.

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Inspiration for your Faroe Islands elopement

Here are some photos I created with my amazing past couples to inspire you!

When to elope in the Faroe Islands - fall

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How to elope in the Faroe Islands - the ultimate guide
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