All Inclusive elopement packages in ireland

When to go

May, June, October

Price from

$3 950 per person excluding flights

Ideal lenght

10 nights

Ceremony location

Moutain, countryside, beach, cliff, castle



Ireland Elopement Packages + Prices

All Inclusive Elopement Packages in Ireland

Welcome to your once in a lifetime Irish elopement!

Planning an elopement is something that you will definitely want to consider when you are planning to get married, and Ireland is filled with wonder, beaches, mountains, and a lot more. You can even get married right beside a cliff. There are so many possibilities when you elope in Ireland and you will be happy with any of them that you will be able to do.

It’d be my honour to help bring your elopement dreams to life! To discover your perfect, bucket list location, capture your candid moments and plan your entire Irish adventure, so it’s the most magical day for you two. 

This is where your adventure begins…

Meet Your Elopement Photographer

Hi, I’m Amber!

Your Travel Planner, Photographer + Guide

amber, elopement photographer

Adventurer, nature-lover and self-confessed introvert. 

You are in good hands and you will enjoy all that I have in store for you. You will not have to worry about entertaining lots of people in an elaborate experience for your wedding because you will be able to share your love for one another in Ireland. Since I am a qualified travel planner, I have lots in store for you. Many choices that you can pick from so that you can really enjoy the day without all the fanfare and expense.

Since I have planned elopements across 43 countries, I have a lot of experience. I know the Swiss Alps and New Zealand’s clear lakes. Mountains, beaches, and volcanoes are all places that I know a lot about and will allow you to enjoy on your special day.

I help you plan the travel, accommodation, your ceremony – everything!

You can book a free no obligation call so that I can assist you with the best elopement plans that you can think of.

I will help you to dream up the best time to spend with your loved one and enjoy it to the fullest. It will be a special day that you will never forget and I will make sure of that.

Have you discovered my Ultimate Guide to elope in Ireland yet?

elopement packages in the countryside of ireland

The Process: Ireland Elopement Packages

How your elopement in Ireland comes to life

1Get your free call in
2Then, you will want to secure your date so it is locked in
3We will then begin to plan your itinerary that you will love
4Then, it is time for you to enjoy your adventure to the fullest
5You can look at your photographs for many years to come to relive the memories of your big day

All Inclusive Elopement Packages in Ireland

I take care of everything from your flight transfer to accommodations that will be waiting for you. You will find that I always get you the best prices that are available. I will also be your personal driver that will take you to different places in Ireland so that you can enjoy them to the fullest.

The scenery that you will get to see is unreal and you will be taken to the place that you will take your vows. It is going to be exciting and everything is planned out for you so that you can just enjoy yourself to the fullest.

All Inclusive Ireland Elopement Packages

Plan | Travel | Stay | Capture every moment

All packages include planning, photography, guiding and accomodation, for a relaxed, all-inclusive elopement experience.

First you book your call and we get to know each other. You share all your visions for your elopement in Ireland and we dream together! I’ll send you an exclusive list of bucket list locations and vendors that magically suit you… We bounce back and forth as many times as you like until we craft your perfect days. A complete itinerary including travel, accommodation and more.

14-Day Ireland Elopement + Honeymoon

from $13 700 per person
flights excluded

A two-week time period that is all about celebrating.

Perfect for…

Once you book your call it is all about getting to know what you like and what you want to do. You will have your choice of different locations that you can go to. We will make sure that your days and nights are spent in total bliss so that you are able to have a great time. You will get to visit many places and enjoy every moment of it.

10-Day Ireland Elopement + Honeymoon

from $10 200 per person
flights excluded

This is 10 days of great places to go to and things to do and see.

Perfect for…

You and your special person will get to experience so much fun and entertainment. It will be something that is truly special for you so we will get started with the free phone call to find out just what you are looking for. It is something that will really make you feel great.

7-Day Ireland Elopement + Honeymoon

from $7 600 per person
flights excluded

This is a whole week of spending in wonderful Ireland where you can have a great time.

Perfect for…

You will love that you can do and see a lot while you are there. It will really be a special time for you. Make your dreams come true during your week there.

3-Day Ireland Elopement + Honeymoon

from $3 950 per person
flights excluded

This is 3 days of sweet times for couples who want to spend some time alone together for their elopements.

Perfect for…

You will get to spend the time you want together with the photographs that you want for your special moments.

Included with every all-inclusive package:

Every Photo in Your Hands

You will receive a complete library of photographs in a special folder with every package. This will allow you to relive the memories of the time that you spent in Ireland.

Holiday or Luxury Rentals

You can have luxury rentals or Irish holiday rentals. We will make sure that you get the one that you want.

No Bill Shock

Everything is included when you get your final quote. There are no surprises so that you no what it is in store.

Single Day Elopement Packages in Ireland

If you just want one day in Ireland, you can do that too.

5 hours

$5 100
(photography and planning only)

8 hours

$5 700
(photography and planning only)

12 hours

$6 200
(photography and planning only)

Included with every single day elopement package:

Entire Planning of the Day

You book your call and I plan your day. You will get to do a lot of different things and pull from a list of destinations that you want to see. It will definitely be worth your time.

Every Photo in Your Hands

Once again, you will get the best photographs to remember your special day by. You can be sure that you will really love them.

No Bill Shock

You will receive no shocks when you get your bill. Everything is upfront and included in your final quote.

Where you’ll rest your head

Some common questions about eloping in Ireland

Take a wander over to this list of the best places to inspire your Ireland elopement.

Bringing your friends and family to experience your elopement is encouraged. You can also have them share in your itinerary so that you can get to share time with them. You will want them to know where you are staying and sometimes, they will want to stay there too. This way, they can have a lot of fun with you while you are having the time of your life on your elopement.

Yes, I am going to be your personal driver all around the area to everywhere you need to go. This way, you will never have to get lost and you will be where you need to be on time each and every time.

You will decide on that. It is all up to you because it is your elopement. You may want to stay in a fancy hotel and I will stay close by. This will allow you to spend some special moments with your special loved one and you will also get to relax. If you are staying in a holiday rental, I may also stay in it too. This is all up to you as I said before so you can be thinking of what you want to do.

All meals are planned in your itinerary. Yes, we will most likely eat together. The same goes for long hikes to your destinations. I will have all of the food that is necessary to have a great meal. You will really enjoy it. I am a travel planner so that I know what is the best place for you to eat so that you are done by a certain time and that you won’t miss anything that you have to do. It will be wonderful as you will see.

Yes, all the meals and day trips to get the pictures that you want are included in your trip. Activities though are not included so you will want to make sure that you have the money for that when you are booking with us. However, we do cover the sightseeing so that you can see as much as possible while you are there.

By the pool or on top of a mountain, I will be there to capture your photographs. I am with you all day unless you need some time to just spend with each other. It is up to you. I love to get the pictures of couples having the time of their lives when they are eloping in Ireland. You just need to let me know what you prefer to do.

You can have photographs either in the night or the day. You want to capture as much of what you are doing when you are in Ireland for your elopement. Be sure that you enjoy as much as possible and I will be there to take the pictures for your memories. sky! Spoiler alert: The Irish wilderness calls for some magic night shots.

You can enjoy all of them and I will be there to take the pictures. You can be underwater if you like by a coral reef or even by a volcano. Just let me know what you have in mind and I will make sure that it happens for you. It is your dream come true when you elope in Ireland. It will be the most special time of your life.

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