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Scotland is the land of the brave, wilds and adventure lovers. It is the best destination for couples looking for an incredible, beautiful and peaceful adventure for their elopement. With ragged mountains, deep lakes, mystical forests, ancient castles and delicious food, Scotland has it all. To be honest, it has always been my favorite location for an adventure elopement.

If you’re thinking of Scotland for your elopement, you’re on the right page. In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know to elope in Scotland: venues, tips, places and everything in between, so you will be able to plan the most peaceful and amazing elopement.

Let’s dive in…

First, let’s be sure we’re talking about the same thing:

What is an elopement?

Elopement is a way to get married that only involves a few people (or nobody at all) with the couple on the day of their wedding. Many years ago, an elopement was a way for a couple to get married in secret. However, it is intended more for couples looking for an amazing experience for their wedding day. Elopements avoid family drama, the stress of planning a big wedding and can take place pretty much anywhere.

If you want to make your elopement the official day of your marriage and you are not a UK citizen, you can legally get married in Scotland. You will both need to apply for a marriage visa and first contact the attorney general of the state you are planning on living in the USA to check if your marriage license will be valid there (which is the case in most states of the U.S.). Same-sex couples can also legally get married. Your ceremony must be performed by a recognized celebrant from the religion of your choice, or no religion at all, like a humanist celebrant.

Why you should plan an elopement in Scotland

Amazing nature

If there is something that should truly move you when you visit Scotland, it is its natural beauty. The diversity is absolutely amazing, and the panoramas are gorgeous, especially when you go north of the city of Stirling. You may have heard of the Highlands, the Loch Ness Monster, or the Isle of Skye. However, Scotland is a very exciting place to visit. There are many things to see, aside from the well-known attractions. There are deep lakes, mysterious forests, tiny houses lost in the middle of amazing landscapes and dramatic cliffs. There is much to see and many places to celebrate your Scottish elopement!

Great history

When you’re not walking in beautiful, painting-like landscapes, you can discover the second reason why Scotland is famous throughout the world: its heritage. Scotland is has many ancient castles, some of which you can now visit. They are filled with folklore, tales and legends. The Lords of Scotland truly have an amazing history. You can discover it, while walking in the beautiful corridors of a 12th century castle. The northern part of Scotland also has a very rooted Nordic culture. If you’d like to know more about Vikings, visit the Shetland Islands and be a part of the Up Helly Aa festival in Lerwick, which takes place every January. It is amazing.

Landscape diversity

It is a little bit like the “nature” part of this chapter, but it is worth mentioning. The landscapes in Scotland are jaw-dropping. Anywhere you go will be a treat for your eyes. In the central part of Scotland, you will find beautiful, snowy mountains perfect for hikes and exchanging your vows at sunset with a view. This area also has lakes (the Loch Ness is not the most beautiful one). The western part is flatter, with beautiful little islands scattered off the coast. The Hebrides are worthwhile visiting. You can enjoy them after a short boat ride from the mainland. The eastern part has many castles and forests. Be sure to check them out. The northern part of Scotland is my favorite. It is flatter than the center and filled with dramatic cliffs, beautiful sandy beaches and sheep everywhere. You can also go to the northernmost post office in the UK, by visiting the Shetland Islands by boat. They truly are wonderful.

The best locations for an elopement in Scotland

how to plan an elopement in scotland - isle of skye

Isle of Skye

Widely known for its beautiful landscapes mainly linked to fairies, the Isle of Skye is a mysterious island that you can reach by car via a little bridge from mainland. Once you set foot on the isle, it’s hard not to get lost in its little winding roads leading to beautiful peaks and secluded beaches. It is all lit by out-of-this-world sunlight.

how to plan an elopement in scotland - ardnamurchan peninsula

Ardnamurchan peninsula

For some places, what matters is not the destination, but the journey to get there. This is true for the Ardnamurchan Peninsula. The road to the peninsula is long, beautiful and full of amazing spots that you can definitely enjoy from the road. Lakes, mountains and forests are waiting for you. At the end of the road is an amazing lighthouse with a 180° view of the ocean. It is the perfect spot for your elopement in Scotland.

how to elope in scotland - harris and lewis

Isle of Harris and Lewis

Part of the Hebrides, the Isle of Harris and Lewis is a beautiful place for your wedding ceremony in Scotland. The Isle of Harris is full of scattered fishing houses with beautiful views of the ocean. You can drive around the whole island from south to north and enjoy secluded artsy cafés, ancient churches, amazingly beautiful beaches and a trip back in time with some thatched houses.

how to elope in scotland - loch lomond

The Loch Lomond Area

This might be the most popular tourist location in Scotland. However,there  are many secluded, secret places to visit that will allow you to avoid the crowds (which are pretty much always non-existent, especially if you’re not visiting in July or August). Try to visit the Loch Arklet for a very special treat!

how to plan an elopement in scotland - shetland islands

The Shetlands

It is hard to go to the Shetlands, if you only have a few days to visit Scotland. This is because the boat to get there takes half a day to reach it. However, the Shetland Islands might be my favorite place on earth. They are is a windy, barren landscape that is filled with amazing wildlife and dramatic, beautiful scenery. You will surely find peace there.  It might even be possible to exchange your vows under the northern lights.

Pro tip:

These are just a few examples of areas where you can elope in Scotland. I have planned two one-month long personal road-trips to Scotland, as well as a two-month long road-trip while living in a van. However, I still feel like I haven’t discovered Scotland to the fullest. If you’re thinking of Scotland for your elopement, definitely ask a photographer who is used to visit there (like me). They will be able to help you pick the perfect spot for your ceremony.

The most beautiful elopement venues in Scotland

If you want something accessible – at least to exchange your vows!

KYN (Isle of Skye)

ELEMENTAL (S.Cairngorms)

The best time to elope in Scotland

Scotland is a cold area of the world. However, thanks to its oceanic climate, it  almost never snows on the coast. The Highlands and the Glencoe region are the coldest areas, where you can ski in the winter.


It can get quite cold in Scotland during winter. The Highlands have some great ski resorts that you can enjoy during the winter after your elopement, if you wish. Winter is also the calmest, most peaceful season in Scotland. If you don’t like hordes of tourists, it might be the best season for your elopement in Scotland.


Spring also is a very nice time for a small wedding in Scotland. Daffodils are blooming everywhere, and nature is emerging from its hibernating state. The weather gets milder (although it is still pretty cold). You can enjoy hiking in most parts of Scotland, even on the highest peaks. In May, you can elope anywhere in Scotland, and even hike on top of a mountain to exchange your vows!


Like everywhere else, summer is THE peak tourist season. This is why I don’t recommend visiting Scotland during the months of July and August. The weather will be nice (even if it rains almost every day in Scotland, regardless of the season). However, it won’t worth enduring the hordes of tourists in the form of slow campervans on the narrow roads, tourist vans coming from Edinburgh and Glasgow for a day-trip, packed hotels and restaurants, and, in general, people everywhere.


Fall is the best season for surfing, if you would like to catch the waves after your elopement in Scotland. If it also a beautiful, dark season when the trees are absolutely gorgeous and make the best background for your pictures.  However, Scotland has mainly pine trees that don’t shed in autumn. It is a very nice, mild and less crowded season for your special day.

What to wear for your elopement in Scotland

An elopement doesn’t mean that you must have a quick wedding and get it over with in an hour or so. It can also be an aesthetic, beautiful, thoughtful day you will put a lot of love into. You will have a lot of fun designing everything, from the beginning to the end. The beginning might be: what should you wear for your elopement day?

The Dress

Since Scotland is VERY windy, a flowing dress that will move with the wind is always  a great option. Talk with your dress designer about chiffon, crepe, silk or batiste, since they are all lightweight, flowing and amazingly beautiful fabrics for your elopement wedding dress.

You should try to avoid huge, princess-like dresses. They will slow you down on your adventure and add a lot of weight on the day. Dresses that are easy to put on are always best for an elopement in Scotland, since you won’t want to be naked in the wild for too long, if you decide to put your wedding dress on the site where your vows are exchanged.

The Shoes

I always love vintage leather hiking boots, since they add a touch of timelessness to your pictures. They are also very comfortable for hiking. Normal hiking boots are also great. In any case, avoid shoes you won’t be comfortable walking long distances with, such as high heels, sandals, etc.

The same is true for men. Classic wedding shoes might be too uncomfortable to walk long distances in. Don’t forget that Scotland is very humid and plan accordingly.

The Suit

You have many different options, when it comes to suits. You can even go the Scottish way and choose a tartan for getting married in the Highlands. However, if you want something more classical, you can find many inspirations online on different wedding blogs. The rule is: be comfortable. Like the dress, you will walk a lot in your suit and will probably jump on rocks, avoid mud, do silly things, etc. You HAVE to feel awesome in it, but choose something that will also be comfortable for a whole day of adventure.

How to keep warm

Scotland can be cold in any season. The weather changes rapidly.You might have a beautiful sunny day, that is followed by six days of non-stop rain. Plan accordingly when you elope in Scotland and buy some warm clothes. A fluffy, big plaid is always beautiful in pictures. if you a jacket, pick something that won’t stand out too much on camera (avoid bright colors for example) and that won’t cover you too much (huge fluffy jackets might not be the most flattering for your elopement).

You should also pack some hand and feet warmers. They are lightweight, practical and you never know when you’ll need them!

What is the cost of an elopement in Scotland?


Travel to and from Scotland: $2 500
Marriage certification: $120 (approximately)
5 nights in a high-end accomodation // $2 500
Elopement photographer // $6 000
Private chef or full board // $1 000
Officiant // $1 000
Floral arrangements/Florist // $500
Rentals // $500
Wedding dress and accessories // $4 000
Suit and accessories // $1 000


$19 120


Travel to and from Scotland: $2 500
Marriage certification: $120 (approximately)
5 nights in an airbnb // $1 000
Elopement photographer // $4 000
Food // $250
Officiant // $500
Floral arrangements/Florist // $200
Wedding dress and accessories // $2 500
Suit and accessories // $500


$11 570

Eloping in Scotland – your checklist

Think about where you’d like to go

Scotland covers a large area and has a wide variety of landscapes. You have many options for your elopement in Scotland, so choose wisely. And if you’re not sure, ask around and find inspiration on Pinterest. You will surely find secret and amazing places.

Pick a date

Once you have chosen the perfect place for your ceremony, pick a date for your elopement day. Once again, try to avoid the summer months and select the late spring or fall as the weather will be perfect and you will avoid the crowds. For even more choice in your vendors, you can also pick a weekday. They all are generally more flexible and available than weekends, especially if you’re planning only a few months in advance!

Find more information about travel visas and wedding certificates

Travels visas are necessary to travel to any country, so please plan in advance and check your government’s website to see what you need to travel to Scotland for your elopement. Don’t forget about the process required to obtain a legitimate wedding certificate. You will find all of the information on the official government website.

Book your accommodation

Once everything is in order and you’re good to go, you can start booking your accommodations. This will be closely linked to the place you chose to exchange your vows. Therefore, don’t forget to check websites like AirBnB, Homeaway, TripAdvisor,, and others. You will find the best accommodation options near the site of your ceremony and will also be able to book online.

Find a place to exchange your vows

This is when your experienced, seasoned and passionate photographer will help you pick the very best spot to exchange your vows. You have chosen the region and you know where you will sleep. It is now the time to pick THE place to say “I do”. Check out a variety of hikes around your accommodations, and pick the one that seems to be the least used by travelers (to avoid crowds) and which will offer a unique and amazing panorama. Definitely ask your photographer to help you with this, since choosing a spot with the best light at the right time of the day is definitely something only a pro can do.

Book your other vendors

Don’t forget that you will need a officiant to make your elopement legal in Scotland. You can also book a florist for your bridal bouquet and boutonniere, a private chef if you’d like to indulge for a few meals (and a wedding cake!), etc. Don’t forget to buy your wedding rings. A beautiful addition to this day can also be a vows book to bring with you to your ceremony.

Plan your travel

Scotland is huge. There are many things to see. It might be a good option to plan a road-trip across Scotland before, during or after you exchanged your vows. This will transform your wedding day into an amazing experience to remember, filled with discoveries, peaceful landscapes, adventures and memories to share – forever.

Book your photographer

Once you have completed these steps (or even before, since your photographer can also help you choose everything from the start), you can contact the photographer of your choice and ask about her services for your elopement in Scotland. Not all photographers offer the same number of hours each day. Some (like myself) also offer a complete travel experience that will take your elopement to the next level and will be an unforgettable event. Don’t overlook your photographer’s experience in travelling and shooting elopements, since this is the most important part: being stuck with a photographer who is not ready to follow you where you have decided to exchange your vows, or who won’t be able to recommend an amazing place to do so, if you haven’t decided yet, can totally kill your day!

A beautiful elopement in Scotland
filmed by Heart Stone Film

Does Scotland sound like your dream?

How to plan your peaceful elopement in Scotland with me


Everyone truly hates sales calls (me included) Instead, we simply chat about what your dream day looks like to see if we’re a match!


We find the perfect date together and you’re officially booked!

i’ll plan your elopement

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You live a peaceful, meaningful wedding day on an itinerary that’s custom created just for you.


I deliver your pictures and your choice of album from my collection, to remember this adventure, and share it for years to come.

Let’s plan your peaceful elopement

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