The most beautiful chateau for elopement weddings in France – the ultimate list

Welcome to this ultimate list of the best, most beautiful chateaux for elopement weddings in France.

I know planning a destination wedding or elopement in France might be a handfull, this is why I created this guide! France is the land of Romance and old time beauty, and it really is filled with beautiful chateaux all over its territory. Because there is much more to France than Paris (but it’s a great place to start!). With this ultimate list, discover the most beautiful hidden gems you can actually rent! Because what could be more romantic than a chateau for your elopement wedding in France?

Let’s dive in!

1) What are the different kinds of chateau you can find in France?

best chateaux wedding france - chateau marsales

A medieval chateau is a fortified structure build and inhabited by kings and queens during medieval times and after.

most beautiful chateau for weddings in france

Built after the 15th Century, these chateaux were built and inhabited by French Kings and artistocrats, are are oriented to comfort and beauty.

2) where can you find a chateau for weddings in France?

France has a very rich past and chateaux truly are scattered everywhere on its territory. However, some regions have more chateaux than the others. The Loire Valley is filled with Renaissance Chateaux, and the Ile de France (where Paris sits) also boasts with beautiful chateaux. Not all the chateaux you will see will be available for private receptions, as most of the chateaux in France are still private properties their owners don’t open to the public, however, you can rent more than 200 chateaux for your wedding in France, and that’s a lot to choose from!

This list indicates all the chateau for weddings in France you will find that really are beautiful and which can host most of your friends and family. The number of people able to sleep in each property is indicated in the listing.

3) Chateaux in France with a beautiful garden

best elopement venue france - chateau bourdaisiere

Chateau de la Bourdaisiere

29 rooms

most beautiful chateaux wedding france - chateau alpilles

Chateau des Alpilles

Sleeps 19

most beautiful chateau for weddings in france

Chateau Vaux le Vicomte

Sleeps 0 (reception only)

most beautiful chateau for weddings in france - chateau saint georges

Chateau Saint Georges

Sleeps 14

best chateaux wedding france - chateau marsales

Chateau de Marsales

Sleeps 20

most beautiful chateau for wedding in france - chateau de pierrefonds

Chateau de Pierrefonds

Sleeps 0 (reception only)

4) Chateaux in France by the sea

most beautiful chateau wedding in france - chateau mader

Chateau Mader

Sleeps 18

most beautiful chateau for an elopement wedding in france - chateau de la napoule

Chateau de la Napoule

Sleeps 0 (reception only)

most beautiful chateau to elope in france - mont saint michel

Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel

Not really a chateau, but worth mentionning. Sleeps 0 (reception only)

5) Vineyard chateaux in France

most beautiful chateau wedding in france - chateau de la baume

Chateau de la Baume

Sleeps 0 (reception only)

6) Chateaux in the middle of mountains

most beautiful chateau wedding in france - chateau chillon

Chateau Chillon

Not in France but in Switzerland, but absolutely gorgeous. Sleeps 0 (reception only)

most beautiful chateau wedding in france - chateau saint philippe

Chateau Saint Philippe

Sleeps 19

7) Other beautiful chateaux worth mentioning for your wedding in France

most beautiful chateau wedding france - chateau cesarge

Chateau de Cesarges

Sleeps 28

château de la batisse - zéphyr et luna

Chateau de la Batisse

Sleeps 0 (reception only)

beautiful chateau for elopement in france - chateau de lisle savary

Chateau de l’Isle Savary

Sleeps 16

elopement chateau in france - palais benedictine

Palais Benedictine

Sleeps 0 (reception only)

most beautiful elopement locations in france - chateau saint michel

Chateau Saint Michel

15 rooms

And it’s the end of this list! So, have you found your dream chateau for your wedding in France?

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