If you’re here, it’s because you’re considering Provence for your wedding, wether it will be a destination wedding in France or an elopement.

      The whole planning process has begun, and you’re ready to find the perfect place that will host your big day, and be kept in your memories forever. It’s not a small decision to take, and the whole process can be overwhelming.

      So, I created this ultimate list to help you find the perfect place for your wedding. I know you might have some questions and special needs as well, so I tried to make it as complete as possible. Wether you’re looking for a little “mas” (typical master house with garden), a chateau or a vineyard, you’ll be sure to find the gem you’ve always dreamed of in this ultimate list of wedding venues in Provence.

      What is Provence?

      And where is it located?

      This South-of-France little county is one of the most beautiful ones in France. It boasts with quaint villages on top of hills, beautiful lavender fields and extraordinary ancient buildings. It also full of beautiful and luxurious wedding venues that will create amazing memories for your big day.


      If you like hot and dry weather, then you’re in for a treat. Provence has very hot summers and mildy cold winters, with occasional snow. The wind is very present, and might be annoying sometimes. The off-season of September-November and April-May might be the best one to consider for your wedding in Provence, since the weather is much nicer, and the vegetation is not dried up. Summer is beautiful thanks to the lavender fields (end of july) and the dry weather, but the heat can be overwhelming if you’re not used to it.
      If you plan on gatting married in Provence in summer, consider planning a late ceremony to avoid the mid-day heat waves. 7-8pm in july is the best time for a sunset ceremony for example.
      Also, since the wind (the “mistral”) is generally very present, don’t forget to plan accordingly with extra weights on the outside table’s tablecloths for example, and avoid light flower vases and decorations that could easily fall off.

      Access and transportation

      The main airport is located in Marseille (Marignane), and is easily reachable with an international flight. If you prefer to land in Paris, you can then take the TGV and be in Aix-en-Provence in 3 hours. Reaching the small villages and smaller cities will need to rent a car, since there are no other means of transportation. Buses might get you to small cities but it will take several hours and many switches if you’re going to a small town.

      Local life

      You will enjoy local markets in Provence. They boast with amazing food and specialties, and if you’re a food lover, you’ll be in for a treat! Don’t miss the olives, dried tomates and goat cheeses. Lavender honey, “pompe à l’huile” (oil bread) and sheep cheeses are also a big part of the local food. Don’t hesitate to bring some back to your venue so you can enjoy them on your wedding day!


      Provence is a region that was independant at a time. Now it has kept its specificities and folklore, but it par of the administrative French region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (Provence-Alps-French Riviera). It has many little regions, the most famous one being the Luberon. But enough with the small talk, let’s dive in!

      First things first, here is a map of the venues I ill talk about in this article, so you can see where they are exactly. Looking for a place closer to the Marseille airport? Done. Prefering the Luberon area and its beautiful villages? Done. More up for a place in the little mountains before the Alps? Well, here they are.


      Châteaux wedding venues in Provence

      If you're looking for a fairytale wedding with a strong connection with the past


      Luxury wedding venues in Provence

      For an unforgettable experience


      Wedding venues in Provence that are perfect for a reception outside

      If eating under the stars with fairy lights is your dream


      Wedding venues in Provence with a beautiful garden

      If you like greenery and the peaceful sound of the trees


      Wedding venues in Provence with breathtaking views

      If you want to celebrate overlooking the beautiful nature

      It's the end of this ultimate list of the best wedding venues in Provence. I hope you found it helpful!
      If you think of another beautiful wedding venue in Provence you would love to see added to this list, leave a comment! And if you think specific informations should be added as well, let me know!
      I wish you an amazing wedding in Provence!


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