You just got engaged? Think about everything you went through together as a couple and what led to this proposal, and take a deep breath because…you’re getting married!

      Often, my couples contact me very soon in the planning process, sometimes even before choosing or pinning down their wedding venue. This is why I crafted this little article just for you! As I know Dordogne like the back of my hand, this little guide will help you choose the best wedding venue in Dordogne, wether you’re having an intimate wedding or an elopement.

      Wether you’re looking to get married in a chateau or a beautiful luxurious hotel with all the amenities, Dordogne has a wedding venue for everyone. So, let’s dive in!


      Dordogne has a beautiful past. It is one of the richest regions in France, and has been since centuries. It is the cradle of indulgence and delicious foods, being the place where you will find Foie Gras, Truffles, Magrets de Canard, and other specialties that will make your mouth water. Plus, because it’s so close to Bordeaux, it is very easy to taste delicious wines as well. If indulgence is important for your big day, Dordogne is definitely the place to go!

      Thanks to its past, Dordogne is also rich with beautiful estates and castles. It’s absolutely impossible to drive through Dordogne and not see at least one castle. Perched on top of hills or lost in mysterious and speely valleys, you will find the perfect wedding venue in Dordogne for sure!

      What is Dordogne?

      And why is this region great for my wedding?

      This big south-west France county is one of the most famous thanks to its food and wines culture. It also possess some of the most beautiful chateaux in France, after the ones you will find in the Loire Valley. This little corner of paradise is the perfect place for a typical French wedding, elegant and beautiful. You will also find some of the best wedding vendors in the industry!


      Dordogne is a very big county of France. It is divided in “Périgord” types, and you will find different weather associated with them.
      Périgord Vert, the northernest part of Dordogne, is also the dryest. It features a very atlantic weather with mixed rain and sun. The summers can be very hot, with temperatures as high as 40°C, and the winters go rarely below zero.
      Périgord Blanc, the central part of Dordogne, that includes the biggest city, Périgueux, is also very hot and sunny, and features lots of beautiful forests.
      Périgord Noir, including Sarlat-la-Canéda, has been named like this because of the truffles you can find there. Its climate is great at all seasons, and you can enjoy the “Gorges de la Dordogne” summer and winter.
      And last, Périgord Pourpre, in the south-west part of Dordogne, has been named after the numerous vineyards you can find there. It is the dryest part of Périgord, and Kuly and August might be very very dry and hot.

      Access and transportation

      The biggest airport is the one located in Bordeaux. If you’re flying, it might be the best place to land. If you prefer to land in Paris, you can then take a short train ride to Angoulême and rent a car there. Dordogne is not very well desserved other than by car, so a private transportation is mandatory.

      Local life

      The culture of Dordogne is centered a lot around food. In Périgueux you will find lots of great fairs and boutiques where to buy delicious duck, Foie Gras, wines and truffles. During summer, you will also find tons of activities near Périgueux and the Gorges de la Dordogne.

      Ready to plan your dream wedding in Dordogne? Let’s find the perfect wedding venue for you!


      Châteaux wedding venues in Dordogne

      If old stones and beautiful gardens are a must for your wedding


      Wedding venues in Dordogne with a beautiful garden

      If you're dreaming of a ceremony under the trees

      And it's the end of this list of the best wedding venues in Dordogne!
      I know finding the wedding venue of your dreams is not an easy task, and I
      really hope this ultimate list eased the process for you. If you need more help
      to plan your wedding, check out those other articles below that I wrote with you in mind,
      and don't forget that all my couple receive custom tips, tricks, timeline advices, vendor
      recommendations and a printed wedding planner to help to envision the day of their dreams!

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