Let's elope in Europe – the best places for your Europe elopement

Are you dreaming to elope in Europe?
You want to know the best places for a beautiful elopement in Europe, wether you’re the adventurous kind or
more attracted to the beautiful european cities?
You’ve come to the right article!
Sit back and relax while I help you plan the elopement of your dreams!

how to elope in europe - guide

1) How to elope in Europe legally

If you are a US citizen, you might want to look into a more symbolic elopement, because getting legally married in Europe will be pretty hard, if not impossible in some countries alltogether. The best option when you plan your elopement in Europe is to have a legal wedding in your state/country of residence, and then to have an amazing elopement when you’ll exchange your vows and live an amazing adventure together.

Some countries in Europe, like France, Italy or Greece, accept for two foreigners to get legally married but you have to have a proof of residency of at least 30 days (for France) before the wedding date. But even with this in mind, the ceremony has to happen inside the town hall of the city you chose, so you won’t be able to have a beautiful, legally-binding elopement ceremony at the place or venue of your choice.

2) The best places to elope in Europe

elope in europe guide - paris



elope in europe guide - venice
elope in europe guide - lapland


Loire Valley

elope in europe guide - loire valley
elope in europe guide - canary islands

Canary Islands

Picos de Europa

elope in europe guide - picos de europa
elope in europe guide - dolomites



elope in europe guide - switzerland
elope in europe guide - scotland


Lake District National Park

elope in europe guide - lake district
elope in europe guide - ireland


Faroe Islands

elope in europe guide - faroe islands
elope in europe guide - iceland


Lofoten Islands

elope in europe guide - lofoten
elope in europe guide - santorini


High Tatras mountains

elope in europe guide - high tatras

Pro tip: There are TONS of amazing, beautiful and inspiring places to elope in Europe. I have a long list of other places you might consider for your elopement in Europe! From beautiful, hot cities to adventurous mountains in less-known countries, let’s plan something truly special together!

3) The most beautiful elopement venues in Europe

Kakslauttanen arctic resort, Finland

Isola del Garda, Italy

Hotel Aman, Venice

Château Allure du lac, France

Inverlochy Castle, Scotland

Gîte du Passant, Alps

The ice hotel, Sweden

Podere Palazzo, Italy

Bill & coo hotel, Mykonos

Highclere castle, Scotland

Dunvegan castle, Scotland

Sol'Ring Hof, Germany

4) FAQ

Generally, National Parks in Europe are free to enter and to take pictures in. But double check with the local regulations (or ask your photographer) to be sure you won’t need a special permit to take wedding pictures in certain locations. This is even more true if you plan to take pictures outside or inside iconic landmarks.

An adventure elopement is an elopement that happens to include little (or big) hikes to fo to the ceremony location. Couples who love outdoors choose this option as it allows them to fully embrace the beauty of the country they choose for their elopement.

Storms are very, very rare in Europe but they can happen. And when they do, they generally last 1 to 2 hours. When planning your elopement, I will check for the weather every day one week before the date we chose, and in case a storm is planned to happen, we will postpone the time of the elopement, or change days if it’s too heavy.

Definitely! Elopements don’t have to be just the two of you! If you wish to bring some family members along, you can definitely can!

Europe is very varied in terms of weather, but it’s almost impossible to go wrong with spring and fall, where you will have the best weather and less tourists.

Elopements in Europe are pretty easy to plan, especially if you’re looking into middle or low seasons. 3 months in advance is a fair time to plan without a tremenduous amount of stress.

That’s really up to you! Officiants are great but not mandatory since your elopement won’t be a legal marriage. Celebrants can instil something very special to your ceremony, but you can choose to go celebrant-free and create your own ceremony!

That would be a big YES for me. I love to hike, and I know it’s totallya worth doing when going to an amazing, photogenic location. When we plan your elopement, I will alway have amazing, off-the-beaten path locations for you up my sleeve just for that very reason!

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elopement adventure in france

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Photography credits:

All elopements and couples, Venice, Paris, Loire Valley, Switzerland, Scotland, Ireland, Lake District: myself, Zephyr & Luna / Lapland: Frank DeMol / Canary Islands: Jörg Bergmann / Picos de Europa: Peter Clark / Dolomites: Bill Higham / Faroe Islands: Aevar Gudmodsson / Iceland: Raphael Panhuber / Lofoten: Glen Sinclair / Santorini: Pedro Szekely / High Tatras: Martin / Dunvegan Castle: Ade Russell

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