Elodie & Dean – A post-wedding session in Scotland

Elodie & Dean – A post-wedding session in Scotland

You might not know it, but as a wedding photographer in Scotland, I know forests are not the main thing people come to see. Which is a shame, because Scotland has some of the most beautiful forests I’ve ever seen. Of course, the Shetland Island, Skye and the Highlands in general don’t really boast with trees and forests in general, but if you go to the south of Scotland, near Glasgow and Edinburgh, you’re in for a treat. The forests are magnificent there!

So when Elodie and Dean contacted me to plan a post-wedding session in the woods, I was over the moon. I truly love shooting in the darkness of the trees, in all seasons, especially with conifers which can get very dark and darken everything around them.

We chose this forest because it was near a lake, and Elodie and Dean really wanted to be near the water. And this session was truly one of the most special sessions I have ever shot. We started about one hour before sunset, and while we talked, we walked around the lake, snapping pictures where the light was. I was looking for it, searching for it. Tunnels of light, hiding in the most beautiful parts of the trail.

Then we stopped and ate a picnic together. The talks switched, from small talk to deep, thoughtful talks. About love. About couples. About how to be a parent. About our own deepest fears, and how to conquer them. It truly was awakening to talk so much with people I knew so little. After that night, I knew them. I knew how beautiful they were, and how magical this whole session was.

Amazing! We jumping up and down in front of the screen! You should have seen us! You are a magician, a gifted! Everything is absolutely incredible. It is beyond what we could imagine. We retraced the whole session as the photos went by. It’s sublime, perfect! We will have to tell you this verbally! Thank you for everything!
It’s been at least 4 times that we look at everything! We are too happy! You managed to prolong our happiness. We have taken on a hell of a dose of emotion! Your photos are timeless, but are also so deeply rooted in the present! We feel the movement, the emotions at the moment,… and that’s why we will never get tired of admiring them! It’s magic, really. Our union lives for eternity with your photos … and we share the memories of this day together. Thank you !
Elodie and Dean

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