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Craft an unforgettable adventure with your personal travel planner and photographer available worldwide!

Travel your way, and remember every moment

Whether you’re dreaming of a destination engagement, vow renewal or babymoon in an untouched location… I help couples like you plan all-inclusive and perfectly tailored luxurious adventures, then capture your entire experience. Maybe you’re lusting after a ‘just because’ holiday, to experience a new culture or learn a new skill. I’m here to help bring that to life too. 

What is a luxury travel planner?

Hi, I’m Amber. As your luxury travel planner, I discover wildly untouched, secret destinations, experiences and itineraries for your dream adventure –  anywhere in the world. 

I listen to your desires, ultimate indulgences and the type of luxury escape you envisage. If you’re not sure where to start, I help there too. Based on this, you receive an entirely personalised travel plan made just for you. Yes, exact – to a tee (or tipi, if that’s your adventure style!). 

 As an experienced travel planner, I know many of this earth’s most breathtaking locations (that are wildly unknown to most). And I use my exclusive contacts to research flights, accommodation and activities and get you there, all at the best price on your behalf. 

Having me plan your luxury travel itinerary unlocks unique destinations and experiences you wouldn’t have otherwise known existed!  I also save you money, hours and hours (sometimes days!) of time researching by tirelessly searching for the best deals. 

couple adventure photographer

Every moment captured

Are you planning a luxury adventure to celebrate an anniversary? Perhaps a new milestone with your love? Or simply to fall in love all over again. I capture your entire adventure for you to relive for eternity. 

As well as your travel planner, I’m your personal photographer. And let me promise you, once you see the magic within your travel itinerary there’s no way you’ll want to experience it without a photographic story of your blissful escape!

Candid captures across 1-14 days

Capture your entire escape

Shots across multiple countries and continents

Your raw connection to remember for a lifetime

couple adventure in hawaii

And so your luxury adventure begins…

Aqua lagoons deep within Fijian jungles, cobblestone streets winding down Madrid’s back alleys – the golden Sahara. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of visiting the Northern Lights, castles buried in Germany’s Black Forest or Santorini’s villa-lined cliff faces. Whatever it might be, I plan your entire indulgent escape – every moment designed to take your breath away. Right up until the final chord on the guitar is plucked in a hidden New Orleans whiskey bar – relieve every candid memory for a lifetime through my captures.

couple adventure photographer in venice

What do I need to do?

After you answer a few questions and we discuss your dream adventure over the phone, you’ll receive an itinerary. Simply click through the links to book. That’s all you need to do!

As a travel planner (and not a travel agent) you receive all the perks of perfectly researched luxury locations, accommodation and leisure activities… With none of the extra expenses. 

Unlike travel agents, travel planners like me don’t work on commission – so I’m not obliged to recommend particular suppliers based on a kickback. And 9/10 these places travel agents recommend aren’t the dreamy, otherworldly places you had in mind!

By choosing me as your luxury travel planner, you’ll receive the holiday of your dreams, completely personalised to you (with no other motives than to make it an unforgettable experience!). 

couple adventure photographer in a road trip

What’s included in my luxury travel plan?

Your personal itinerary includes me as your dedicated photographer and travel guide (I’m your driver!) with you across 1-14 days. Then all your accommodation, transport, experiences and meals. Here’s some examples of what you may like to include in your itinerary.

On location flights

Flights between locations during your adventure

Unique experiences

Hot air balloon, yacht and helicopter bookings (to name a few)

Luxury accommodation 

Think beach houses, castles and mansions


Personal chefs, restaurant and degustation bookings

Location insights

Organisation checklist for appropriate packing including currency information and technology needs

Indulgent experiences

Like private yoga classes by the beach, spa treatments from your hotel and massages from bed

Adventure experiences

Planned hikes, waterfall trails and cave walks for starters

Anything your heart desires

If you can dream it, I can make it happen

An adventure travel can be planned for your honeymoon, or simply when you want something special as a couple holiday.
So you can choose to wear casual clothes, or to have a several-days long couple session in your wedding gown!

How this works

You get in touch
Fill in my wanderlust online form to spill all your dreamy ideas for the ultimate adventure
We have a call
No matter where in the world you are, we meet via Zoom video call and explore further
I send you the plan
Based on your exact dream adventure, I send through all the details for flights, accommodation, meals and activities.* 
Live your adventure!
We embark on your ultimate adventure, every moment captured to relive time and time again 

Adventure is calling you…


How many people do you book travel adventures for? Is it just couples?

These adventures are perfectly suited to couples, but I also offer group packages for families and groups. When you get in touch, just be sure to let me know how many people you’re travelling with so I can design your itinerary accordingly. 

Do you book everything for us?

As a travel planner, I research, discover and craft your ultimate adventure, then send you the links to book yourself. Your payment to me will cover your photography and planning fee.

Do you shoot at nighttime or only days?

Both! Especially if your epic location’s under a star-spilled sky!

Can we fly, boat or hot air balloon (!) between locations during our travel adventure?

Absolutely. I invite you to dream BIG! Nothing is off limits.

Will you be in the same car as us during travel?

Yes, I’ll be your personal driver, so we’ll never get lost!

Will you stay in the same hotel as us?

This depends on what you want. Afterall, it is your adventure! If you’re staying in a luxury hotel or AirBnB, I’ll stay nearby but in a separate location. This gives you a special place to unwind after our days exploring. If you’re staying in a holiday rental, I may stay in the same hotel, but never the same room as you!

Will you eat all meals with us?

As part of your complete itinerary, all meals are planned! On the go, we’ll most likely eat together (think picnic on a road trip!). Same goes for long hikes to your dream destinations. And I’ll also purchase your breakfasts from local grocers so you can eat and cook anything if you’re staying in an AirBnB or hotel that doesn’t include breakfast! Some restaurant meals are also included in your itinerary (remember, I’m a travel planner so I know all the best places!). But if our days together finish by 6pm? I’ll leave you to get dinner alone. In saying that, all my clients have insisted that I eat every meal with them because we can’t stop chatting! It’s completely up to you.

Will you book dinners, day trips and activities for us?

Yes, all meals and day trips and activities are included. 

Will we schedule in photo sessions each day or will you be there the whole time?

It’s my number one priority to capture your candid moments… Whether that’s by the pool or on top of a majestic mountain! I’m with you all day unless we plan a day off to unwind, for you to explore the freely or anything else you have in mind. Other than that, I’m there capturing everything for you, for you to vividly relive every detail of your adventure for years to come!

Still have questions?
I have the answers!

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