A post-wedding session in the autumn leaves of an enchanted forest

Recounted by Zephyr & Luna, wedding photographer in Aberdeen

wedding photographer in Aberdeen

These lovebirds were looking for a wedding photographer in Aberdeen to immortalize their wedding day, and I was so honored when they contacted me.

We sank into this mysterious forest, filled with autumn mist, to create together memories of an immutable relationship. Florine and Sylvain are in love as we can sometimes define love: unconditional, helping, without judgment, accomplice. So we walked, walked, until our feet could hardly carry us, to faint gently in the dew of golden trees. We listened to the wind in the needles, heard birds singing, and also saw a doe pass noiselessly through the dark woods. We stopped, breathless and face soaked, to create, together, again and again, in the faint rays of the remaining sun, in the holes of light of this welcoming forest. We rediscovered together the true definition of life, nature and trees. We listened, laughed, smiled, thought, talked, and we fell silent too. Because nature breathed at the rhythm of our thoughts.

In the rain and the fog, in the uncertainty of days and the mystery of nights, in the incomplete memories and the madness of some days, I will find you.
In the eyes of our kids and the way the rain falls, in the sound of the days and the silent of night, in the scent of your pillow and the cereals on the table, I will find you.
In the way you look at me and the touch of your fingers, in the sound of the wind getting lost in the trees, in the magnificent snowing mountains, I will find you.
In all the little things, my love, I’ll always find you.

Hello Amber !!
Ah, here it is! That’s it! 🙂
Thank you very much for these photographs, we had a great time (very fresh and wet but it was worth it 😉)!
The atmosphere that emerges from your photographs is really what we were looking for … it is both mysterious and very poetic, equal to your sublime work that we liked so much when we discovered your photographs and projects for the first time .
We really loved your presence, you were able to put us at ease and allow us to enjoy being photographed … and it was not a small business!
And the box …! He is just gorgeous (and what does he smell good! ^^), he is full of sweetness and love! You really go beyond the “simple photo”, until the end of the project we were charmed 🙂
A thousand more thanks, good luck for the rest of your work, and maybe soon 😉 (in any case, it will be with pleasure!)

Florine & Sylvain







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