A “magical forest” elopement deep in the woods

Recounted by Zephyr & Luna, wedding photographer in Queenstown

Contact us if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Queenstown. Many brides and grooms choose this department to organize their memorable day or simply an exceptional photo shoot. At the heart of New Zealand, the wide variety of landscapes allows for sublime shots featuring the bride and groom as well in a wild and volcanic, synonymous with zenity and eternity in the image of New Zealand, only in more open areas at the edge of the many lakes present or around the famous seaside resorts.

It is important to have a good wedding photographer in Queenstown to engrave forever the best moments of a wedding and the expressions of joy, love and complicity that tinge such a day. Always listening while remaining creative, knowing the place and knowing how to adapt permanently, the photographer is a person who must guide the couple in a photo shoot that will look like them, that is to say, their image and according to their desires.

A pair of shoes, rings swept by the rays of a sunrise, a veil floating in the air, a smile, the majestic entrance of a castle, a line of dormant volcanoes fleeing on the horizon, a hug passionate about the edge of a lake … it is essential to keep close to oneself artistic and unique clichés, full of emotion in order to always be able to remember what were each small detail of this magic day that is the marriage of two beings s loving more than anything around them. This is why you should not spend a good wedding photographer in Queenstown if you organize your wedding near Queenstown.

Do you remember those snowy days, where everything was silent in the whole immensity of any landscape?
Do you remember how the fire used to crack in the chimneys, and the light smell of burning wood in the distance?
Do you remember how the cat used to spend time near that window, in that perfect light, before she was going back outside and hunt the snowflakes?
I remember.
I remember winter, and the silence.
I remember the light, the white immensity, the lack of details, the smells.
I remember how my boots felt and the sound of the crackling snow under my feet.
I remember the time I spent looking at the window and seeing just white.
I remember thinking I was going up when I looked at the snowflakes falling.
I remember the naked trees and their black skin, waiting for spring to come while shivering with the coldness of an empty sky.
I remember.

Shot during the Workshop The Roots that I organized

Lin : Lovely Home Idea lovelyhomeidea.com // Décoration florale : Lilas Wood lilaswood.com // Robe : Cathy Telle cathytelle.com // Chaussures de la mariée : Forever Soles foreversoles.com // Bijoux de la mariée : Mon truc en bulle montrucenbulle.com // Chausures du marié : Bobbies bobbies.fr // Alliances : Wood Wedding Bands woodweddingbands.com // Bague de fiançailles : Myrtille Beck myrtillebeck.com // Artiste coiffeuse / maquilleuse : Affinité beauté affinitebeaute.org // Costume du marié : Faubourg Saint Sulpice faubourgsaintsulpice.fr // Bretelles et noeud papillon : Le colonel moutarde lecolonelmoutarde.com // Chien husky : Cold winter nights coldwinternights.chiens-de-france.com/siberian-husky.html // Papeterie : Les ptits papiers atelier-lpp.com // Cadeaux d’invités : La miellerie des monts brumeux miellerie-des-monts-brumeux.com // Décoration : Velvet rendez-vous velvetrendezvous.fr

wedding photographer in Queenstown

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