Under the northern sky: Jaclyn and Brandon’s Icelandic elopement

An elopement on the south coast of Iceland - photos by a waterfall in the moss

In the ethereal land of fire and ice, Jaclyn and Brandon’s hearts converged, weaving a tale spun from the threads of adventure, whispered vows, and the ephemeral dance of the Northern Lights. Their seven-day journey through Iceland was not just an elopement but an odyssey of love and discovery, charted with the gentle precision of destiny’s own hand.

The Meeting of Minds and Hearts

From our first encounter through the digital window, our spirits were aligned, tethered by a mutual awe of Iceland’s raw beauty. I, armed with ideas as vast as the Icelandic plains, presented them with sanctuaries of nature to choose from. They chose a waterfall—a secluded cascade in the southern wilds, sculpted by the artistry of the elements, where their souls would pledge forever in nature’s hallowed chapel.

The Journey Begins

Our expedition commenced in the vibrant heart of Reykjavik, with the city’s colors muted by the anticipation of the wilds beyond. In a sturdy Jeep Wrangler, we bid farewell to the urban embrace, venturing into the realm of Thingvellir, where the earth speaks in rifts and whispers. Lunch was a humble affair of soup and hot tea in a quaint café, a brief solace before we immersed ourselves in the iconic majesty of one of Iceland’s renowned waterfalls. The day waned beneath a sunset that bled through rainclouds, painting the sky in strokes of melancholy orange and purple—a canvas befitting our adventurous spirits.

A Vow Beneath the Veil of Water

The crescendo of their story was the elopement day. Morning greeted Jaclyn and Brandon with a rare dry sky, the sun casting its sparse light with frugal grace. In their separate sanctuaries, they adorned themselves in the attire of promise—she, a vision of elopement elegance; he, a portrait of anticipation. Their first look was exchanged in the cozy warmth of the hotel’s lobby, a prelude to the day’s symphony.

We journeyed to the southern coast, where the land spills its beauty into the sea, stopping to capture moments against the backdrop of a dramatic waterfall. Yet, it was the horseshoe-shaped cascade that awaited their vows. There, amidst the roar of water and wrapped in the embrace of Icelandic moss, they stood. The celebrant’s words, mere whispers against the clamor of the falls, were as profound as the silence of the universe, binding their souls in the theater of nature.

Dances, Glaciers, and Northern Lights

Post-vows, the land unveiled its treasures as we ventured to a glacier’s cold heart and the solemn beauty of a black sand beach. Their first dance was held on the cliffs at sunset, the sky a witness to their solitude and love, painting itself in the hues of their new beginning. Each night, our eyes lifted in hope of the aurora’s ballet, that elusive spectacle of color and light.

The Journey Continues

The final day of our shared path led us further along the southern shores to hidden corners untouched by time or tourists, ending in a gorge cradling a deep blue waterfall. A casual celebration followed with burgers at my favorite local haunt, a fitting end to our shared chapter.

As I left them at the car rental for the continuation of their adventure, I knew this was merely the beginning. The days that followed, planned with care to include the best of Iceland’s western hospitality, were theirs to discover alone.


Jaclyn and Brandon’s elopement was a testament to the power of place and the binding force of love under the vast Icelandic sky. In their journey, the landscapes of this fierce land were not just backdrops but silent vows themselves, eternal and steadfast. As they ventured beyond the horizon, their love, too, promised to explore the depths and heights of life itself, forever entwined with the spirit of Iceland.

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