Bride and groom on their elopement ceremony by the side of a lake near Zurich

A snowy elopement day near Zurich

Andrea and Graham were the kind of couple that loved adventure, and that’s exactly what they got on their elopement day in Switzerland. They started off in the heart of Zurich, getting ready for what was sure to be a day they would never forget. But as the morning passed, we received news that the helicopter ride we had planned for their glacier ceremony had to be cancelled due to the weather. Not to worry, I had a plan B up my sleeve, and it was just as epic.

We headed to a secluded lake in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by snow-capped peaks, perfect for an intimate ceremony. Andrea and Graham exchanged their heartfelt vows on the shores of the lake, surrounded by nothing but the stunning Swiss scenery. The emotion in the air was palpable as they became husband and wife, with the snow gently falling around them.

As we made our way back to Zurich, we stopped at different locations on the road for photos, capturing the magic of their special day. Despite the change in plans, everything turned out perfectly, and Andrea and Graham were overjoyed with their beautiful elopement. It was a day filled with love, adventure, and unforgettable memories that they would cherish for a lifetime.

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