Couple exchanging their vows on their snowy elopement day in Zermatt

A snowy winter elopement in Zermatt

Hannah and Chandler were a couple who decided to elope in the peak winter season in Switzerland, and chose the picturesque town of Zermatt as their location for an unforgettable adventure. The day started off with the couple getting ready in their cosy hotel room, eagerly anticipating the day ahead. After that, we headed to a beautiful wooden chalet for a first look, capturing the magic and excitement of the moment.

Next, we hopped on a train and ascended to the summit of the mountain to take some breathtaking photos. However, upon reaching the summit, we were greeted by crazy, deadly cold winds and had to abandon our plans. Undeterred, we went down one station and stopped at a beautiful rock, which we climbed with snowshoes on to admire the view.

Originally planning on hiking down the mountain, the cold winds proved too much for the couple, and we opted to do the ceremony at the rock instead. Though they were chilly and eager to move, I encouraged them to wait just five minutes longer for the sun to peek through the clouds. Our wait was rewarded with the most beautiful light, illuminating the snowy landscape and creating a truly magical atmosphere for their vows.

After the ceremony, we waited for the Matterhorn to reveal itself, but unfortunately it remained hidden. Not to be discouraged, we descended into the forest and captured stunning photos at sunset, basking in the warmth of the golden hour.

As the day drew to a close, we retreated to a Michelin-star restaurant in the charming town of Zermatt. Over delicious food and good company, Hannah and Chandler laughed and reminisced about their unforgettable day, marveling at the beauty of the Swiss Alps and the magic of their elopement experience.

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