A same-sex adventure elopement through Ireland

Jordin and Karrie contacted me a little bit more than a year ago as they were planning a trip in Ireland and wanted to plan their elopement in Ireland. As we talked together about how they envisioned their day, it was pretty clear that they wanted something very relaxed, yet adventurous. They wanted to take advantage of the whole 12 hours we’ll be spending together to take photos in different locations around Ireland and make it the best possible day ever.

We started the day at their hotel in Belfast, where they met with their hair and makeup artist. As they got ready, I entered the room with the videographer. Their beautiful bouquets were standing there in the silent room. It was such a serene moment as I walked into that space of beauty, overlooking one of the busiest streets of Belfast.

As time passed, they both got ready, the hair and makeup artist left, and we all left the room as well and got to the car to leave their luggages and eat something. We grabbed something delicious in a local Mexican restaurant and left town!

We arrived at our first stop: a lake in the middle of the mountains of Ireland. We hiked around for a little while, exploring the short, the marshes, discovering wildlife and beautiful fauna, and we even visited a magnificent forest right by the lake. We started taking photos, candids at first, then more intimate as the time passed. Jordin and Karrie had such a strong link, and a powerful story to share about their journey as a same-sex couple. It was absolutely heartwarming to hear their words and to follow along on this magical adventure, as we took the car to stop at different other locations on the map.

We finally headed to their hotel in Dublin to get into their dresses and do a first look on their balcony. It was an intimate moment filled with joy and happy tears. They were, for the first time ever, celebrating their love openly. As we got down into the hotel lobby, someone walked to them and told them “you guys rock! Congratulations!”. As they kissed before in the different viewpoints, Karrie actually told me it was the very first time they openly kissed, making this day even more special for the both of them!

Then, it was time. Time to head to the mountains to exchange their vows. Time to bond their lives together. Time for a new chapter. Time to face the elements and tearfully say “I do” as the wind sings a powerful song and drives slowly into the beautiful valley. We hiked up that mountain, and as we stopped in awe in front of the view, the ceremony began. It was as if time stood still. Only the wind was present, with us and within us, singing its song like nobody was watching. And as the sun set, the valley resonated with two “I do”, softly caressed by the last rays of the summer sun. It was a beautiful day. And an adventurous day. Congratulations Jordin and Karrie, may your life be filled with laughter, adventures and amazing kindness.

The beautiful video of the day by Yanick Lesperance

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