The most beautiful fantasy wedding and elopement ideas

From woodland elves in mystical forests to dragons in castles, fantasy and fiction can be an incredible source of inspiration for your wedding or elopement! When you’re planning your day, you can draw inspiration from the fantasy worlds you love, or create your own story. Keep reading this guide for some of the most beautiful fantasy wedding ideas!

The first step to planning your day is to come up with a fantasy theme for your wedding or elopement! You can think of a story or tale, or come up with your own theme for designing your dream day. Here are some fantasy wedding theme ideas to consider. 

Lord of the Rings fantasy elopement wedding idea

1) Lord of the Rings

The mountains, lush forests, and fantastic setting of Middle Earth makes Lord of the Rings the perfect theme for your wedding or elopement. You can draw inspiration from the elves, the ethereal setting, and the magic! 

For more detailed info about planning a Lord of the Rings themed day, check out this guide!

a- Lord of the rings Wedding Venue Ideas

For this fantasy wedding or elopement idea, a natural, outdoor location would be ideal! New Zealand closely resembles Middle Earth (because much of the movie was filmed there), and you can find lakes, rolling hills, and even Hobbiton – designed to be a movie set. These stunning outdoor locations are perfect for an elopement ceremony, and would make for a magical day.

b- Lord of the rings Wedding Color Palette Ideas

For a Lord of the Rings themed fantasy wedding, the color palette would be earthy, with deep greens, browns, and neutral colors accented with pastel blues.

c- Lord of the rings Inspired Wedding Dress

The dress can be a great way to pull your fantasy wedding theme together! For a Lord of the Rings theme, think of the elvish creatures and their connection to nature. Opt for light, flowy styles with loose skirts, and intricate lace or beaded details.

Don’t forget the details! Add a cape or veil for a magical look, and a beaded tiara or crown can look regal and magical. For hair, ask your florist about incorporating floral or leafy details that match your other arrangements.

d- Lord of the rings Wedding Ideas

To decorate your fantasy inspired wedding, use lots of greenery – like vines and floral accents, candles and lanterns, elegant chandeliers if you’re getting married indoors, and accents of silver and gold to add to the ethereal vibe!

Game of Thrones fantasy elopement wedding idea

2) Game of Thrones

Based on a medieval country’s civil war, Game of Thrones includes royal families and mythical lands, and the castles, dragons, and fantastic stories make for a gorgeous wedding or elopement theme – as long as we leave out the sword fights.

a- Game of Thrones Wedding Venue Ideas

Many parts of Game of Thrones were filmed in the hot springs, waterfalls, and stunning fjords of Iceland – so whether you’re planning to tie the knot in the gorgeous scenic country, or just want to incorporate some of the regal details into your fantasy wedding theme, this would make for a beautiful day. 

But you don’t have to elope abroad to have a Game of Thrones inspired day! For bigger celebrations, a castle venue would serve as an amazing medieval backdrop. For elopements and intimate weddings, a forested or mountainous landscape would be perfect. If you’re up for exploring in the snow, a winter wonderland can add to the theme!

b- Game of Thrones Wedding Color Palette Ideas

For this fantasy wedding or elopement theme, think deep, dark, moody colors. Black accents, with royal blues, burgundies, and regal purples. Silver and gold accents can add to the regal, elegant feeling as well.

c- Game of Thrones Inspired Wedding Dress

There are several dresses that you can draw inspiration from when it comes to a Game of Thrones inspired fantasy. Opt for a ballgown style, with a regal skirt and lace details, or something simple with elegant pops of jewels. You can also ditch the traditional white and opt for a royal blue or deep red gown, or even a pale blue for a whimsical look.

Delicate embroidery and detailed beading, braided hair, dark makeup, and a dramatic cape or a fur coat will all add to the look!

d- Game of Thrones Wedding Ideas

When it comes to decorating your fantasy themed wedding or elopement, take inspiration from the medieval age. Long, banquet tables with large dishes and platters for your reception are the perfect way to incorporate your theme, along with tiered wedding cakes. For decorations, you can use dragon scales, swords, regal colors, and candles.

Alice in Wonderland fantasy elopement wedding idea

3) Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a classic fantasy tale, and using it for inspiration would make for a magical wedding or elopement day. 

a- Alice in Wonderland Wedding Venue Ideas

The venue for an Alice in Wonderland inspired fantasy wedding is easy! A garden with florals and greenery would be the perfect backdrop for your wedding or elopement. You can also opt for a greenhouse, or any outdoor space that can be decorated with floral arrangements.

You can try to choose a venue that can be decorated, so that you can add your own vintage decor and furniture, to pull the theme together.

b- Alice in Wonderland Wedding Color Palette Ideas

The color palette of Alice in Wonderland is bright and colorful, changing with the moods and emotions of the movie. You can have fun with the colors for your day, incorporating blues, pinks, greens, and purples. You can intertwine the colorful accents amongst neutral and off white colors, or go for a bright, psychedelic theme!

c- Alice in Wonderland Inspired Wedding Dress

An Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding dress should be whimsical – with a flowy skirt, romantic styles, and some beading or lace detailing! You can use Alice’s iconic dress as inspiration, and opt for a gown that’s pale blue for a unique look.

d- Alice in Wonderland Wedding Ideas

If your fantasy wedding or elopement theme is Alice in Wonderland, the details are going to be all about magic, whimsy, and wonder. You can decorate with florals and vintage furniture, accessorize with pocket watches, books, and playing cards, and of course, serve tea at the reception!

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Fantasy elopement wedding ideas

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