All inclusive Denmark elopement packages

All inclusive Denmark elopement packages

Welcome to my Elopement Packages in Denmark!

Your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an elopement!

Whether it’s a rugged cliffside, an emerald green forest, or a secret beach that is your dream location, Denmark is the perfect destination for you to elope with your sweetheart.

Imagine saying your vows among ancient ruins with the sound of waves softly singing in the background or standing on a lush green hillside surrounded by towering mountains. There is no place like Denmark to infuse your marriage ceremony with some mystery and solitude.

Let me help you bring your elopement dreams to life with beautiful photographs to capture the magic of the day. It will be my honor to help you discover the vastness and beautiful sites in Denmark and choose the perfect location to tie the knot. Together we will plan the most magical day for you and your loved one.

Your magical adventure beings here!

Hi! My name is Amber.

amber, elopement photographer

I can’t wait to be your personal photographer, experienced guide, and witness to your special elopement ceremony. In addition to my profession as a photographer, I am also a nature lover, adventurer, and self-confessed introvert.
Capturing the closeness and intimacy between two people in love on camera is absolutely my most favorite thing to do in the entire universe. I love to do my best to turn an elopement event into a complete experience without the pressure of entertaining hundreds of guests and hiring an expensive hall filled with elaborate decorations. Instead, I keep the attention firmly focused on the two most important people on the day, you and the special person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with. This is where I come in. With the perfect setting in the background, I am able to capture the soulful love expressed for one another as you enjoy the magic of your special day.

As a qualified travel planner, I have helped hundreds of gentle souls like you across 43 countries plan their adventure elopements. During this time I have accompanied couples on a hike to the top of the Swiss Alps, across the rolling green meadows of Sweden, and to the crystal clear lakes of New Zealand. But my most favorite and pristine destination is Denmark.
Denmark has so many options from beaches to islands and mountainous destinations. With so many choices you are guaranteed to find the perfect untouched, dream location for your perfect elopement experience.

Have you discovered my Ultimate Guide to elope in Denmark yet?

Packages For Your Elopement in Denmark

Plan | Travel | Stay | Capture every moment

The first step is to book a call so that we can get to know each other better. I want you to share with me all your visions for a perfect elopement in Denmark and then we can start to dream together. To help you make the best decision I will forward our exclusive bucket list of exceptional locations and vendors for you to peruse and choose from. Don’t feel pressured as we can bounce ideas back and forth as many times as you like until we have crafted the perfect plan that will suit both of you.


What’s included in your elopement package in Denmark

What exactly is included in EVERY elopement package I offer?

  • photographic reportage of your elopement adventure
  • A beautiful 40 pages, 12×12″, wooden photography album
  • 4-5 beautiful, natural and raw ceremony location options to choose from (based on what kind of scenery you envision for your day!)
  • Access to my concierge service to help you find the best vendors in Denmark
  • A custom timeline of the day
  • Help with permits
  • My epic “how to elope” printed guide
  • A full gallery of beautiful edited photos ready to print and share with your family and friends
  • Tons of love and help every step of the way
  • 5 trees planted in a forest thanks to the Reforest’action program
  • 1% of the total of your package donated to a non-profit organization acting for the environment


Dragon – The ultimate 3-day elopement package in Denmark – the Signature Zephyr & Luna experience

  • 3-day of epic road-trip around Denmark (transportation included)
  • photographic reportage of your elopement adventure
  • Accommodation for 2 nights (in 3* or more hotels)
  • All your meals from the lunch on the first day to the lunch on the third day
  • Everything listed in the “it’s more than beautiful photos” section

This is one of the most charming packages we have to offer for couples who wish to spend some special time alone before starting out on their official elopement adventure or to have a tranquil place to retire to after the event. While spending some time together away from the world, I will be there to discreetly capture some of your most romantic moments before you get down to the serious business of getting married.

Book this experience for USD 19.780

Griffin – 3 to 4 locations package

  • 3 to 4 locations of photographic reportage of your elopement adventure
  • Everything listed in the “it’s more than beautiful photos” section

This package is perfect for couples who love the outdoors and would like to include a long hike to the venue. We will meet early in the morning before setting out, hike to your location, and then hike back to your accommodation after you have taken your vows.After that, we return to your lodgings.

Book this experience for USD 11.850

Minotaur – 1 to 2 locations elopement package

  • 1 to 2 locations of photographic reportage of your elopement adventure
  • Everything listed in the “it’s more than beautiful photos” section

The Minotaur package gives you enough time to relax and look around before the official ceremony. We will meet with you in the morning and accompany you to your dream location. On the way, I will have the opportunity to capture intimate moments and all those magic moments while you tie the knot.

Book this experience for USD 10.750

make your elopement package in Denmark all-inclusive

Include all the popular vendors you might need for your elopement, nothing more

  • A celebrant
  • A hair and makeup artist
  • A custom-made bouquet + boutonniere
+USD 4.750

Looking for a 2-in-1 honeymoon and elopement package in Denmark?

Discover the all-inclusive Petrichor package – 7 days of pure bliss

I take the stress out of the journey of the marriage experience. I ensure that each and every hour is not only filled with joy – but is also captured for a lifetime of gentle and joyful remembrance. If you are suffering from elopement stress and are thinking of the beauty of Denmark then we have the package for you. All you have to do is buy the plane ticket, everything else is taken care of and that includes accommodation, a photographic road trip, great vendors, and assorted activities. If you want to really immerse yourself in the beauty of Denmark this package is a fantastic 7-day discovery option.


  • 7-day of epic road-trip around Denmark
  • 3-day photographic reportage of your elopement adventure
  • Accommodation for 6 nights (in 3* or more hotels)
  • All your meals from the lunch on the first day to the lunch on the seventh day
  • 4-5 beautiful, natural and raw ceremony location options to choose from (based on what kind of scenery you envision for your day!)
  • A custom timeline of the day + a custom printed itinerary for your adventure before or after your elopement (7-days total)
  • An officiant (for a symbolic or legal ceremony, you choose!)
  • A hair and makeup artist for your elopement day
  • A bridal bouquet
  • Car rental for your 4-day road-trip (when we’re not exploring together)
  • Airport transfers
  • Everything listed in the “it’s more than beautiful photos” section

Only add your plane ticket, sit back and relax

Book this experience for USD 29.850

Common questions about my elopement packages in Denmark

Don’t worry, I can help! Take a look at my list of some of my personal favorite choices for elopement locations in Denmark.

While your family and friends are most welcome to join you on your elopement adventure, unfortunately, I am only able to organize accommodation and travel for the eloping couple as part of my service. You can, of course, share your itinerary with your guests so that they can book their own accommodation close to where you will be staying. This will allow your guests to have their own schedules, leaving you free to travel around Denmark at your leisure if you wish.

Yes, I will be your personal driver to ensure you never get lost.

This will depend on your personal preference. It is your elopement, after all! If you will be staying in a luxury hotel or an Airbnb, I will book my accommodation at a separate location. If you will be staying in a Holiday Rental, I may book a room in the same hotel, but of course, I will not be sharing a room with you! You will of course have some private space to rest and unwind after a long day of exploring together.

All meals on your itinerary will be planned! We will most likely eat together on the go, for example, having a picnic on a road trip. The same goes for eating on the go when taking long hikes to your dream destination. My service includes purchasing supplies from local grocers for your breakfasts for self-catering purposes if you are staying in an Airbnb or a hotel that does not cater for breakfast. Some restaurant meals will be included in your itinerary. Keep in mind that as a travel planner I know all the best restaurants in Denmark. After 6 pm, however, I will be leaving you two lovebirds alone to have romantic dinners on your own. Having said that, most of the couples I accompany insist that we eat every meal together as we just can’t stop chatting! However, this is completely up to you.

My number one honor and priority is to capture all the candid moments you would like to record to memory. This means that I would love to be in close proximity most of the time, whether we are on top of a majestic mountain or you are relaxing by the pool. Rest assured that I make a point of being as discreet as possible. Unless you specifically request a day off to unwind on your own or to explore the island freely, I will be there to capture every special moment so that you can vividly relive every detail of your special elopement adventure for many years to come.

I most certainly do both! Especially if there is a star-studded sky at your dream location.
Spoiler Alert – Locations in the Denmark wilderness provide awesome opportunities for magic night-time shots to be taken.

Absolutely yes! Nothing is off-limits on your elopement adventure in Denmark, so I invite you to let go and dream big!

Still have questions? I have answers!