What is an elopement? the modern definition of eloping

Have you heard of any couple that has eloped? Did it surprise you or were you open enough about elopement? Unlike before, when eloping was considered a taboo, nowadays many people have embraced it. If you still think that weddings are the only way to get married, then you are misled.

defintion of an elopement

Eloping means that you forego a formal wedding and instead, choose to elope for the ceremony. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you secretly run away with your partner without telling anyone.

This is the notion some people still have when they hear about elopements. It is an interesting way of celebrating your union, and especially if you don’t want to do a traditional wedding. If you feel like a traditional wedding is not for you, you can plan to elope with your partner.

Both of you can plan to visit your ideal destinations during this period, as you mark the special day. It is a fun option which doesn’t involve many people, unlike a wedding which requires that you invite many people. Read on to learn more about the elopement.

The Modern Definition Of Elopement

Since there are many misconceptions around elopement, you must understand the real meaning of elopement. Some years back, people used to think that elopement is shameful and that couples that choose to do secretive weddings are not happy with themselves. Some thought that the families had disapproved the relationship, and that is why the couple decides to flee. Some even believe that elopements are not real weddings because they were fed with misconceptions, which then became their truth. People must understand that old elopement was valid during ancient times. However, times have changed, and practices have changed as well. The definition of elopement back then is now outdated.

In these modern times, elopement is considered a non-traditional, intimate and intentional way of getting married. Today, elopements come in many flavors. While some will just involve a small wedding with two people, necessary witnesses and the officiant, others will include a lot more. Some couples will ask their family members to join them while others will choose to have a very private union. Unlike traditional weddings which primarily focused on the guest experience, and everything was done to ensure the guests enjoyed themselves, elopement focuses on celebrating the eloping couple.

modern defintion of an elopement

Why Is Eloping More Popular?

Check out this full article listing the 8 main reasons why couples elope

why is eloping more popular

It Saves You Money

One fact about weddings is that they are costly. You have to spend a lot of money to ensure that you get your dream wedding. The guests you intend to invite have to be catered for in terms of transport, food and drinks. You also need to pay the flower vendor, the caterers, the venue owner and the entertainment team. Couples end up taking a loan to pay for their wedding expenses. Some continue repaying the loan years after their wedding. This isn’t smart because the wedding ends up being a liability.

On the other hand, elopements are significantly cheaper. You don’t need to impress your guests in any way. You can organize a private ceremony between you and your spouse and then choose to visit one of the destinations in your bucket list. You end up saving a lot of money. You may not even need to ask for financial support from banks or friends. Besides, the more money you have in your hands, the more money you will have for the honeymoon. Most couples who choose elopement prioritize honeymoons over the ceremony itself.

what is an elopement - modern definition

Less Drama

Since weddings are family affairs, you will find that some of your family members, especially from the extended family may not be in good terms with each other. Others may bring drama because they don’t approve of the person you have chosen to spend your life with. It leaves you with a lot of issues to deal with. You might even end up having a lot of resentment towards your in-laws. Elopements are great because you don’t need to invite the extended family. In short, you get the freedom to choose what you want, as opposed to what your families want. Nowadays, people are rejecting the notion of what their families expect of them and instead, they choose to do what makes them happy.

definition of eloping

Allows Couples To Have Their Privacy

The other common reason couples consider elopement is because they want to experience an intimate celebration with the people they love and care about. You don’t have to get stressed over why the caterers did not arrive on time or why some guests don’t have seats. Some of the couples that have chosen to flee do it because they want to avoid the anxiety, pressure and obligations that come as a result of holding a wedding. With an elopement, you get to choose how things will go. If for example, you decide to visit the scenery in another country, you get the freedom to organize and plan your ideal vacation. Elopement allows couples to create a magical and intimate experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Both of you get the chance to focus on each other and celebrate your love in an uninhibited way.

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Less Planning

Planning a big wedding can be fun for some people. However, most find it stressful because there is a lot that is expected of you. You need to make a lot of calculations and arrangements if you want the wedding to be successful. First, you need to list down the people you want to invite. Then you need to choose which of your friends gets to be in the bridal party. In other cases, you might even forget to add some of your friends to your list. Such issues cause a lot of drama. You also have to choose a mode of transport for your guests. Matters of wedding insurance have to be discussed as well, just in case, an incident happens during the wedding. In short, you and your partner will have to spend a lot of sleepless nights trying to handle every aspect of your wedding.

definition of an elopement - the modern way

Elopement is the new lavish wedding for millennials because of the freedom and intimacy it provides the wedding couple. Since it is the most important day of your life, you need to prioritize your happiness and needs.

What is an elopement? The modern definition

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