How to Plan a Fairytale Wedding or Elopement

Do you dream of a fairytale wedding? Whether you want a big wedding in a castle, or a tiny elopement in the forest, your day can feel like it came right out of your favorite story book! 

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to plan a fairytale wedding or elopement – one that makes you feel like the princess you know you are.

Find a fairytale wedding theme

Come Up With a Fairytale Wedding Theme

Your fairytale wedding theme can be based on your favorite tale, or it can be something less specific – maybe you don’t want to base your day on Snow White or Alice in Wonderland, but you just want the day to feel enchanting, magical, and like your own story.

Choosing a fairytale can help with the planning process, as you’ll have a color scheme and a style to use for inspiration! For example, a fairytale wedding based on Cinderella would include cool blues, silver glitter, stunning ball gown, and maybe a castle. If your fairytale wedding theme is Snow White, your venue might be a forested, woodsy wonderland – with moody florals and lots of red!

For your fairytale color palette, pastels and neutral colors work well, along with rich pops of dark colors – like black, maroon, and deep reds, greens, and blues. Gold and silver make amazing, regal accents!

Find a Fairytale Wedding Venue or Location

One of the biggest decisions for your fairytale wedding or elopement will be where you tie the know. It’s a huge part of any wedding day, as your location can set the theme and the mood for the day! Here are some ideas to consider.

Plan a fairytale wedding in a forest


Nothing says “whimsical” like having your ceremony surrounded by lush greenery and a dense forest canopy. You can choose a venue that features a woodsy forest, but for an elopement, finding a natural wooded place outdoors can be even better! 

Forest locations are perfect for a fairytale wedding, because they’re versatile. You can keep it simple – use the natural beauty of the woods, go barefoot, wear a flower crown to feel like a woodland fairy, or you can dress it up – with string lights, floral arches, and candles (the battery operated kind are a great fire-safe alternative), you can make your forest venue look elegant. 

Just make sure to check for restrictions where you’re getting married – some venues can be okay with decorations, but a lot of parks or outdoor sites may not allow them, so think about this before you commit to one spot!

Plan a fairytale wedding in a garden


Public or private gardens can make a great location for a fairytale wedding. Being surrounded by roses and other flowers can feel pretty magical, and with so much natural beauty, you’ll hardly need to decorate! 

The well manicured landscape of gardens means that you can combine a rustic, natural feel with an elegant, classic fairytale vibe.

Planning a fairytale wedding in a castle


You don’t have to find a medieval castle to have a fairytale wedding! Plenty of wedding venues are designed to look like storybook castles, though there are also places where you can get married at a historic castle.

This is the ultimate fairytale wedding or elopement venue, with everything you need to feel like real life royalty!

Fairytale wedding in a villa

Villas or Mansions

Villas are great for fairytale elopements or smaller weddings. Many of them will fit perfectly with your theme, providing spacious surroundings and quaint architecture. Mansions are a step down from getting married in a castle, but can provide an elegant setting for your ceremony and reception.

Fairytale wedding dress

Choosing a Fairytale Wedding Dress

A dress can change the entire vibe of a wedding day. Ball gowns are a great option for a fairytale wedding, but for a more rustic, nature inspired day, something soft and flowy with lace or beaded detailing can feel just as magical.

A full skirt or a long train is perfect for a fairytale wedding, and a sweetheart neckline or off the shoulder straps look feminine and soft. Some designers even make themed dresses, so you can choose one modeled after your favorite princess or fairytale!

Don’t forget the accessories! A tiara can look elegant and classic, or you can opt for a flower crown for a more boho fairytale look.

Fairytale wedding invitations

Send Out Fairytale Wedding Invitations

Your royal subjects – I mean, guests – will be receiving regal invitations with the details of your ceremony! This can be a really fun detail for your fairytale wedding, and matching your invitations to your theme can set the tone for what to expect. Cursive fonts and calligraphy always look elegant, and so do sparkles and accents of silver and gold. 

Using bold and dark colors works well for a fairytale wedding that’s regal and elegant, while pastels and brighter colors create a more whimsical, airy storybook feeling.

Fairytale wedding cake

Get a Fairytale Wedding Cake

The cake isn’t just a delicious treat at the end of the night – it’s also an opportunity to showcase your fairytale wedding theme! A regal, tiered cake with floral decorations and accents that use your color palette will give you another fun decoration to display on the big day. Your fairytale wedding cake can also incorporate a cake topper that fits your theme!

Fairytale Wedding Ideas

Here are some ideas to make your fairytale wedding or elopement day complete!

Hire a Horse and Carriage

Instead of a car at the end of the night, take off in a horse and buggy! You can also incorporate horses into other parts of your day, as this regal animal always adds to the fairytale vibe. You might even find a farm venue that can include horses on the big day!

Think About Lighting

String lights and lanterns are perfect for a fairytale wedding, especially outdoors! Candles can add a magical feeling as well, but to prevent any disasters, the battery operated kind are usually a better option.

Use Metallic Accents

No matter your color palette, metallic accents – like gold and silver – work really well for mirrors, frames, jewelry, and other little details from your fairytale wedding. They can look both regal and rustic!

Ready to Plan Your Fairytale Wedding or Elopement?

The most important thing about your day is how you feel! Hiring a photographer who will ensure you’re feeling confident will make a huge difference – so if you’re ready to start planning your fairytale wedding or elopement, contact me!

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