Elopement photographer in Switzerland

Hello there! My name is Amber and I’m an eloement photographer and planner in Switzerland.

Why should you hire me? Because once we work together, you will never have to worry about your elopement ever again. As an elopement photographer in Switzerland since 2013, I have photographed more than 100 elopements around the world and I can guarantee you that you will be cherished, and helped, and always listened to when it comes to your wedding pictures.

My style is 100% photojournalistic, and I also create a special itinerary for your elopement, wether it’s a full day of hiking and taking in the beauty of nature, or planning a 5-days adventure around Switzerland, with a very special place to exchange your vows.

Because this is your story. And it matters.

elopement photographer in switzerland

Elopement photographer in Switzerland

I believe in love. Like, deep, inconditional love. Love that has traveled, and lived, and bloomed over the years to become the couple you are right now. Looking at you and your relationship truly makes my heart sing, and I really try to capture all the fleeting moments of what brought your couple together in the first place.

On that day. In that mountain. In this country. With these people.

Your elopement day is truly one of a kind. A tale of adoration and magic. The moments you will live will pass by like every other second, and I will try to create vivid memories so you won’t forget. The details. The touches. The smiles. And all the in-between.

Because all of this matters.

Switzerland - the land of beauty

If you’ve chosen Switzerland for your wedding, it’s because you have fallen in love with its wild and epic side. And I have too.

Or maybe it’s because you love its quaint, tranquil villages hidden in beautiful valleys. I do too.

Either way, the mountains are calling anywhere you look, and snowy peaks might be your next destination.

Let me help you create the wedding of your dreams, and leave this day with incredible memories, for the future, to remember always.

The best elopement venues in Switzerland

elopement photographer in switzerland

I know finding the best elopement photographer in Switzerland is not an easy task. But we can talk with each other and you’ll decide if I’m the right fir or not!
Don’t forget that in addition to having shot more than 100 elopements in Switzerland so far, I have also won more than 150 international awards, and been published on more than 20 major wedding blogs.

Last elopements in Switzerland

Your peaceful plan to elope in Switzerland


Schedule a non-sales call

I truly hate sales call and I refuse to do them. We will simply chat about what your dream day/travel looks like and see if we’re a match!


Book your date

We find the perfect date together and you’ll be officially booked!


I'll plan your dream elopement

From itinerary planning to vendor suggestions all the way to helping you with permits, I will plan everything.


Your vision comes to life

You get to live a peaceful, meaningful wedding day on an itinerary that was custom created just for you.


Your relive this day forever

I’ll deliver your pictures and you can choose from a variety of beautiful albums to remember this adventure and share it for years to come.

Let's find the perfect spot for YOUR elopement!

Not sure about Switzerland for your elopement?

You can check out my guide to the best places to elope in the world.

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