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Why hire a wedding photographer in Peak District?

Looking for a wedding photographer in Peak District? So this page is for you! It is full of advice and addresses for your wedding in Peak District For an out-of-the-ordinary experience at your wedding, check out our tips.

Why hire a wedding photographer in Peak District?

Your wedding is an absolutely extraordinary day that must be unforgettable. A good wedding photographer will capture all the elements that make this day a dream. So, afterwards, you can relive this day by looking at the images created by your wedding photographer in Peak District. Whether you decide to get married in a cottage, an old barn or a castle, your photographer will know how to photograph this day.

couple during their wedding session in the forest of peak district

How is a wedding day in Peak District (or anywhere else in the UK for that matter)?

Getting ready

Your wedding photographer in Peak District will often arrive for the preparations. But it may happen only at the time of the ceremonies. Zephyr and Luna, wedding photographer in Peak District, advises you on this point: “if you have a hair and make-up in one or more salons, it is not worth paying a photographer for this part. be prepared on your place of reception or in a family home, it’s different, so it depends on the place of your preparations! If it is not very beautiful, better invest in a beautiful album sold by your wedding photographer in Peak District to keep an unforgettable memory of this day. “

couple during their peak district session

Town hall

The town hall part is often very expeditious. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes of ceremony. But this is not really a ceremony: it consists mainly of reading legal texts. Indeed, the passage in town hall is obligatory in France so that a marriage is legal. So expect to say “yes” to a ready-made question, written in the civil code.


This part is also often over-played. Apart from the homily, the ceremony at the church is all written for centuries. Reading Bible texts, songs, prayers, nothing has changed for hundreds of years. So if you absolutely want to, you can go through the church box. However, if it is family pressure, your wedding photographer in Peak District will advise you to talk to your family to try to avoid it.

Secular ceremony (the friend of your wedding photographer in Peak District)

Increasingly in demand, secular ceremonies make it possible to organize one’s wedding from A to Z. The emcee writes lines just for the bride and groom, and reads them in front of family and friends. Very personal, these ceremonies are much more original. They will affect more the brides and the people of the audience, because they will appeal to common memories for example. Often, you will end up with an exchange of alliances and a symbolic gesture. This can be the planting of a tree, the link with ribbons, or the mixture of colored sands in a transparent jar.

For an excellent master of ceremonies, contact Celebrants in France.

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This is when your wedding photographer in Peak District will capture the photos of your guests. He will move in groups, discreetly, to photograph candid portraits. You can ask for some group photos, but be careful not to exaggerate: it takes an average of 1 minute per person photographed. So for a group of 10 people, it takes 10 minutes. For a general group, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes. So take this time into account when organizing your groups! But your wedding photographer in Peak District will advise you without problem on this point.

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Couple photos (the favorite moment of your wedding photographer in Peak District)

Usually done a little before sunset, they will allow you to have an unforgettable memory of this day. If your wedding photographer in Peak District knows light and weather, he will position you in an ideal way to have the most beautiful shots. The “golden light” as the English call it is ideal for this kind of images. It allows you to make forays, light / dark and other photographic techniques with a timeless rendering. Do not hesitate to consult the portfolio of your wedding photographer in Peak District to see what kind of photos he will take during your wedding.

couple dancing after their wedding in peak district


The evening is often the perfect time to land. Indeed, it’s a moment of convivial meal and alcoholic drinks. So your witnesses may have prepared surprises, such as a slide show or games. Ask your DJ if you want a little atmosphere. However, if you are not a fan of activities, choose a lounge music for the atmosphere, and ask your caterer not to space the services.

wedding dress in the wind

First dance

You can choose to do one or not. It can be grandiose or comical. Choose your music well so that it looks like you. Do not forget to take into account the length and width of your dress. With a fluid dress, you’ll have less trouble turning and moving around than with a meringue dress!

Cake cutting

This long-awaited moment in the evening marks the end of the homecoming for young parents and seniors. But it also means the beginning of the fiesta for the youngest! The opening of the dancefloor is usually done on current music and moving well. Ask your DJ for this part, and choose it accordingly. Some DJs offer a musical selection that you will not like at all.

To find out more about my services of wedding photographer in Peak District and everywhere else in United Kingdom, I invite you to contact me.

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